Michael Moore tries to be relevant again by spitting on the US military

It has been a while since I posted anything about Moore, he has, frankly, become irrelevant. But he is back, trying to gin up some attention by smearing a man far better than himself

Chris Kyle’s pinpoint accuracy saved countless American lives on the battlefield and turned him into a legend.

Via The Hollywood Reporter: Warner Bros. is reporting that American Sniper is set to post a Friday-through-Sunday of $90.2M with a cume to date of $93.6M. By tomorrow, with the MLK holiday, the Village Roadshow co-prod cume is looking to post a four-day of $105.2M and an overall cume of $108.6M. Unheard of for any wide release at this time of year. What record did the movie American Sniper NOT break?

Such news caused a severe case of Offendeditis for Moore, who took to Twitter to show how classless he still is

Moore later praised those who killed Americans who liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein and fought to keep it free from Islamist terrorists as “brave”.

My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse

Cowardice? Clearly Moore has no idea what the word means, which is odd, considering he is the walking definition of cowardice

Moore later praised those who killed Americans who liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein and fought to keep it free from Islamist terrorists as “brave”.

“But if you’re on the roof of your home defending it from invaders who’ve come 7K miles, you are not a sniper, u are brave, u are a neighbor.”

What a waste of skin. Another US hero and warrior responds

Texas boy goes on shooting spree with assault rifle, two home invaders hardest hit

English: David Frum. Image source is a screen ...
Educated beyond his hat size

A 15-year-old boy, protecting his 12-year-old sister from two home invaders with an, wait for it, assault rifle? Gee, I wonder what smart-assed comments  David Frum would make about this

I wonder what Frum and his over inflated sense of self-importance would say to mock this little girl?

I wonder what Frum, who says guns do not make anyone safer would say to this guy?

What do you think Frum?

Come on Frum, you bloated bag of arrogance? You want to make some smarmy remarks about this kid?

How about this woman Frum? You want to castigate her?

Or this one

The fact is, I could post these stories all day long. Tens of thousands of Americans use guns in self defense every year. I would ask David Frum, Piers Morgan, the crew at MSNBS, Michael Moore and the rest of the gun control zealots just one question. Would you prefer that these people not have been able to protect themselves? And I wonder if Roland Martin would be suggesting we show the carnage if these people had not been armed?

Michael Moore stricken with Consistent Inconsistenitis

Of the many maladies that afflict Liberals, maladies I have diagnosed in an effort to cure the Left and bring Liberals into the light of the founding principles, Consistent Inconsistentitis is especially troubling. This malady seems to rob those it attacks of the ability to stand on any belief for long. Typical cases include Liberals who are vehemently anti-war when a Republican is in the White House, but suddenly soften that opposition to the war when a Democrat assumes the office of  president. I could name many more examples, but I want to get to Michael Moore here. Moore is one of the most bitterly anti-second amendment Leftists out there. Every school shooting Moore resurfaces from his donuts to viciously berate gun owners, the NRA, and so on. One of the ideas that many on the Right, and some on the Left have put forward to hopefully prevent school shootings is to place armed guards in schools.

Several versions of the plan are out there, including mine. Some, like me, advocate for retired police/military to be hired to be in schools as a deterrent and as a first line of defense. Others have advocated active duty police, others have advocated allowing teachers with concealed carry permits to arm themselves in schools. The NRA on Friday issued a plan for police officers to be in schools, and the Left went ballistic, ignoring the fact that Bill Clinton placed police in schools during his presidency. Some on the Left mocked the idea of “part-timers” patrolling schools. Some feared that armed teachers would suddenly snap,  because liberals actually believe guns can hypnotize people and turn them into killers apparently. Moore of course, was among those outraged that anyone would dare suggest armed security for students. After all, clearly there is no place for armed security in Moore’s perfect Marxist Utopia.

Mocking the idea of self-defense is not new for Moore though, as is mocking the notion that armed security might actually deter or stop an evil person intent on murder. That is why Moore has armed security guards. Wait, what? Yes, here is where Moore’s inconsistencies catch up to him. Matt at Conservative Hideout clues us in on one of Moore’s security guys being busted for a, wait for it, gun violation. HE is important enough to have armed protection, but school children? Average Americans? They are not elites like Moore, or Rosie O’Donnell, who thinks gun owners ought to be imprisoned, but has no problem with armed security for her kids.

Hmmm, it is odd, Liberals freak whenever anyone suggests that guns can make us safer in any way, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, yet rely on ARMED security to make them safer. Michael Moore where IS your consistency? Of course, Moore’s first answer would likely be that his security is “trained”. Trained, it seems, well enough NOT to be familiar with gun laws. Of course, the Left does not stop at not wanting armed teachers, they do not want armed police either. So it is not the “trained”  part of the equation that they dislike. It seems that it is the idea of guns they find so troubling. Any gun, wielded by anyone, even law enforcement, in schools is simply unthinkable to Liberals. So why do Liberals not berate Moore who preach that guns are bad while being surrounded by armed security? Two words, Consistent Inconsistentitis.

Full Metal Moonbat: the perfect description for Michael Moore

LOVE this from Conservative hideout!

Every now and again, a great example of moonbattery is seen.  Michael Moore had a reaction to the Michigan Right to Work Vote that raised the bar to “Full Metal Moonbattery.”  Let’s take a look at some of his tweets, via Red Alert Politics…

Right to work laws essentially prohibit unions from forcing employees who do not want to be union members to pay union dues in order to keep their jobs. It also stops businesses from requiring employees be part of a union as part of their employment agreement.
“This is all about taking care of the hard-working workers in Michigan, being pro-worker and giving them freedom to make choices,” Michigan’s Republican Gov. Rick Snyder said. “The goal isn’t to divide Michigan, it is to bring Michigan together.”

So, in other words, Moore is going to embrace freedom by forcing people to join a union, even if the use of such force is illegal?  Yes, because nothing says “freedom” or “rights” like force, right?


So, how big would the crater be if Michael Moore were driven off the fiscal cliff?

Just a thought I had when I read this

Via Newsbusters:

Schlockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore had some straight talk for Barack Obama Monday.

In a letter to the President published at the perilously liberal Huffington Post, Moore advised Obama to “DRIVE THE RICH RIGHT OFF THEIR FISCAL CLIFF” while putting an end to “the s***ting on the poor.”

After predictably gushing and fawning over the President’s victory earlier this month, Moore cautioned, “I would like to take a few minutes of your time to respectfully ask that your second term not resemble your first term.” […]

As such, Moore made ten demands of the President with the first being that he “DRIVE THE RICH RIGHT OFF THEIR FISCAL CLIFF.”

Of course Moore is not being serious, he is simply looking to get some publicity and to keep the idiots who take him seriously believing that he actually gives a flip about them.



Michael Moore, Obama was awful because Tucker Carlson is a RAAAAACIST or something


Via Weasel Zippers comes this

For the past 2 days, the Right has been pounding their “Obama is an angry black man video.” Did this affect O, that he had to appear timid?

Alternate headline? Michael Moore: Do my Tweets make me look fat? No, your head makes you look fat, your tweets make you look like a fool.





Wow! Life is so great in Cuba that people are just dying to get the Hell out of there!

That makes absolutely zero sense right? No, it doesn’t. So, why is the Left still painting Cuba as a Utopia? One of our Blogs of the Month, Sentry Journal wants to know.

If we listen to useful idiots like Sean Penn and Michael Moore, Cuba is a wonderful land of prosperity, freedom and free health care. However, someone neglected to tell the Cuban people who continue, for some unknown reasonfreedom, to escape this paradise on Earth.

For example, in 2008, 18 Cuban Soccer players came to Tampa for an Olympic qualifying match. However, only 11 ended up returning…

(Reuters) – Cuba’s Olympic football team took to the field with only 10 men on Thursday after up to seven of their players defected.

Five members of the communist state’s under-23 team defected after their Olympic qualifying game against the United States, a 1-1 draw, in Tampa on Tuesday.

A further two players, both reported to have defected, were absent from the line-up against Honduras on Thursday.

With one player already suspended following a red card, Cuba coach Raul Gonzalez had only ten players available to him and his team began the match with a one-man disadvantage and no substitutes.

Um, you mean they weren’t willing to return to the worker’s paradise? How very strange.

Of course, thousands of Cubans flee yearly, mostly to the US, but let’s ignore that, because Michel Moore was allowed to film some “Potemkin hospitals” for one of his mockumentaries.

Lots more at the link. To me it boils down like this. The Left is incapable of seeing past their idealism, this is why they can ignore reality. The deepest held desire of the Left is to have the State care for everyone, meet every need, and soothe every problem life throws at us. This, of course, is absolute  madness. Not only has no state ever existed, but those nations that have embraced such ideals have devolved into totalitarian regimes. Rather than becoming utopias, nations like North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia and the Soviet Union became hells where all liberty was crushed and where tens upon tens of millions were imprisoned, tortured, starved, and butchered. Yet, the Left still  refuses to see. 

They are so addicted to their idealistic view of the world that they are unable to accept historical lessons

*VIDEO* ‘South Park’ Mocks Occupy Wall Street, Michael Moore

Vodpod videos no longer available.

H/T The Daily Caller


Well, personally, I think Steven Crowder owes ferret excrement a big apology!

Alternate title? At least you can use ferret excrement as fertilizer!

Michael Moore is a greedy, lying, hypocritical sack of ferret excrement. Tell you something you don’t know? Alright. Even worse, it now appears that he’s an unintelligent man.

It’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of Moore’s, but I’ve often said that the last thing I’d call the man is “stupid.” Afterall, a man who cons Americans into paying $9.99 at the local Cineplex only to watch him sermonize on the evils of capitalism must be one of rapier wit. One would think that either he’s a clever graduate from the school of Andy Kaufman, or he’s the embodiment of pure evil held back a grade from the kindergarten of Michael Meyers.

Michael Moore, your newest Marxist Moron

This bag of refuse has won this award before, and likely will again. His latest award though, is for stomping his feet and demanding single payer health care

An almost poignant moment of naivete from a guy convinced that he represents some sort of fringe-left “silent majority,” reduced to begging The One to commit political suicide by embracing full-blown socialized medicine because they’ve “got his back” and it would be really “bold” or something. Never mind the polls showing that the public’s already gagging on a watered-down bill; never mind the warnings from analysts across the spectrum that the GOP’s set for major gains in Congress next year thanks to the backlash over government expansion; never mind the fact that, against that backdrop, Blue Dogs aren’t about to fall on a grenade for Obama by agreeing to a public option, let alone single-payer, no matter how much of his own political capital the president might be willing to invest. In fact, at this point, it might be more than just the Blue Dogs who are ready to bail.