There’s Something Mind-Blowing About This Image Of Morgan Freeman (Video)

There’s Something Mind-Blowing About This Image Of Morgan Freeman – The Blaze

There’s a reason the headline of this story didn’t use the word “photograph” to describe the image of Morgan Freeman pictured below. It’s incredible enough that the ridiculously realistic image was created by an oil painter and illustrator – but what’s mind-blowing is the fact that it was created with one finger on an iPad Air.


UK Artist Kyle Lambert told Mashable that he spent just one month creating the painting of Freeman using the iPad app “Procreate.” Lambert is known for uploading time-lapse videos to show off his painting projects, regularly using celebrities for his subjects.

“It captures every brush stroke automatically and you can export it to the camera roll. It has the best canvas size and and video export. It’s the most like Photoshop,” he said.

Watch and be amazed:


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*AUDIO* Morgan Freeman: Stuff You Need To Know (Courtesy Of Walton & Johnson)


How sad that a great talent is so obsessed with skin color

I am a big fan of Morgan Freeman, I love his acting, and it is really sad to hear him spew the BS the race pimps at the DNC and NAACP dish out. I really thought he was smarter than this. video via Doug Powers who gives Morgan some reality

News flash for Freeman: In every presidential election, the opposing party is trying to “do everything they can to get that other guy outta there.” Even the white ones.

Freeman might also want to have a chat with many former Obama supporters who are white, but who have somehow, by Freeman’s definition, suffered Sudden Racism Syndrome.