*LIVE STREAMING* 45th Annual Chick-Fil-A Bowl – Clemson Vs. LSU (12/31/12 – 7:30pm ET)








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NOTE: to all of those hardcore NCAA football fans out in cyber-land, there will be 2 other completely useless bowl games aired on ESPN today.

They are as follows:

The Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl – Noon
NC State Vs. Vanderbilt

The AutoZone Liberty Bowl – 3:30pm
Iowa State Vs. Tulsa



Clemson wins!



LSU Digitally Removes Crosses From Picture Of Christian Football Fans

LSU Digitally Removes Crosses From Picture Of Christian Football Fans – Weasel Zippers

Amazing, someone actually thought this was a good idea.

Via Fox News:

A group of Louisiana State University football fans whose admiration for the Tigers is second only to their love for Jesus is outraged after the school digitally erased the tiny crosses they painted on their bare upper chests at a recent football game.

LSU officials sent out a photo of The Painted Posse, Christian students who paint their bodies with LSU school colors and small crosses for home games, in an email about the LSU game against South Carolina on Oct. 13. The students were shocked to see the photo, which appeared to be otherwise untouched, in the newsletter that went out following the Tigers’ 23-21 win over the then-No. 3 Gamecocks. The Tigers are now 7-1 for the season.

“I was a bit surprised, because our pictures get used so frequently, and the cross had never been edited before,” Posse member Cameron Cooke told CampusReform.org. “The cross painting is important to me because it represents who I am as a Christ follower.

“And it reminds me who I need to act like in Death Valley,” Cooke added, referring to Tiger Stadium’s nickname.

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How much DO those wacky LSU fans drink?

Pat Austin is an LSU fan. Pat loves to enjoy the products of Sam Adams, as do I,their Double Bock is awesome! In fact Sam Adams might suffer because Pat drinks too many of their brews!

I’m sorry…it’s all my fault.  The Boston Beer Company, AKA Sam Adams, is in danger of losing its “craft beer” or “artisan beer” status because their sales will top the 2 million barrel threshold for craft beers next year.  It’s all my fault.  I did it.  I should not have stocked my dining room to the ceiling with Octoberfest.

It is OK Pat, its not like your LSU Tigers have to go and play the Gators at the Swamp,where certain doom awaits them this season, oh,wait……..What Imeant to say is it is not like my Gators are playing in the College World Series, while LSU sits home, oh, wait…….