Why Milk Could Hit $8 A Gallon

Why Milk Could Hit $8 A Gallon – Newser


If Congress doesn’t get its act together soon, old laws will cost all of America dearly – we’re speaking, of course, of the Milk Cliff. If legislators don’t take a break from fiscal cliff negotiations/posturing and pass a new farm bill by Jan. 1, the government will be forced to abide by a 1949 law that would force it to buy milk at roughly double the current market price, the New York Times points out. The inflated price tag would spur dairy farmers to sell to the government instead of the commercial market. That would lead to shortages that would push milk prices as high as $6 to $8 a gallon, explains the Times, up from a current average of $3.65.

That new government price would be calculated in part using 1949’s almost entirely by-hand milk production costs. Today, milk is much cheaper to produce, so farmers would reap a windfall profit. But it would also drive producers of products like butter, cheese, and yogurt, to find an alternative, like imported milk. “It would be short-term euphoria followed by a long hangover,” says one dairy farmer. “I don’t think customers… are going to pay double what they are paying now for dairy products.”

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Yep, that about sums it up for me

Silverfiddle is a truly insightful writer, and sums up my feelings in issues quite often. Here he sums up my feelings about liberty

Marry 15 gay lovers, smoke dope all day, own 100 guns. I don’t care what you do with your life so long as it doesn’t impinge on my liberties and the government doesn’t confiscate my money to pay for your mistakes. Buy raw milk, sell raw milk. Start a business this afternoon based upon a brainstorm you got this morning. Do it without teams of lawyers, and hire people without the bureaucratic red tape.

Already, most Americans hand over about half their income to government. Just for fun, try to name a few areas of life that aren’t taxed or regulated by the government. The government can take away your children based merely on assertions of abuse, or take your property and give it to a developer. You cannot build anything or remodel anything in your home, start a business, hire someone, drive anywhere, buy a firearm, make a political donation or do much of anything without being subject to myriad rules, regulations, taxes, fees, inspections, permits.  (Scrooge-Like Predictions

So my liberal friends, if you want to attract people to your cause, drop the big government statism, stop begging for “free” crap, and start walking and talking like Billy Jack. Like those wild horses galloping across the western plains, people gotta be free.

Yep! That sums it up for me