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Detroit Police Chief speaks on self-defense

God bless this man

Detroit Police Chief James Craig is getting national attention for encouraging residents to arm themselves for their own self-defense.

Craig is featured on the cover of the NRA magazine America’s 1st Freedom. In the cover story, the chief insists he’s not responsible for a recent slew of self-defense shootings. Since January, there have been seven incidents of homeowners shooting intruders. Six resulted in death.

Craig says the shooting began to increase before he started the job in 2013. “More and more Detroiters are getting sick of the violence,” Craig says. “I know of no other place where I’ve seen this number of justifiable homicides.”

Craig adds, “We’re not advocating violence. We’re advocates of not being victims.”


Racist Think Progress column attacks NRA contributor Colin Noir

Remember if it is written at Think Progress, it has to be pretty lame to begin with, but Jessica Goldstein takes asinine to a new low in bashing Colin Noir’s new show Noir although not one episode has been released yet.

About two months ago, the NRA announced a partnership with Noir who, as an African-American millennial, isn’t the typical NRA spokesperson, thus the basis of his appeal. Since Newtown, the NRA has made a mission of winning over more non-white supporters. The NRA even hosted a “Youth Day” at which children were offered free memberships.

But the odds are not ever in the NRA’s favor: According to a Harvard University Institute of Politics poll, taken in spring of last year, 49% of millennials support stricter gun laws, compared to 15% who think they should be less strict (35% want no change in the laws). Only 18% of 18 to 25 year olds reported owning a gun.

So, the odds, according to Goldstein are not in the NRA’s favor? Well looking at the poll 49% of “millennials” support stricter gun laws. I am not sure how Goldstein arrives at that 49% number, since that question was not on the poll. You can look at the survey here  for yourself.  But, the point here is that if Goldstein’s number is correct then 49 % support “stricter” gun laws, while 50% do not. So, the numbers are neither in the NRA’s favor nor against them. It seems pretty evenly split. Yet she presents the numbers as if the numbers are just dead set against the NRA.

The most fascinating part of Goldstein’s apparent disconnect with reality is that she believes that Noir was created by the NRA somehow, as if his opinions could never be his own, I mean doesn’t he know he is Black?

As you can probably guess, Colion Noir is not his real name. It’s Collins Idehen. (Can you imagine the pitch meeting, trying to come up with the just-right fake name for the face of young black gun ownership? “How about Jack Black? Wait, that’s taken.” “You know, Noir means “black” in French.” “French? Isn’t that a little liberal-elite for our taste?” “No, trust me, people are going to like it.” “BOOM. Best brainstorm ever!”)

See, Goldstein actually thinks that a Black guy would NEVER support the NRA so, Noir must be just a creation of the NRA, a figment of their right wing imagination. In other words he is a pawn parroting words his NRA masters give him.

Noir seems to have emerged out of the ether; evidence of his earlier, real-name career is scant. In interviews, he recites an origin story that sounds too good to not be scripted: he told conservative news site The Blaze that he was “not too fond” of guns as a kid and didn’t fire one until after college, when he went with gun-owning friend to a range one day. “Quite frankly, when I stepped in I was terrified.” But once he fired, “it was literally love at first shot.”

Too good not to be scripted? That is rich coming form a Leftist isn’t it. Hell the Left scripts everything, and repeats those talking points over and over and over, no matter how false they are. In fact this whole piece by Goldstein is nothing but talking points meant to convince us that Noir is a phony, a fraud, a pawn of the NRA!

Today, Noir is a self-described “Urban Gun Enthusiast.” To quote from his website: “I am unapologetically a Gun Enthusiast. I love shooting, I love guns, and all things gun related.” He addresses what he must assume is a primary concern at the top of his personal FAQ: “Are you just a pawn for the NRA?” (Spoiler alert: he says no.)

Wow, Goldstein bashes Noir for defending against the charge that he is a pawn in a column where she repeatedly hints he is a pawn. A pawn and a creation of the evil NRA. That is the most inane part of this piece. Noir is attacked as a pawn, as a creation of the NRA. Yet, Goldstein herself remarks how popular Noir was BEFORE he was contracted by the NRA!

Noir has an impressive social media presence—over 35,000 followers on Twitter, 181,000 likes on Facebook, and nearly 220,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel—and got his start in the pro-gun world with YouTube videos about firearms. 

See! Even though Noir has been popular for a while now, Goldstein tries to convince us that he is just a manufactured illusion by the NRA! Good Grief! The fact is this. The NRA has hired Noir BECAUSE he was popular, they did not invent him. They liked his videos and went from there. He is not the only You Tuber the NRA signed up either. Billy Johnson, is another man, he is White by the way, so Goldstein likely thinks he is real, who was making You Tu be videos that caught the eye of the NRA. The NRA has several great commentators, you can peruse their work here. They were hired because they are effective speakers, engaging, and principled. Yet Goldstein is hung up on Noir for one reason, his color. The NRA is EVIL because they hired a Black man that believes in self-defense and gun rights! Odd isn’t it? If Noir was parroting gun control talking points, Goldstein would point to him a leader in the fight for #gunsense. But, Noir does not know “his place” so bigots like Goldstein must marginalize him.