Driver Stopped With Sheep In Car Tells Police He Was Taking It To McDonald’s For A Treat

Driver Stopped With Sheep In Car Tells Police ‘I Was Taking It To McDonald’s’ – London Telegraph


Police who stopped a motorist were stunned to discover a sheep in the boot of the car – which the driver claimed he had taken to McDonald’s for treat.

The incident occurred in North Yorkshire when officers from the local roads policing group stopped the driver of a Peugeot 206 on suspicion of driving with two bald tyres.

But when they looked more closely at the vehicle they notice an unusual passenger in the hatchback boot of the car, a fully grown sheep.

When questioned why he was travelling with the animal in a family hatchback the motorist explained that he had taken it to a nearby McDonald’s restaurant for a meal.

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said: “He told the officer, ‘some people take their dogs in their cars, I take my sheep’. He [the motorist] just wanted to go for a drive-through at McDonalds.”

The driver is thought to have been stopped shortly after a visit to the fast food restaurant at Leeming Bar services on the A1 in North Yorkshire.



Yes, In-N-Out Burger is vastly overrated!

Reading Wombat over at The Other McCain I came across his review of a certain burger chain, and I must agree with his summation

A lot of pixels have been lavished by a lot of fanboys and fangirls on how great In-N-Out Burger is; how it uses only fresh ingredients prepared to your order; how its “secret menu” is so awesome. At the risk of enraging said fanboys, I frankly didn’t think it was all that. I ordered a double-double protein style (no bun) and sampled the fries (for SCIENCE!), and to be honest, neither the burger nor the fries impressed me. It’s not that there was anything bad about either one, but they just didn’t live up to the hype. Comparing them to Five Guys, I give the advantage to the latter: In-N-Out does not have bacon, their fries are inferior to Five Guys’ peanut-fried version, and Five Guys has more variety in the available Coke product.

No bacon? How can a burger place even open without having bacon?

Boy THAT headline will cause many to launch into “what did he say” mode! But, it is my opinion, and I am sticking to it. I recall a couple of years ago when the famed In and Out Burger first came here to North Texas everyone was over joyed. So, I, in the name of research, because science matters, visited In-N-Out, and came away unimpressed. It was not bad, it was good, but the “best burger ever”? No way. In fact, if I did a best burger chains list………

1  Five Guys- not even close! And the fries? MAN!!

2 Steak and Shake- Steak Burgers! And those shakes!!

3 Wendys- Just really good burgers, good fries too

4 Karls Jr- Great ads, very good burgers, and excellent fries

4 Sonic- Love the concept and the food, Tater Tots Baby!

5 Whataburger- So many options, In-N-Out could take a lesson

6 Jack in the Box- Great ads, and their sirloin burgers rock

7 Braums- The BEST shakes, good burgers, and crinkle cut fries!

8 In-N-Out- Good, not great. Two words MORE CHOICES!

No, I did not list McDonalds or Burger King, do I really have to say why? McDonalds, at one time had the best fries, now they are flavorless, and Burger King is OK, but do they understand the concept of EXTRA pickles? or extra mayo, or extra mustard, or no onions? They certainly do not when I eat there.



Pantless Perv Jailed After Masturbating At McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Grabbing Cashier

Pantless Driver Jailed After Masturbating In Wildwood McDonald’s Drive Thru – Weekly Vice

Steve Orville Clemons, a 69-year-old Florida man, was jailed late last month after he allegedly masturbated in a McDonald’s drive-thru while attempting to force the cashier to touch him.


According to police, Clemons was picking up an order at a McDonalds drive-thru in Wildwood late last month when the drive-thru cashier who was assisting him saw that he had no pants on and was masturbating inside his car.

Investigators say the cashier had turned to hand Clemons his change when he suddenly grabbed her hand and attempted to pull it into his vehicle.

The employee immediately yanked her hand away, closed the window and called 911.

Officers searched the area and located Clemons at a nearby gas station. When officers approached the vehicle, Clemens was still seated in his vehicle without any pants – although he did manage to find a t-shirt which was placed on his lap.

Clemons was booked into the Sumpter County Jail and charged with battery. He was released a short time later after posting $500 bail.

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Your Daley Gator Feel-Good Story O’ The Day

Unlucky Thugs Target Texas Man With Heightened Sense Of Awareness… And A Concealed Carry Permit – The Blaze

Two unlucky thugs attempted to carjack a concealed carry permit holder in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday. The miscalculation turned out to be deadly as the would-be victim shot and killed one of the criminals and wounded the other.

After returning a movie at a Redbox kiosk outside of a local McDonald’s, the man was approached by two suspects who attempted to steal his car for the rims, according to police. The suspects also took his cellphone and car keys, KTRK-TV reports.


The man was forced out of his car and pushed down. What the aggressive criminals didn’t know was that he was a concealed carry permit holder and had his firearm on him.

Sensing the situation was dire, the man drew his handgun and opened fire. He fatally shot one of the robbers and wounded the other suspect with two or three shots, according to KTRK-TV. The second suspect fled the scene and had not been apprehended.


The carjacking victim told KHOU-TV he didn’t want to appear on camera but said he was doing OK.

A grand jury will “consider whether deadly force was necessary to avoid his own death or harm,” KTRK-TV notes. However, the station’s legal analyst says it appears to be a clear-cut case of justifiable homicide.

It is not uncommon for residents in the north Houston neighborhood to be extra cautious in the area.

“It is kind of odd being right out in the open. I guess people and the desperate need of people nowadays,” Dedrick Moore, who visits the same McDonald’s regularly, told KHOU-TV. “They give up hope and try to go any other way to get their means.”

“I am always checking my area. Looking around knowing what is going on around me,” he added.

It was that same vigilant mentality that possibly saved the life of the Houston man who refused to be a carjacking victim.

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*VIDEO* Psycho Bitch From Hell Attacks McDonald’s Employees Because They Don’t Sell McNuggets In The Morning


Nanny Staters target McDonalds on hospital grounds

Have you ever heard of Corporate Accountability International? No? I had not either until I came across this story

The Cleveland Clinic doesn’t hire smokers, banned transfats from the food it serves and took sugary soft drinks out of vending machines as part of an effort to emphasize the health in health care. McDonald’s may be going next.

Corporate Accountability International chided 20 health-care facilities, including the Cleveland Clinic and Houston’s Texas Children’s and Ben Taub hospitals, for having the fast-food chain on their sites.

The consumer group urged the hospitals in a letter Tuesday to end their contracts with McDonald’s and “stop fostering a food environment that promotes harm, not health.”

Sound familiar? Sure, it seems that every day some new group of busy bodies is trying to force their will on everyone else. And, sadly, it also seems that every day, some corporation or city council is bowing to these Nanny Staters! And, frankly, this is helping to destroy this nation.

Take this case. McDonalds has salads, apples, yogurt, and smoothies on their menu. And, of course, no one is forced to dine at McDonalds are they? And, we all know about what a blessing the Ronald McDonald House is right? But,that matters not to the Nanny Staters. They will not be sated until they dictate to all of us what we eat, and how much we eat.

Personally, I wish these hospitals, and every other corporation would tell this pack of control freaks to go take a flying leap.


Evil Capitalists 1, Nanny Staters 0

H/T to The Lonely Conservative


The nannies in San Francisco thought it would be a good idea to ban toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals to force kids to eat healthier. Not only did the plan backfire, the kids whose parents used to just fork over a couple of bucks for the toy, and skipped the meal, now have to buy the meal to get the toy. SF Weekly explains:

It turns out San Francisco has not entirely vanquished the Happy Meal as we know it. Come Dec. 1, you can still buy the Happy Meal. But it doesn’t come with a toy. For that, you’ll have to pay an extra 10 cents.

Huh. That hardly seems to have solved the problem (though adults and children purchasing unhealthy food can at least take solace that the 10 cents is going to Ronald McDonald House charities). But it actually gets worse from here. Thanks to Supervisor Eric Mar’s much-ballyhooed new law, parents browbeaten into supplementing their preteens’ Happy Meal toy collections are now mandated to buy the Happy Meals.

Today and tomorrow mark the last days that put-upon parents can satiate their youngsters by simply throwing down $2.18 for a Happy Meal toy. But, thanks to the new law taking effect on Dec. 1, this is no longer permitted. Now, in order to have the privilege of making a 10-cent charitable donation in exchange for the toy, you must buy the Happy Meal. Hilariously, it appears Mar et al., in their desire to keep McDonald’s from selling grease and fat to kids with the lure of a toy have now actually incentivized the purchase of that grease and fat — when, beforehand, a put-upon parent could get out cheaper and healthier with just the damn toy. (Read More)

I love it! AGAIN, Nanny Staters are exposed as nothing but meddling morons who are so intent on running our lives that the cannot even think straight.