Well I guess giving a gig to a vile, Homophobic bully with temper tantrum issues IS OK with MSNBS!

Donald Douglas gives us the news

Alec Baldwin, Left Wing nut case, abusive parent, Homophobe, and, now MSNBS host

Pat Dollard nails it, “Racist Homophobe Alec ‘Coon’ Baldwin Set to Host New MSNBC Primetime Show.”

Also at Twitchy, “Bring it on: Toxic little tweeters rush to name Alec Baldwin’s MSNBC show.”

Oh he will fit in perfectly. Another bigot with their own show


Pathetic little man seeking relevance fails miserably

Via Weasel Zippers has the latest on Jim Carrey who is a talented man, and a funny man. But, alas, he is also a man seeking relevance, or maybe seeking to remain cool or hip by mocking gun owners as uneducated hicks. Greg Gutfeld takes great umbrage in Carrey’s smear campaign, and tales little Jimmy to the ideological woodshed.

“He is the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth nd I hope his career is dead, and he ends up sleeping in a car the way his life began. This video only made me want to go out and only buy a gun. He thinks this is biting satire and going after rural America and a dead man. Let’s talk about Charlton Heston. Charlton Heston was one of the first actors to be behind the civil rights movement and march. What did this jackass Jim Carrey do? He was behind the anti-vaccine panic. There are what, 165,000 people that died from measles last year, according to the World Health Organization…

He is a dirty, stinking coward. He is a moral coward. He did a video attacking rural America. But he wouldn’t do video about gangs, which kills way more people with handguns — he wouldn’t do that because he is worried about his career. Such a pathetic, sad, little freak. He is a jiberring mess. He is a modern bigot, he is a modern bigot. He is a bottomless pit of insecurity and the desire for acceptance is why he is doing this, because he knows in his heart he is a fraud.”

HT: Mediaite

Carrey is a great example of what you get when you combine too much emoting with too little knowledge


Shocker of the day! Useless race pimp Toure still obsessed with skin color

Race Pimping Toure is back, and he has found more RAAAAACISM!! Of course this tool could find RAAAAACISM anywhere, because he figures he can emulate Al Sharpton and Je$$e Jack$on and make a living out of screaming RAAAAACISM!

Via Mediaite:

. . . “The slew of secession petitions out of the south really interests me,” Touré said. “This idea that there are a lot of Southern people who want to have nothing to do with Obama’s America. And I don’t think you can say that there’s any policy that has changed America so much that…”

“Obamacare,” Cupp suggested.

“That has not been enacted yet,” Touré replied. “I think they’re talking about, ‘we don’t want to be in a country run by a black man.’

The fact is that these petitions came from almost every state, but of course, Toure spins this like just us backwards hicks in the South signed the petitions. The South is, of course, always the favorite punching bag for any Leftist that wants to cry racism, and Toure is just going back to that Well of BS the Left has almost run dry. My only question is where will the Toure Tour of RAAAAACISM go next? Where can he find RAAAAACISM next? It really could be anywhere, but, if Toure REALLY wanted to find genuine bigotry and hatred, he could just look in the mirror, or at almost any MSNBS host.


How do you spell despicable? NAACP

Here they go again!

Reaction to the Jan Brewer encounter is still bubbling, with some black commentators now suggesting the image of the Arizona governor wagging her finger at the President of the United States has touched a nerve in the African-American community.

A nerve? No, not a nerve? My God what shall we ever do? How about we engage in some extreme race pimping? You know that MSNBS would go here didn’t you?

On MSNBC Thursday, Al Sharpton posited that Brewer’s treatment of President Obama was another example of disrespect in a list of many for the nation’s first black president. His guest, Sirius XM host Joe Madison, said such incidents show that there are people “who cannot stand the fact that this is an African-American who is now one of the most powerful individuals on the planet,” Mediaite reported.

Excuse me for a moment while I bang my head against my desk in frustration.

OK, that is better, now, let us turn to the kings of race pimping to hear their take

An NAACP official went a few steps further in an interview with POLITICO Friday, saying the tiff played on age-old and discriminatory stereotypes of whites being superior to blacks. Hilary O. Shelton, senior vice president for advocacy and policy at the NAACP, said he was particularly disturbed by Brewer telling reporters afterward that she “felt a bit threatened if you will, in the attitude that he had.”

Good Freaking grief~! Who believes this crap? seriously, who listens to unadulterated BS like that and buys into it? Someone must, because the NAACP keeps going back to the Well of Racial Division don’t they? It is sad, no tragic, that some people have allowed themselves to be led, by the Left by the nose onto the plantation of Eternal Victimhood. Those are the sad sacks who buy this crap. They actually prefer to feel victimized than to feel happy, and fortunate to live in the most tolerant nation on earth. Why is this? It is what I call EternalVictim Syndrome. It is as if these folks cannot accept the good, no GREAT news that racism, and sexism, are basically dead in this nation. They cannot see that at all. It is as if they have a secretly held desire to be a victim.

Of course, I suppose that these folks might be happy to have their own network right? MSNBS to the Pity Party! That network can always be counted on to make asses of themselves to keep the Eternal Victims, well, feeling victimized~!

YEP! Ron Reagan just played the Himmler Card!