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Obama and his agenda for America

Donald Douglas links to a piece by Daniel Henninger

Here’s one thought: The main reason there isn’t, and may never be, a solution on the fiscal cliff is that Barack Obama doesn’t know how to do a political compromise. Where in his career did Barack Obama ever learn the art of the political deal? Nowhere.

Recall the famous Blair House summit he called early in 2010 amid the legislating over ObamaCare. Lamar Alexander, Tom Coburn, Paul Ryan and other Republicans talked about wonkish compromises. All of it, every single idea, blew right by the president. Naturally the legislation got zero GOP votes. A kid running for high-school president could have gotten more opposition votes than that.

Presidents, kings, queens, generals all have accomplished a modus vivendi with their opponents and mortal enemies. Until now. What deal of Clintonesque majesty has Barack Obama ever pulled off?

The fiscal-cliff negotiation is a train driven by an engineer who doesn’t know how to use the brake, doesn’t know where the brake is and doesn’t care. His idea of politics is giving campaign speeches outside Washington to assemble a Sandy of public sentiment that will blow congressional Republicans off the cliff.

Politics ain’t beanbag, but it also isn’t just about politics. While Barack Obama may think his election mandate includes the ruin of the Republican Party, Republicans seeking a strategy of self-preservation should assert their refusal to participate in the ruin of the nation. As it is, the fiscal cliff has degenerated into a familiar Beltway melodrama in which the media reduce the whole thing to which party gets shafted. As to the health of the gasping American economy, well, whatever.

I give you one word, radical! Donald Douglas sums it up like this

Progressives suck, especially our Dear Progressive Leader Barack Hussein. All hail!

True dat!


Biden blames Bush, forgets about Obama’s spending spree

And Chris at Wyblog will not allow Crazy Uncle Joe to get away with that Read it all, LOTS more at the link

It’s always “blame Bush.” Easier than taking responsibility. Or solving the problem. The thing is though, Joe Biden was right there cheering along with everyone else when those two wars were approved.

Biden pointed to Ryan and blamed the recession on “this man voting to put two wars on a credit card…” The only problem with this assertion is then-Sen. Joe Biden voted for those “two wars on credit cards” too. He doesn’t want you to know that, but it’s absolutely true.

Oops. Talk about an inconvenient truth.

Then there’s the equally inconvenient fact that when it comes to putting stuff “on credit cards” Obama makes Bush look like a piker. Here’s my favorite chart again:


Your Daley Gator VP Debate Image O’ The Day


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Just when you thought last night could not get any worse for Obama, Joe Biden spoke


And it got worse, not far removed from his remark that the middle class has been buried the last four years comes this from Captain Gaffetastic

Via Politico:

Vice President Joe Biden, in post-debate comments streamed to campaign watch parties across the nation, reiterated some of President Obama’s points and urged supporters to “press even harder” in the weeks ahead.

“Folks, I hope you saw what I saw tonight: two candidates with fundamentally different visions and a fundamentally different set of values,” he said. “And I hope and appreciate that, that you know just how, how, how high the stakes are, that you all appreciate it.”

Oh  do not worry Joe, we get it, believe me, and after last night a lot MORE Americans see the difference too.

Can you see what I see?


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Poster child for entitlement mentality: Paul Ryan would let women die in emergency rooms

Oh Sandra Fluke you shameless liar.

Via LifeNews:

Pro-abortion activist Sandra Fluke accused Paul Ryan of supporting a bill that “would allow pregnant women to die preventable deaths in our emergency rooms,” an attack on Ryan’s pro-life views.

Speaking to the Democratic National Convention, Fluke pushed her pro-abortion views saying Mitt Romney and Ryan’s pro-life views would be bad for the country.

“In that America, your new president could be a man who stands by when a public figure tries to silence a private citizen with hateful slurs. Who won’t stand up to the slurs, or to any of the extreme, bigoted voices in his own party,” she claimed. “It would be an America in which you have a new vice president who co-sponsored a bill that would allow pregnant women to die preventable deaths in our emergency rooms.

Absolutely despicable! This woman knows damn well she is lying. In the first place denying emergency care is ILLEGAL in this nation, and Fluke, and or her Democrat masters know it! This is the pathetic state of the Democratic Party. It has devolved into a party that is intellectually vacuous and devoid of any serious ideology. THIS is the only way Democrats can win anything, by scaring enough people, and lying to enough people so that those people vote “D” on election day. I have posed this question before, and pose it again now. If you are a Democrat, why? Do you really wish to stay in a party that has to LIE in such grotesque manners to stay in power?

Understand, what Fluke does here, and she is by no means the ONLY Democrat doing this, is nothing but personal attacks, based on totally fallacious statements. How does anyone stay in the Democratic Party? It’s leadership has become an absolute cesspool of bigotry, intolerance, and, frankly, delusion. It is no longer a party that even attempts to put ideas forward. The extent of “ideas” that come from Democrats today is to “tax the rich” make everything a “right”, and promise to give every American free everything. And when anyone attempts to debate the merit of these “ideas” the Democratic Party attacks them in the most disgusting manner. Sorry, I know this is a harsh indictment of the Democratic Party, but it is the truth. The Democratic Party has become the party of miscreants, bullies, beggars, bigots, and radicals.

Odd it is that one of the most common attacks Democrats sling at Republicans is that we are “anti-science”. And that we all refuse to accept evolution, although that is largely false. Yet it is the Democratic Party that refuses to evolve ideologically. They spend billions of dollars on programs that fail to solve whatever problem they were supposed to fix, and often times actually make the problem worse. And, looking upon their failure, they can only say, spend MORE money. And  anyone who raises a different approach to solving the problem, is attacked and accused of hating children, or education, or the environment, or accused of wanting old people to die, or of being a racist.  Is self-examination completely lost on the Left? It is a party that clamors for change constantly, yet, refuses to change any of their failed policies. It is a party that screams inclusion, yet excludes anyone that dares challenge the party ideology.

Again, if you are still a Democrat why? And, before you accuse me of just playing politics let me challenge you Mr. or Ms. Still a Democrat. Allow me to challenge you to look at YOUR party

The Party that is inclusive, well except for God and Israel

The party of tolerance, well except for those damned Christians

Death Threats against Romney

Mother of Dem convention star Castro called Alamo defenders ‘drunks,’ ‘crooks’

Maria del Rosario Castro, the mother of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, said in 2010 that she grew up being told the battle was “glorious,” only to learn the so-called heroes were really “a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists who conquered land that didn’t belong to them.”

“But as a little girl I got the message — we were losers,” she told The New York Times Magazine. “I can truly say that I hate that place and everything it stands for.”

The Party of an “alternate universe”

The party that calls everyone who disagrees with them Nazis?

The Party of “choice” except for what you eat, drink, what kind of light bulb you should have or whether or not you should be forced to join a union.

The Party that lies

So, basically this woman feels that the PEOPLE of Texas had no right to govern themselves? I thought Democrats were the Party of the People. I could go on and on and on and……………

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If you really want to understand the mind of Chris Matthews…..

…then drive to Crazy Town, take a left turn, past Insaneviile, and keep going until you plunge off Wacko Cliff into the bottomless Sea of Racial Obsession Syndrome. Then you will be where Chris Matthews diseased brain is 

Oh my legs!

What a ludicrous standard! Matthews, how is it possible to speak to the ‘whole’ country? With ‘whole’ for a quantifier, it only takes one to require another pass. Pass, ‘whole’.


Minutes after Paul Ryan finished his RNC speech on Wednesday, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews slammed the Republican vice presidential candidate for supposedly ignoring blacks during his “very constricted, very negative, very nasty speech,” and suggested that he was directing the address to racists: “It’s clear that Paul Ryan was talking to people who think about rights as something…produced by Thomas Jefferson, ignoring the people for whom the rights only came in the 1960s.”

Wow! This guy is redefining unhinged on a daily basis. I expect that soon we will see Matthews, in a straighjacket doing his show from a dark cellar and chanting that Chicago is a RAAAAACIST  word!

Matthews then demonstrates his mind-numbing ability to take an idiotic statement, amplify it, and subsequently make it exponentially more idiotic coming from his mouth, when he said this:

“Yea, well let me ask you about that gentleman.  What about now, is this constant barrage of assaults, saying the guy is basically playing an old game of demagoguery politics, where you take the money from the worker bees and give it to the poor people to buy votes.  That’s basically what they’re charging him with. Old big-style, big-city machine of 50 years ago.”

He added, “They keep saying Chicago by the way, have you noticed?  They keep saying Chicago.  That’s another thing that sends that message – this guy’s helping the poor people in the bad neighborhoods, screwing us in the ‘burbs.”

Hielemann helpfully interpreted Matthews statement, presumably for those too challenged to understand basic words (or as we in the business refer to them – Hardball viewers), by making this jaw-dropping statement:

“There’s a lot of black people in Chicago.”

Maybe MSNBS can replace Matthews, and any guests with Eric Cartman of South Park

Good Gief! And I might remind Matthews that it is HIS network that refused to carry many speeches by Black Republicans like Mia Love.

In lieu of airing speeches from former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, a black American; Mia Love, a black candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Utah; and Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz, a Latino American, MSNBC opted to show commentary anchored by Rachel Maddow from Rev. Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes and Steve Schmidt.

Throughout this convention, Matthews has accused the Republicans of playing dog-whistle racist politics while on scene in Tampa. It isn’t clear, however, if Matthews will hurl accusations of racism at Davis, Love or Cruz for speeches his network failed to broadcast.

All of this begs the question. Was Chris Matthews crazy before his legs had their first Obamagasm? Or did all those Obamagasms make him nuttier than a truckload of fruitcakes?

*LIVE STREAMING* Paul Ryan To Address GOP Convention Tonight… Plus Rand P, Condi R And Mike H – 08/29/12

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Convention Schedule For Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7:00 p.m.

Convention convenes

Call to order

Introduction of Colors by Amputee Veterans of America Support Team (AVAST)

Pledge of Allegiance by Brigadier General Patrick E. Rea, US Army (Ret.)

National Anthem sung by Ayla Brown

Invocation by Ishwar Singh

Ron Paul Video

Remarks by Senate Republican Leader and Convention Temporary Chairman Mitch McConnell (KY)

Remarks by Senator Rand Paul (KY)

Bush 41, 43 Film

Beau Davidson

Remarks by paralyzed Coast Guardsman Christopher Devlin-Young and Iraq War veteran Jeanine McDonnell

8:00 p.m.

Remarks by Senator John McCain (AZ)

G.E. Smith Band

Remarks by U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA)

Remarks by Attorney General Pam Bondi (FL) and Attorney General Sam Olens (GA)

Remarks by Senator John Thune (SD)


Remarks by Tad True Vice President Belle Fourche and Bridger Pipelines


Danny Gokey

9:00 p.m.

Remarks by Senator Rob Portman (OH)

Remarks by U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (TN)

Remarks by Governor Luis Fortuño (PR)

The Katinas

Remarks by Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN)

Remarks by Mike Huckabee

G.E. Smith Band

10:00 p.m.

Remarks by Condoleezza Rice

Remarks by Governor Susana Martinez (NM)

Remarks by vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan

Benediction by Archbishop Demetrios


Just in case you forgot how intellectually bankrupt Maureen Dowd is……


…………………here is a reminder

Just Think No — Maureen Dowd, NYT

. . .Other Republicans are trying to cover up their true identity to get elected. Even as party leaders attempted to lock the crazy uncle in the attic in Missouri, they were doing their own crazy thing down in Tampa, Fla., by reiterating language in their platform calling for a no-exceptions Constitutional amendment outlawing abortion, even in cases of rape, incest and threat to the life of the mother.

Paul Ryan, who teamed up with Akin in the House to sponsor harsh anti-abortion bills, may look young and hip and new generation, with his iPod full of heavy metal jams and his cute kids. But he’s just a fresh face on a Taliban creed — the evermore antediluvian, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay conservative core. Amiable in khakis and polo shirts, Ryan is the perfect modern leader to rally medieval Republicans who believe that Adam and Eve cavorted with dinosaurs.

Egads, is the Left ever going to stop beating that dead horse? Well, of course they are, they have no ideas, well none that work any way, so, it is fear and smear, race baiting, gender baiting, and so on and so on.


Leftism and Racism go hand in hand


Stacy McCain has a post up taking the very UNfunny Bill Maher to task for his racist statements

While gay-baiting Paul Ryan, Maher also engages in racial stereotyping of President Obama:

“In many ways — especially for progressives — [Obama] is too white for them. He plays golf, he’s too cozy with bankers. But when it comes to knowing how to fight, he’s black” — referring to the tough campaign Obama is running against the Republicans.

Twitchy points out that this isn’t the first time Maher has used the “thug” stereotype of blacks in talking about Obama. May 2010:

“I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. You know, this [BP oil spill] is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants. That’s — (in black man voice) we’ve got a ‘motherfu**ing problem here?’ Shoot somebody in the foot.”

Permit me to say that, as offensive as Maher’s invocation of the violent black thug stereotype might be, I am equally offended by the stereotype of whites as effete golf-players who are “cozy with bankers.” A very narrow and insular world exists inside Maher’s mind — not only is there no law-abiding black middle class, but there is no white working class. Black people are all inner-city ghetto thugs and whites are all overprivileged suburbanites.

Great point Stacy makes there. The Left suffers from what I call Racial Obsession Syndrome, and one symptom of the Liberal Malady causes Leftists to stereotype people. Black people, for instance MUST think and act a certain way, and they certainly MUST be Liberal. White people are all stuffy racists, unless they have been converted to Liberalism of course. Then they must be eternally apologetic for all the RAAAAACISM that is inherent in America. You see under Liberalism, everyone must know their place and stay there. Women, Homosexuals, Blacks, Hispanics must be Liberal, or they will be attacked by the Left for not “really” being a minority. Minority, of course, is another term the Left uses to divide, and ultimately demean people based on skin color, gender or sexual preference. It is all about making everyone a victim with the Left.

The Bill Maher’s and Toure’s of the world love to say that racism is still rampant in America. That is an absurd claim, and anyone who pays attention knows it to be absurd. Of course, it is odd that Maher, Toure, Joe Biden and the entire cast of loons at MSNBS are great examples that 99% of the racism they decry actually comes from, them.


*VIDEO* Ryan: “It Is Great To Be Here In North Canton, Or As Joe Biden Might Say, It’s Great To Be Here In Nevada”

H/T Weasel Zippers

Best sign for a Romney/Ryan victory? The GOP “pros” whoever they are are pissy about Ryan pick

The Lonely Conservative has the details, and thinks, as I do, that this is very positive news.

The top story on memeorandum today is Politico’s piece citing all sorts of unnamed Republican “pros” who are fretting about Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan to be his running mate. What do they think, that the Democrats wouldn’t come out and attack and demonize whoever Romney chose? If so, they have no business being in the business of politics.

And the more pessimistic strategists don’t even feign good cheer: They think the Ryan pick is a disaster for the GOP. Many of these people don’t care that much about Romney — they always felt he faced an improbable path to victory — but are worried that Ryan’s vocal views about overhauling Medicare will be a millstone for other GOP candidates in critical House and Senate races.

Let’s get to the caveats: No one is asserting that Washington operatives in either party are oracles or seers. What’s more, it is not as if there is anything like unanimity in GOP circles about the merits of the Ryan pick, though the mood of anxiety and skepticism is overwhelming.

Most of all, if you are one of those people who thinks if someone has something negative to say, they should have the guts to put their name on it, you won’t find much to impress you in this article. Nearly all the Republican professionals interviewed for this story said they would share their unfiltered views only “on background” rules of attribution. (Read More)

Hmm. I wonder if they are some of the same pros who told us that John McCain was the man to run against Hillary Clinton in 2008. How’d that work out for us?

Then again, it could be plain old fashioned sour grapes.

It would be interesting to know how many of these pros didn’t get hired by Romney or their paymasters weren’t chosen or even considered for VP by him.

And then, the GOP “pros” said we cannot win

Go read the rest folks. These “pros” are often wrong, and often are afraid of the GOP nominating a candidate that is too Conservative. They are sort of like that football coach that ALWAYS punts on 4th and short, ALWAYS plays it safe, and usually loses.