*VIDEO* Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Explains Why Obama Regime Lackey Marie Harf Is A Babbling Imbecile



Senior al-Qaida official killed by bad breakfast, CIA Drone strike

Mostly the CIA Drone though

Via NBC News:

A senior al-Qaida official and potential successor to the group’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed Friday morning in a Predator drone strike, according to reports on jihadi web forums and U.S. officials.

Sheikh Khalid Bin Abdul Rehman Al-Hussainan, aka Abu-Zaid al Kuwaiti, was killed in Pakistan while eating breakfast, according to the accounts. The 46-year-old cleric was seen as part of the “very top tier” of al-Qaida’s remaining leaders in the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden, according to one expert on the terror group.

The news was first announced on an al-Qaida web forum early Friday. “We celebrate to you the news of the martyrdom of the working scholar Shaykh Khalid al-Hussainan (Abu Zaid al-Kuwaiti) while eating his Suhoor (dawn time) meal, and we ask Allah to accept him in paradise,” a post said.

Yeah, about that whole paradise thing, I think Sheikh Khalid Bin Abdul Rehman Al-Hussainan, Pig Fucker might be headed to somewhere else


Obama Accepts ‘Osama Bin Laden’ Donations

Obama Accepts ‘Osama Bin Laden’ Donations – WorldNetDaily

Using a Pakistani Internet Protocol and proxy server, a disposable credit card and a fake address, “Osama bin Laden” has successfully donated twice to Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign.

The “Bin Laden” donations, actually made by WND staff, included a listed occupation of “deceased terror chief” and a stated employer of “al-Qaida.”


“Bin Laden” is currently set up on the official campaign website to contribute more to Obama’s campaign. The name is also registered as a volunteer.

Since the “foreign” contribution was sent, “Bin Laden’s” email address has received several solicitations from Obama’s campaign asking for more donations.

The apparently foreign-based contributions were conducted as a test after a flurry of media reports described the ability of foreigners to donate to the Obama campaign but not to Mitt Romney’s site, which has placed safeguards against such efforts.

The acceptance of foreign contributions is strictly illegal under U.S. campaign finance law.

One $15 donation was made at BarackObama.com using a confirmed Pakistani IP address and proxy server. In other words, as far as the campaign website was concerned, the donation was openly identified electronically as coming from Pakistan.

Upon clicking the “donate” button, WND staff selected the $15 amount and were taken to a page on the campaign website asking for a first and last name, city, state, zip code, email address and phone number.

The information submitted was: “Osama bin Laden, 911 Jihad Way, Abbottabad, CA 91101.”

While the website only has options for U.S. states and zip codes, there is no mechanism in place on Obama’s website to verify the individual is actually located in that state or zip code, or even in the U.S.

The Obama campaign refuses to release the identification of donors who give less than $200

In the case of this donation, the 91101 zip code is real but corresponds to Pasadena, Calif., and not Abbottabad, the Pakistani city in which bin Laden was found holed up in a compound.

For a requested phone number, WND used the White House information line of (202) 456-2121.

The email address used to set up the donation account was osama4obama2012@gmail.com.

After clicking “next,” the website asked for an employer, occupation and a password to set up future donations. WND staff entered the occupation as “deceased terror chief” and the employer as “al-Qaida.”

The transaction was made last Friday with the use of a disposable credit card. The website did not require the card’s security code.

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Dishonorable Disclosures


Smitty posts the video featuring a group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives called OPSEC It is a must see

Hot Air has more

The OPSEC group says it is not political and aims to save American lives. Its first public salvo is a 22-minute film that includes criticism of Obama and his administration. …

“Mr. President, you did not kill Osama bin Laden, America did. The work that the American military has done killed Osama bin Laden. You did not,” Ben Smith, identified as a Navy SEAL, says in the film.

“As a citizen, it is my civic duty to tell the president to stop leaking information to the enemy,” Smith continues. “It will get Americans killed.”

An Obama campaign official said: “No one in this group is in a position to speak with any authority on these issues and on what impact these leaks might have, and it’s clear they’ve resorted to making things up for purely political reasons.” …

Following the film’s release, OPSEC’s spokesmen said, the group expects to produce TV spots on the anti-leak theme that will air in a number of states, including Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada – key battleground states.

No one in this group is in a position to speak with any authority on these issues? Err, really? You don’t suppose Navy SEALs, CIA officers, and military commanders aren’t perhaps in the best position to speak about the dangers of high-level security leaks and the importance of safeguarding both our gathered intelligence and our individuals?




Uh-Oh! Obama the Brave knew about OBL location since Summer 2010, but refused to act for

Via Gateway Pundit

General Jack Keane (Retired), the former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, told Mike Huckabee tonight that Barack Obama knew about Osama Bin Laden’s hideout since the summer of 2010.  But Barack Obama refused to act for several months. He wanted undeniable proof first that Osama was living there.

Well, that does not sound like a resolute man of action now does it? I wonder if a President Romney would have dallied for a year?

It figures! Obama had memo ready to blame military if OBL raid failed

Jim Hoft has the story!

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey told Sean Hannity tonight that the Obama Administration drafted a memo to protect the president from blame if the mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden would have failed. That way Obama could blame the general instead of taking the blame himself. Mukasey wrote about it this week in The Wall Street Journal.

“That was a highly lawyered memo (designed to protect the president politically)… I think there’s going to be more that’s going to be tumbling out about that escapade but so far that memo is enough.“

The intellectual cowardice of political correctness

It is pretty easy to look at the recent attack on a Jewish school in France was perpetrated by a terrorist, a Muslim terrorist to be more accurate, yet, as Zions Trumpet points out, the media is not willing to admit the truth

France Shooter Who Killed The Jews

“…Then the man was caught. His first name was funny for a neo-Nazi: Muhammad. In fact, he is a rabid Muslim, a jihadi who claims membership in al`Qaeda, a man caught fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan by US Forces, who under President Obama’s rules was shipped to France, where he went nuts and murdered people.

Instantly, the press ran out and tried to control this news. Ed West wrote for the Telegraph:

It’s easy to get it wrong because so many of the world’s varied extremists, whatever their motivation and however much they might hate each other, focus their anger and loathing on similar targets – the state, the city, modernity, capitalism, and the one group who embody all these complicating, unsettling changes in the minds of lonely, failed young men – Jews.

…as for the tragedy in France, it does not say anything about Islam, only of human nature and its potential for evil. All that matters ultimately is that three innocent children, a father and three young soldiers are now dead.

I hate to bring reality into this, I am sure that reality is deeply offensive to fools like Ed West, as reality, or in this case the mere recognition of reality would make poor Mr. West feel like an Islamaphobe. Well, Mr. West, tough! Reality is what it is, no matter what your idealistic view of life says. The fact is that idealism falls flat on its face as soon as it runs into reality..

Now, the terrorist that killed seven people in France is dead, thankfully, and he certainly was not representative of all Muslims. Two of the dead soldiers this monster shot were Muslims, as MANY victims of Muslim terrorism are. But, Mr. West these acts of terror, DO, indeed have a lot to do with Islam. Again, some facts, most, as in almost all acts of terrorism are perpetrated by Muslims. And those attacks are not at all rare, so there is something deeply wrong here Mr. West. Something is deeply wrong within the religion of Islam, and denying that fact, in a shallow attempt to somehow appease radicals, will not stop a single act of terror.

People like Mr. West are delusional. They have somehow convinced themselves that identifying a radical Muslim terrorist as a radical Muslim terrorist will reflect badly on them. Not at all. Nor does such an admission of the simple truth make all, or even most Muslims bad people. As Rex Murphy points out, it is NOT Islamaphobic to call a Jihadist a Jihadist.

The recent slaughter of four French Jews, including two small children, has, in part, been met with calls for people to not paint all Islam with responsibility for the shooting — an uncontentious urging. No reasonable people are making that claim. But there also have been calls suggesting that any reference to the Islamist terrorist connections of the killer would be a species of Islamophobia. This is pure nonsense and folly.

It is not Islamophobic to note the motives and background of the murderer. In fact, it is a form of cowardice and evasion not to do so.

The number-one cause of “Islamophobic” feeling in the world is not a thing, an event, a philosophy, but a person: It is the (happily) deceased Osama bin Laden. If one decries Islamophobia, then one must condemn bin Laden as its Nile source. Bin Laden, more than any other person, has besmirched the practice and understanding of Islam and engendered suspicion of some of its adherents.

There are other sources of Islamophobia as well. Horrors perpetrated in the name of fundamentalist Islam, such as attacks on young girls going to school, the internecine slaughters of various sects, the cruel penalties exacted by the Taliban’s repressive creed — stonings, amputations and executions for apostasy — also feed the angry atmosphere, and they are not phantoms of a prejudiced imagination

Sadly though, Mr. West is so consumed with being politically correct that he finds the truth offensive. Such a head-in-the-sand attitude does not help anyone.

Oddly enough, if this shooter had acted in the name of Christianity, well, the media would have no problem bringing up inherent problems with Christianity would they? Heck, the Left never hesitates to blame “The Right” or Conservatives, do they?  Of course not! They make that immediate accusation, even before any information about the perpetrator is known. And, even if such a connection is proven false, many on the Left go on making the accusation any way.

Again, the complete lack of consistency of the Left shows itself. But, what do we expect from an ideology that is so intellectually and morally bankrupt? If West thinks these attacks had nothing to do with Islam he might want to ignore possible future attacks

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan (AP) — Dozens of French Muslims are training with the Taliban in northwestern Pakistan, raising fears of future attacks following the shooting deaths of seven people in southern France allegedly by a man who spent time in the region, Pakistani intelligence officials said Saturday.

Authorities are investigating whether Mohamed Merah, the Frenchman of Algerian descent who is suspected of killing three Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi and three French paratroopers in Toulouse this month, was among the training group, the officials said.

Merah was killed in a dramatic gunfight with police Thursday after a 32-hour standoff at his Toulouse apartment. The 23-year-old former auto body worker traveled twice to Afghanistan in 2010 and to Pakistan in 2011, and said he trained with al-Qaida in the Pakistani militant stronghold of Waziristan.

Approximately 85 Frenchmen have been training with the Pakistani Taliban in the North Waziristan tribal area for the past three years, according to the intelligence officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media. Most of the men have dual nationality with France and North African countries.

The Frenchmen operate under the name Jihad-e-Islami and are being trained to use explosives and other weapons at camps near the town of Miran Shah and in the Datta Khel area, the officials said. They are led by a French commander who goes by the name Abu Tarek. Five of the men returned to France in January 2011 to find new recruits, according to the officials. It’s unclear whether Merah was among that group.

A militant commander, Ahmed Marwat, claimed in a phone call with the AP on Saturday that Merah was affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban in Waziristan, but provided no details. Marwat said he was part of the Jundullah wing of the Pakistani Taliban.

West and his ilk may also want to ignore the killer’s brother’s words of praise for his butchering innocents

(The Sun) — THE brother of the al-Qaeda maniac who massacred seven people including three kids has said he is proud of the killing spree.

The older brother is also linked to militant Islamic groups and is being held over alleged terror offences with his girlfriend and mother.

He told cops: “I am very proud of my brother. I regret nothing for him and approve of what he did.”

Proud of butchering children? Yes, Mr. West, YES,Islam has a major problem, with fanatics. And not just fanatics who kill children in the name of their religion. How about the manner in which Islam treats women? Of course, at least they have rule books for beating their wives right Mr. West?

(Toronto Sun) — A local bookstore has “sold out” of a controversial marriage guide that advises Muslim men on how to beat their wives.

The 160-page book, published by Idara Impex in New Delhi, India, is written by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, who’s described in the book’s foreword as a “prolific writer on almost every topic of Islamic learning.”

The store’s manager, who didn’t give his name, said the book had been sold out for some time, and the store’s owner, whom the manager identified as Shamim Ahmad, refused to comment for the story.

It wasn’t clear whether the shop has ordered more copies of the book, but it’s available at online Islamic bookstores and even through eBay.

In the book’s opening pages, it is written that “it might be necessary to restrain her with strength or even to threaten her.”

Later, its author advises that “the husband should treat the wife with kindness and love, even if she tends to be stupid and slow sometimes.”

Page 45 contains the rights of the husband, which include his wife’s inability to leave “his house without his permission,” and that his wife must “fulfil his desires” and “not allow herself to be untidy … but should beautify herself for him … ”

In terms of physical punishment, the book advises that a husband may scold her, “beat by hand or stick,” withhold money from her or “pull (her) by the ears,” but should “refrain from beating her excessively.”

Boy, reality sucks! Right Mr. West?

Why is this man trying to ruin porn for every other guy out there?

Smitty reports that James Wolcott, who is to writing what Joe Biden is to eloquence, is, well, going to make guys stop, well, you know……

James Wolcott praises “the porn that can be the only source of solace on those lonely nights away from the aggravations of home.”

Obviously, this is why Vanity Fair pays him the big bucks: To tell us what he does in his spare time. But you probably suspected this, didn’t you?

Apologies to readers disturbed by the mental image of a sweaty Wolcott in his undershorts getting his jollies watching pay-per-view cable.

So now, every poor, lonely guy out there will have their porn watching ruined by the mental image of this ass clown flogging his weasel!

Your Blog Post of the Day?

Goes to Lance Burri for this gem, poking fun at the idiocy of Joe Biden

Just imagine how much unexpected fun it must be to cover Vice President Joe Biden.  Normally, reporters who get stuck with the Veep end up enduring dry, meaningless speeches and endless funerals.  With Sheriff Joe, though, reporters assigned to the beat get to break stories like this:

Vice President Joseph Biden on Monday night upped the ante around the already quite-dramatic assassination of Osama bin Laden.

From the pool report of Biden’s comments during a fundraising event in New Jersey come these quotes.

“You can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan. Never knowing for certain. We never had more than a 48 percent probability that he was there.”

The statement is incredibly inane, even for the Gaffetastical Biden. The blogosphere all took their shots at Joe, but Lance made me laugh out loud when I read this

I dunno: my brothers and me had a pretty audacious plan to raid that cookie jar back when we were kids.

That, my friends is blogging greatness!

No,Kathleen parker I am not going to say you are an Obama-lover

After watching you and Chris Matthews humping Obama’s leg I might say you are clueless, or I might wonder if you have been in a coma for the past three years, or I might ponder if you donated your brain to science. But I would never call you an Obama lover

Incredibly claiming that it was a “banner year” for Obama, Matthews began his year-end awards show by inviting panelists to choose among the president’s greatest triumphs.  For Parker, it was an embarrassment of riches.

KATHLEEN PARKER: I actually think this is a hard question, because so many of these are [inaudible.]  But the three foreign-policy ones are really part of this Obama way of doing things, and I don’t know, I think, Osama Bin Laden is an easy choice, but it’s an important —

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Is this the Chicago way?

PARKER: Well, you know, it’s kind of the cool, and lacking-in-chest-beating way. You know what I mean?  But we didn’t invade another Muslim country when we dealt with Libya, and with Osama Bin Laden,it was the way he shoots a ball across the court.  I know everybody’s going to say she’s an Obama-lover. Whatever. He did it well.  It was a net shot. You know, he got it done —

Good freaking grief!


Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Congressional Black Caucus Chief Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Reveals “Satan Sandwich” Recipe . . . Then Complains About “Lack Of Civility” In Congress…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

SIMPLY unbelievable! Do Democrats actually listen to themselves? Likely not I suppose. They just keep on ramping up their nastiness in hopes of winning elections through fear and smear. Of course, they are being heard by fewer and fewer people, which is good, because frankly, the Democrats have nothing to offer.

It is all about the language you see

When someone is asked about Hamas, you have to listen carefully to their words, especially when they are telling students lies like “Hams has done a lot of good…..”

Hamas has “done a lot of good” in Palestine, students at a University of California, Irvine program were told last week.

At a speech sponsored by the Muslim Student Union called “What Israeli Going On,” Amir Mertaban repeatedly refused to answer when audience members asked if he condemned the terrorist group which now controls Gaza. He called it “a loaded question.” Instead, he praised the group’s social and political program while rationalizing the issue of its violence.

A “loaded question” It is nothing but a direct and very simple question. Anyone who dances around a question like this asshat does is either so morally retarded that they cannot accept reality, or they are a supporter of terrorism.

“Any unjust killing of Israeli civilians I absolutely abhor and Islam does not allow,” he said.

Note that he uses the term “unjustified” killing of an Israeli civilian. My first question is what does he consider “justified”? The answer to that becomes pretty clear as he continues

“However, Hamas has also done a lot of freedom fighting missions for that matter. And I am absolutely one who defends anyone’s right, whether you be American, whether you be Jewish, Israeli, Palestinian, to defend your rights. If you feel that you’ve been attacked wrongfully, and you defend you rights, I will never call you a terrorist.”

Aha, now we see, Hamas are freedom fighters when they blow up busloads of innocent Israelis, they are merely defending their rights, so they could not be a terrorist you see.

Hamas is a terrorist organization, and this man damn well knows that. He supports the barbarism and evil Hamas visits upon Israeli civilians. Sure, he condemns the “unjustified” killing of civilians, but then characterizes the vile acts Hamas carries out as “freedom fighting” you see.

More evidence of this swine’s true colors can be found in past statements.

Later in the speech Mertaban said that he supported the Taliban during the 1980s. “So do I support the Taliban then? That’s a loaded question. In the 80s – sure, they were fighting for their rights and for their freedoms. I absolutely support what they were doing then.” Mertaban said nothing to condemn the Taliban and did not mention the terrorism that the group has employed since its inception.

That is not necessarily surprising, given Mertaban’s past remarks at an MSA event.

During a 2007 MSA-West conference, he suggested Muslims stand by Osama bin Laden even if he had done wrong. “I don’t know this guy. I don’t know what he did. I don’t know what he said. I don’t know what happened,” Mertaban said.”But we defend Muslim brothers and we defend our Muslim sisters to the end. Is that clear?”

Yes, I think this is very clear.

Porn Found In Osama Bin Laden Compound

Porn Found In Osama Bin Laden Compound – The Register

Osama bin Laden’s compound may not have had phone or internet service, but it did have porn. Lots of it.

According to Reuters and ABC News, the massive smut stash was seized by the US commandos who stormed his Abbottabad, Pakistan, hideout and shot him in the face almost two weeks ago. It was found in a wooden box in bin Laden’s bedroom and was referred to as “huge” and “extensive” by officials.

There’s no direct evidence that the electronically recorded videos were viewed by the al Qaeda chief, but that’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Other video recovered by Navy Seals showed bin Laden sitting on a floor watching himself on TV, so there’s reason to believe he had the ability to view video.

The porn is part of what officials said is a trove of information taken during the 38-minute siege two weekends ago. Electronic and handwritten materials detailed al Qaeda terrorist plots, which are said to have included the assassination of US President Obama and strikes on water utilities and railroads. Intelligence officials have learned more about the radical Islamist group in the past 10 days than in the previous 10 years combined, ABC News said.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story

Andrew Klavan: Leftism IS Racism

Excellent piece buy one of the truly great thinkers of our day. Klavan digs into what I call the Politics of Division that all Leftists engage in. As Klavan rightly points out, the Left’s entire ideology revolves around separating everyone into racial groups, then pitting those groups against each other

Only the left, by politics, purpose and philosophy, divides people into racial groups and demands they be treated differently both in ordinary human commerce and under the law.  No conservative I know would consent to such an outrage against justice and morality, no matter what his private feelings might be.

So obsessed with race are leftists – so convinced are they that black people especially are unable to care for themselves as men and women must – that they seek to exempt blacks and other minorities from the normal rigors of competence and good behavior.  Having then disgracefully and destructively  lowered the standards for people with dark skin, they accuse the rest of us of racism simply for treating dark-skinned people the same as we would treat anyone!  A world turned upside down.

How very true this is. The Left has, for decades upon decades done their best to convince “minorities” that their only hope of success is to donate to, and vote for Liberal candidates. Any “minority” who dares vote for a Republican, is vilified, mocked, and shamed for not being “Black enough” or called an Oreo, Banana, or some other racial slur. Women who stray from what I call the Leftist Plantation of Accepted Ideology are degraded with slurs or crude sexual remarks. Likewise, the Leftists try to intimidate Homosexuals, Latinos, Asians, and every other possible “minority category” into selling their souls to Leftist ideology. For the Left, dividing Americans into groups is a path to keeping these groups dependent upon failed big government programs, and keeping them addicted to the bitterness the Left instills in them.

Hey, I think I have a perfect guy for the Seals to drop in on next

Khaled Meshaal in a meeting with spanish journ...
Image via Wikipedia

I cannot help thinking that erasing this Jihadist might make the world as better place

(Reuters) — Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said on Monday the United States had no right to kill Osama bin Laden but said this did not mean the Palestinian Islamist group supported al Qaeda’s attacks on civilians.

Speaking on France 24 television, the Damascus-based Meshaal also said there should be more freedom in Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad has deployed his armed forces to crush a seven-week-old revolt against his authoritarian rule.

“Concerning bin Laden everyone knows Hamas has differences from al Qaeda . . . especially (its) operations targeting civilians, but all this doesn’t give the U.S. the right to kill as they please without any regard for the law and to assassinate Arabs and Muslims, blaming everything on them and accusing them of terrorism,” Meshaal said in the France 24 interview.

During the height of a Palestinian uprising between 2000 and 2005, Hamas carried out dozens of suicide bombings in Israeli towns and it is classified by the United States and the European Union as a terrorist group.

Hamas is just a terror group, and should be eradicated frankly

But, of course, it is for the children you know

Red hammer and sicle on transparent background.
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A tremendous thought from Milton Wolf on why the price tag for Marxism is so very high

Teach ’em early: Government withholds food from young children until they submit to the state’s demands… no, really

Do-gooders in the government are quick to pat themselves on the back for their generosity with other people’s money. Of course, each promise they make, each handout they give, comes with strings attached. They’ll pay the rent, but only if you live where they say. They’ll buy the groceries, but only if you eat what they allow. They’ll pay the medical bills, but only if you see the doctor they say and accept the limited treatments they provide.

In short, big-government types want one thing: your submission. And they’re wasting no time teaching the youngest Americans, that if they want theirhandouts, they too must submit to the state’s will.

How absolutely true. It is all a trade-off, you give up some liberty, some of your individualism, and they, the state, will give you something in return. The end result of such trading, of course, is that you cede your natural rights when you accept Marxism. And rights once surrendered are seldom recovered are they? Sooner or later, you realize that you are now nothing more than a slave, totally dependent upon the mercy of the state for all your needs.

Judicial Watch Sues To Get Bin Laden Death Photo

Judicial Watch Sues To Get Bin Laden Death Photo – News Max

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Department of Defense seeking all photographs and/or video recordings of Osama bin Laden taken during and/or after the U.S. military operation in Pakistan that resulted in bin Laden’s death.

The request to the Defense Department was filed May 3. An identical request was filed with the CIA.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the agencies have 20 business days legally to respond.

“President Obama’s decision not to release the bin Laden photos is at odds with his promises to make his administration the most transparent in history,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Judicial Watch hopes its FOIA requests will provide a mechanism to release these records in an orderly fashion in compliance with the FOIA law. President Obama’s reluctance to spike the football is not a lawful reason for withholding these historic public documents from the American people. We are prepared to go to court to obtain this information.”

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Do they pay people to think up newspaper headlines?

Because if they do, someone should demand a refund over this one! H/T The Other McCain


Stacy McCain has the obvious take on this.

“You know how we were always screaming ‘Death to the infidel American imperialists’ before you killed bin Laden? Well, now we’re going to scream it even louder. So there. Nyah nyah nyah.”

As I have said before, these cretins are born enraged, outraged, inflamed, pissed off, furious, ticked, irked, and just plain old not happy.