Kelsey Grammer Sports Pro-Life T-Shirt In Instagram Photo – ‘Would It Bother Us More If They Used Guns?’

‘Would It Bother Us More If They Used Guns?’ Kelsey Grammer’s Pro-Life T-Shirt – CNS

Kelsey Grammer, best known for his role as psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane on the sitcoms “Cheers” and “Frasier,” was recently photographed wearing a pro-life t-shirt.

The shirt reads “Would it bother us more if they used guns?” The words wrap around a handgun and below that is a website address: The picture was taken by Grammar’s wife Kayte and posted on her Instagram account. The message of the shirt indicates that concern over recent deaths in gun shootings should also apply to unborn babies.


Abort73 is a pro-life organization that describes its mission this way:

While Abort73 offers a broad, abortion education to people of all ages, we are the most anxious to reach students and young adults. Young people tend to be more open-minded, more willing to change their mind, and less-likely to have a personal stake in justifying abortion. Plus, more than half of all abortions are performed on women younger than 25. Changing the way America thinks about abortion begins with changing the way that American students think about abortion. If we had more in the advertising budget, we would undoubtedly find new ways to spend it, but for the time being, our existing marketing strategy has served us well. Even if we could afford a big-budget ad campaign, there’s no guarantee that anyone would sell us the ad space. Until this becomes a popular message amongst the powers that be, change must come from the bottom up.



Obama Regime Forced To Pay $570,000 To Pro-Life Legal Group Over Abortion Pill Mandate

Obama Admin Forced To Pay $570,000 To Company It Tried To Force To Obey HHS Mandate – Life News


The bill is coming due, literally, for the Obama administration over its attempts to force companies to comply with the HHS mandate, that compels them to pay for drugs for their employees that can cause abortions.

The pro-life legal group ADF obtained a settlement in federal court Friday that requires the Obama administration to pay an agreed-upon amount of $570,000 to ADF and allied attorneys who won a lawsuit at the U.S. Supreme Court against the abortion-pill mandate in Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Burwell.

Conestoga Wood is one of the companies that challenged the abortion mandate in court and the high court eventually sided with them and Hobby Lobby, the most prominent firm taking on the Obama mandate.

“The government does a serious disservice to taxpayers when it pursues unjust laws that force many of them to defend their constitutionally protected freedoms,” Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Matt Bowman told “While this case is finally over, many others remain. We hope the administration will stop defending its indefensible abortion-pill mandate and end its waste of taxpayer dollars on a fruitless quest to force people to give up their freedom to live and work according to their beliefs.”

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys represent Conestoga Wood Specialties and the Hahn family, Mennonite cabinetmakers in Pennsylvania who appealed to the nation’s high court after a divided federal appellate court ruled against them. The Supreme Court eventually sided with the company.

“The cost of religious freedom for the Hahn family and many other job creators across the country who face this mandate is severe,” added Senior Legal Counsel Matt Bowman. “A family should not face massive fines and lawsuits just because they want to earn a living consistent with their faith.”

The mandate could have cost the family nearly $3 million per month in fines if it doesn’t agree to live contrary to its Christian convictions. It forces employers, regardless of their religious or moral convictions, to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception under threat of heavy penalties by the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies if the mandate’s requirements aren’t met.

Conestoga Wood Specialties owners Norman Hahn, Elizabeth Hahn, Norman Lemar Hahn, Anthony H. Hahn, and Kevin Hahn desire to run their company, a wholesale manufacturer of custom wood cabinet parts, in a manner that reflects their Christian beliefs, including their belief that God requires respect for the sanctity of human life.



2014 Midterms: Meet The Black, Pro-Life, Tea Party Victors The Leftist Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About

Black Pro-Life Candidates Tim Scott, Mia Love And Will Hurd Win Huge Victories – Life News

Not only did pro-life candidates win huge election victories across the board last night, but black pro-life candidates won as well and helped undermine false criticism from the other side that somehow the pro-life issue is not one that resonates with African-Americans.

In the deep South, South Carolina voters sent pro-life Republican Tim Scott back to the U.S. Senate, making him the first black candidate to win a statewide race there since just after the Civil War. Scott is also the first African-American senator from the South since Reconstruction.


Scott’s victory was so certain that his race was called moments after polls officially closed.

Governor Nikki Haley, who is also pro-life also won her re-election bid, appointed Scott after pro-life Senator Jim DeMint stepped down from his seat to run the Heritage Foundation. Scott has served in the Senate since January 2013 and he won the race to complete DeMint’s term. He will run for a full six-year term in 2016.

Meanwhile, in Utah, Mia Love won her congressional race to become the first black Republican woman in Congress. Love is a proudly pro-life candidate who had strong support from pro-life groups.


“I am proud to say that I am pro-life. My commitment to pro-life policies is unwavering, and I look forward to working with others in Congress to protect the right to life. I have received endorsements from multiple pro-life organizations, including the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization,” she said during the campaign.

And in Texas, pro-life congressional candidate Will Hurd won his race, unseating Rep. Pete Gallego.


“I sleep like a baby every night knowing I did absolutely everything I could to win this race,” Hurd said of waiting until the bitter end for results. “We always knew it was going to come down to the very end.”

Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri said “we have a truly historic result because Will will be the first Republican of African-American descent from the state of Texas since Reconstruction to represent our state in the House of Representatives.”

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden congratulated Hurd on a “hard-earned victory.”

“Will ran a fantastic campaign that focused on the issues Texans care about. Will truly has dedicated his life to helping his country and this is yet another proud chapter,” Walden said. “I’m honored to call him a friend and colleague.”

Claims that the Republican Party is somehow inherently racist or has no appeal to Africa-Americans will be harder to make now.


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*VIDEO* Racist Democrat Claims 99% Of Pro-Life Whites Would Make Daughter Have Abortion If Father Was Black


Texas: Pro-Abortion Activists Chant Hail Satan While Pro-Lifers Sing Amazing Grace (Video)

Abortion Supporters Chant ‘Hail Satan!’ While Pro-Life Activists Sing ‘Amazing Grace’ Outside Texas Capitol – The Blaze

The abortion battle in Texas was still raging Tuesday as both abortion supporters and pro-life activists flooded the State Capitol to make their voices heard. The Texas House and Senate reconvened briefly for a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry.

One of the more bizarre tactics used by pro-abortion activists involved chanting “Hail Satan!” to harass a pro-life crowd as they sang “Amazing Grace.”

Texas blogger Adam Cahm was able to capture the “Hail Satan” chant on video. Watch it here:


“It’s been a very interesting day at the Texas State Capitol. Cahnman’s Musings hasn’t been following the hearing. Instead, we’ve been participating in the surrounding events,” he writes. “LetTexasSpeak has been doing a live broadcast from the rotunda where women have been sharing their abortion related testimonies. The pro-abortion crowd has responded with repeated chants of ‘hail Satan.’ It’s taken us all day to get a video recording…”

Obviously, it is much more likely that the abortion supporters were chanting “Hail Satan!” to mock pro-lifers rather than actually hailing Lucifer, but anything is possible.

And there was plenty of discussion about “Hail Satan” on Twitter. Twitchy has the details.

The pro-abortion crowd also brought some really interesting signs to the rally (Some are offensive):







A recess was called for the Texas Legislature until July 9.

The proposed bill would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, require that the procedure be performed at ambulatory surgical centers, mandate that doctors who perform abortions obtain admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles and that even nonsurgical abortions take place in a surgical center.

Only five out of 42 clinics in Texas qualify as ambulatory surgical centers and they are in major metropolitan areas. Many clinics would need to relocate to meet ventilation requirements and to have the space required for operating rooms and hallways.

Similar measures have passed in other states, but many are tied up in court. Mississippi’s only abortion clinic remains open pending a federal lawsuit over the requirement for doctors to have admitting privileges.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Unhinged Leftist Professor Arrested For Profane Rant At Pro-Life Students (Video)

College Professor Arrested For Profane Rant At Pro-Life Students – Life News

A college professor has been arrested for a profane rant at pro-life students at the University of Buffalo.


Professor Laura Curry screamed at students, yelling at them: “Where does it say I can’t use the f**k word in public. I can swear because that’s part of my vocabulary. That’s part of my First Amendment rights.”

According to a report by Fox News, Curry, an adjunct instructor of media study, was lashing out at the University’s Students for Life organization. The group had erected a pro-life display featuring images that offended Curry.

“I can swear in public because that is profane,” she said referring to the display. “That image is swearing to me. That is profane to me.”

More from the Fox News report:

An unidentified individual filmed the incident and posted the video on Creative Minority Report.

“That image is profane but f**k is,” she yelled at police officers responding to the disturbance.

A university spokesman told Fox News confirmed Curry’s arrest but declined to provide information about her current employment status.

“Would you let my class know I’m under arrest,” she asked as officers slapped a pair of handcuffs on the profane professor and carted her off to jail.

Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students For Life of America, said pro-life students are typically singled out for attacks on campus.

“As we’ve seen again and again, a pro-abortion supporter couldn’t handle the ugly truth of abortion and lashed out,” Hawkins told Fox News. “She had to resort to yelling and using profane language with police officers.”

Hawkins said Curry’s behavior sets the wrong example for students.

“We stand with UB Students for Life for courageously fighting to bring the truth of abortion to a liberal campus, despite attempts to shout them down, cover the display, and personally attack group leaders like President Christian Andzel,” she said. “UB SFL is the pro-life generation and they are already showing they know how to behave like better adults than the ones opposing them.”

The University of Buffalo did not offer any apology to the students who were subjected to the professor’s public outburst.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Amanda Marcotte is to crazy what Bloomberg is to Nannyism

Stacy McCain notes the woman, or beast with bangs, if you prefer, has driven onto the Crazy Highway and is accelerating rapidly

Just briefly noted last night that The Beast Who Wears Bangs had made an obnoxious fool of herself blaming pro-lifers for the heinous crimes of Kermit Gosnell, but even I didn’t really expect that she would be so eager to double down on bloodthirsty stupidity:

Man, the feeding frenzy over Gosnell is a sobering reminder of how much hatred there is out there towards women.
– @AmandaMarcotte, April 13

In this rhetorical formulation, the normal and expected reaction to pregnancy is to seek an abortion, so that “women” exist only insofar as they are defined by their right to abortion choice.

This conveniently defines out of existence any woman who is pro-life: To be a woman is to be pro-abortionchoice.

In this bizarre Manichean dualism, there are only (a) people who share Amanda Marcotte’s gruesome death-fetish for maximizing the number of abortions, and (b) people who hate women.

McCain opines that Marcotte is trying desperately to rationalize the grotesque brutality that Kermit Gosnell committed somehow. Gosnell is not really to blame in Marcotte’s warped world. No, it is pro-lifers who are to blame somehow. I find it revealing in a way. Marcotte is deeply indoctrinated in radical Feminism that she cannot even make a reasonable moral judgement anymore. She is so eaten up with bitterness and hatred that she has lost all abilities to look at evil and identify it as evil. 


Toure: I am so happy it was legal for me and my girl to have our baby killed in the womb

Because a baby could have gotten in the way of his career or something. What a miserable piece of filth!

“In some ways that choice saved my life,” Toure said.

He said he was extremely thankful abortion was an option because wasn’t ready to be a dad and going through with the pregnancy would have just made “a mess of three lives” because she “wasn’t the one.”

“I thank God and country that when I fell into a bad situation, abortion was there to save me and keep me on a path toward building a strong family I have now. And I pray that safety net stays in place,” Toure said.

Being able to choose to have an abortion makes for a “stronger America,” he concluded.

Gee I guess making a “mess” of their lives never occurred to them BEFORE they made a baby? But, Hell, consequences are like sooooo inconvenient! I mean how could Toure have ever become the bottom feeding junior race pimp in training if he had to take responsibility for the life he helped create? Bottom line is this. People like Toure are evil, sorry it is true. They place their convenience over the sanctity of human life. Such  moral retardation does not make Toure a thinker or introspective, and it damn sure does not make him a person who respects women. One more point, it is odd that a man so obsessed with his own skin color would go on TV and celebrate the killing of an innocent little Black baby. A baby denied the ultimate right because it was unfortunate enough to be created by two self-absorbed people. 


Ohio GOP seeks to revive Heartbeat Bill

And the “Progressives” go nuts with outrageous outrage! Video found at American Power

So, let me understand this. “Progressives” like this thug in the video are outraged that a baby with a beating heart might be protected by law? Does not speak very well of their moral compass does it? In what universe is it “extreme” to protect a human life? Think about that for a few moments. Also note that Nina Turner (Thug) uses every inane pro-abortion talking point. Including of course, that it is a woman’s body line. OK, why does the Left support Obamacare then? Oh, and as a side here, her super creative T shirt? The last place anyone wants to be is in that bitter dames panties. She is a walking. talking ranting poster for birth control.

Why I Support Rick Perry « Blog Entry « Dr. Melissa Clouthier

Check out the video, and read the reasons Melissa endorses Perry

I want our president to know what it’s like to have skin in the game, to be in the military…to sacrifice. Rick Perry was a C-130 air force pilot who finished as Captain. Pilots need to make quick decisions in demanding and death decisions.

Governor Perry is solidly anti-abortion, pro-gun-rights, anti-job killing regulations, pro-capitalist, pro-America, pro-Israel, and for economic expansion. More than being for these things, his professional walk supports these things. He doesn’t just talk or evangelize (though he does both), his record supports these principles.

I believe that Governor Perry can bring the success that his administration facilitated in Texas to America. The Obama-Keynesian experiment has been an abject failure. What’s the alternative? A mushy Mitt Romneyesque big government Republicanism that expands the power of the government just at a slower rate? A rhetorical flourish from a businessman with no legislative experience?

Oh, hell no.

We need experience. We need principles. We need a very human and a very capable Rick Perry.

Next read what Dan Riehl says about Perry

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Yes, the fact is that abortion IS infanticide

Silver Fiddle at Western Hero lays it out!

Herman Cain had a rough time explaining his abortion stance a few weeks back and has come under some pretty stiff criticism from all sides. He earned it with his one-man verbal ping pong match and inarticulate crab walk followed up by blatant pandering and backpedaling.

However, his cognitive incoherence and apparent contradictory beliefs speak for a broad section of America. Fellow Coloradoan Ross Kaminsky explains

As heretical as this will sound to the GOP faithful, Herman Cain’s true position, as I read the man, is perhaps the best possible position for a candidate in an American presidential election. […]

…although Americans respond that they are pro-choice and pro-life in roughly equal proportions, there is a large subset of both groups — but a larger subset of pro-life — whose position is supportive of allowing abortion in certain cases. […] 

Putting all this together: A statistically significant 12 percent more of the American adult population believes abortion is morally wrong than believe it is morally acceptable. Yet Americans also believe by an enormous 3-to-1 margin that abortion should be legal at least sometimes.

In other words, Americans, including a majority of those who call themselves pro-life, have an essentially libertarian view on abortion: it may be undesirable or wrong, but it is not the government’s role to enforce what most American believe to be a particular moral view rather than murder.

Kaminsky also points out that Cain can hardly be accused of being soft on abortion. He has spent one-million dollars of his own money on anti-abortion causes. Has Bachmann or Santorum done that?

I’m not quite so libertarian on this issue. I believe taking an innocent life is wrong. A fetus in a mother’s womb is an innocent life; therefore abortion is wrong. If this were a private issue between a woman and her doctor, it would be no one else’s business, least of all the state’s, but that’s not the case. Planned Parenthood runs for-profit abortion mills with taxpayer dollars, and I have a big problem with that.

Go read the rest, it will make you think if you are “pro-choice” and that is something I wish every one who is pro-choice would do, think!

This will make you cry

Sister Toldjah writes about abortion, in this case “twin reduction”

You’d think that with all I’ve read, heard, and watched on this issue that anything else I read/see/hear at this point will not phase me. But it does. And it has. Case in point: this New York Times Magazine piece about the growing practice of “twin reduction”- which is the fancy, sanitized term for “aborting one of the twins.” No, it’s not a popular thing to do in America – yet – but it’s a growing trend that once again should concern any moral-minded, warm-blooded American who views the little life growing inside a woman’s body as a human being rather than an expendable “clump of cells” or “parasite.” I’m going to paste a few quotes from the piece as I believe there has never been an article written that has so clearly demonstrated with crystal clarity the abject moral bankruptcy of the pro-abortion crowd by demonstrating their casual, bloodless approach to the process of aborting one of the twins a woman carries for, you guessed it, convenience purposes. My comments are below the quotes and passages I found particularly disturbing (bolded emphasis added by me):

As Jenny lay on the obstetrician’s examination table, she was grateful that the ultrasound tech had turned off the overhead screen. She didn’t want to see the two shadows floating inside her.Since making her decision, she had tried hard not to think about them, though she could often think of little else. She was 45 and pregnant after six years of fertility bills, ovulation injections, donor eggs and disappointment — and yet here she was, 14 weeks into her pregnancy, choosing to extinguish one of two healthy fetuses, almost as if having half an abortion [Note: There’s no “almost” about it! – ST]. As the doctor inserted the needle into Jenny’s abdomen, aiming at one of the fetuses, Jenny tried not to flinch, caught between intense relief and intense guilt.

“Things would have been different if we were 15 years younger or if we hadn’t had children already or if we were more financially secure,” she said later. “If I had conceived these twins naturally, I wouldn’t have reduced this pregnancy, because you feel like if there’s a natural order, then you don’t want to disturb it. But we created this child in such an artificial manner — in a test tube, choosing an egg donor, having the embryo placed in me — and somehow, making a decision about how many to carry seemed to be just another choice. The pregnancy was all so consumerish to begin with, and this became yet another thing we could control.” 

Please go read the rest, it will bring you to tears of anger and sorrow

Klavan on abortion

As I grow older, I lean more and more towards a Libertarian’s view of the world. Klavan sums up my feelings on abortion, and Gay marriage, and legalizing drugs in this piece pretty well in this piece. Yes, I know full well that many of the things I say and post here do, in fact, tend to cause many Social Conservatives to have outbreaks of offendeditis. But, on abortion, I believe the evidence is clear, abortion DOES kill an innocent unborn child. And, in the end, as Klavan says, whether the baby is alive or not is THE ONLY argument that really matters.

I’ve come to see that every single argument in favor of unlimited abortion simply skips over the decisive question: is an unborn child a human being or not? You can’t say killing a human being is a private matter. You can’t say a woman has “a right to choose” whether to kill a human being. You can’t say it’s okay to kill a human being because he was the product of rape or incest. You can’t argue that protecting the life of a human being unfairly extends government power — the government already has, and must have, that power. And you surely can’t say we must kill masses of innocent humans for the greater good of society. That’s more than hitlerian. It’s satanic.

You can see pro-choicers stumble over this problem of logic when feminists, say, complain that people are aborting far more girls than boys or when gays worry that the discovery of a “gay gene” may lead to a “gay holocaust” by abortion. It ain’t a holocaust if you’re not killing people. And if unborn children aren’t human, why shouldn’t parents kill them off until they get the one they want?

I still believe it’s possible for a person of good will to make the argument that a fetus is not fully human for some small period of its development. Thomas Aquinas did — and the man was a saint. But more and more, that point of view is coming to seem to me pre-scientific. In any case, if that’s the argument pro-choicers want to have, let’s have that argument, and no other — because no other matters. And if we as a free people decide that unborn children are children indeed, there is no moral alternative: we must not only end abortion but put our full efforts into supporting humane and broadly available methods of welcoming the unwanted.

Who REALLY pays for nationalized health care?

As Michelle points out it is the sick people who often pay the big price

Meet some of the victims of nationalized health care ignored by Obamacare fantasizers stateside:

Neglected elderly patients.

Health service executives and residential home managers are failing to ensure that elderly patients are seen by GPs, receive the therapy, out-of-hours care and specialist dementia treatments that they need, it said.

Doctors often simply tell staff that residents should go to straight to hospital, while some state-funded medics are reluctant to help privately-run care homes for ideological reasons, the report suggested.

The British Geriatrics Society, which conducted the inquiry, condemned the “betrayal” of elderly residents by an NHS that is “ageist” and treats patients in care homes as a “low priority”.

The report called on ministers to set clear national rules for doctors and hospitals on the services they must provide to care home residents.

The findings follow a series of highly critical reports from health inspectors at the Care Quality Commission into the neglect of the elderly in NHS hospitals. The watchdog found problems at a quarter of hospitals inspected, with dehydrated elderly patients being prescribed water and others left without being fed.

In a 50-page report, the British Geriatrics Society detailed evidence taken from care homes, academics, the NHS, and social services. It found that the health service was failing to guarantee adequate care to an estimated 400,000 older people in British care homes.

Women and their unborn babies with Downs Syndrome or disabilities.

Shocking new statistics have been produced in England after a pro-life organization won its bid to make some abortion numbers public that the government had failed to disclose concerning abortions on disabled babies.

The numbers reveal, thousands of babies victimized by abortion merely because they were mentally or physically disabled — including 500 abortions done on unborn children who have Down syndrome. In total, 2,290 abortions were done on disabled babies with 147 done after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

The London Daily Mail indicates the statistics for England and Wales came after the Department of Health followed a Freedom of Information Request from the Pro Life Alliance, which won a 5-year battle to make the figures public and the figures are the first in over 10 years. The ways in which disabled babies are targeted by abortion makes it clear why the government was reluctant to make them available.

Julia Millington, spokeswoman for the ProLife Alliance, told the newspaper, “This is a great victory for transparency and freedom of speech and we are delighted that full information about the justification for late abortions is now being made available in the same detail as it was in 2001.”

The abortion numbers showed 482 babies aborted who had Down syndrome, including 10 aborted after 24 weeks; 123 babies who died in abortions with the nervous disorder spina bifida; abortions were done on 181 babies who had a club foot or other musculoskeletal problems, including 8 killed after 24 weeks of pregnancy. Seven babies who had cleft palates were victims of abortion.

Much much more at the link, please go read the entire piece. The evidence is clear, it is the sick, elderly, unwanted, or imperfect people who pay. Dear God, how can the Left defend this barbarity?

Efforts to reduce abortions of black babies? RAAAAACIST!

Current Chair, Barbara Lee
Image via Wikipedia

The Left has actually become so pathetic and predictable. Their mantra seems to be when in doubt, race bait! Enter Rep. Barbara Lee and Planned Parenthood, who are terribly offended over this ad

A new pro-life campaign in California seeking to combat abortion in the black community is drawing charges of racism from Planned Parenthood and pro-choice advocates.But Planned Parenthood and California pro-choice groups are calling the ads racist. They say the “black & beautiful” slogan is too close to the “black is beautiful” cultural-pride campaign made popular in the 1960s.

“The fact that this has been co-opted is something that is obviously only meant to divide us. I think our community can see right through it,” said Alicia Walters, with Trust Black Women California.

Note the paragraph in red there. Alicia Waters bemoans an attempt to “divide us”, but then talks of “our community”. Our community, as in the Black community? What is that but divisive? Look, the Left should stop labeling and dividing everyone along racial lines, rather than dishonestly accusing everyone who disagrees with them of doing it.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., has also spoken out against the billboards.”I am deeply offended by the race-based billboards that are being displayed in my congressional district by the Radiance Foundation and Issues4life,” she said in a statement.

Deeply offended? Over so-called race-based signs? Barbara Lee has made a career out of race baiting, and dividing has she not?

“These billboards stigmatize women of color and perpetuate myths about parenting skills and the types of women who seek and use abortion services,” Lee added.

No, Ms Lee, these signs are trying to save the lives of Black babies, babies that it seems you care not one damn about frankly!

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Rick Perry for president? I would not mind that at all

Perry Event 2/1/2010
Image via Wikipedia

And I am not alone

POH Diaries

Not only is Rick Perry the longest serving Governor of one of our most conservative states, he’s been at the forefront of states rights battles since the Obama Administration began to flex it’s tyrannical muscles. Thanks in great part to Governor Perry, more people now know about the Tenth Amendment than did before the Obamacare battle over the last couple years.

You can’t argue with the numbers. Despite being a border state that has it’s problems with illegal immigration, Texas is consistently ranked as one of the best business climate states in the union. Perry has also been the architect of job growth policies that have led Texas to create more jobs in the last four years than the other 49 states combined. This would be a huge advantage were he to enter the 2012 Presidential race; especially with the country facing an unemployment rate consistently around 9%.

Perry is also all about reducing unnecessary spending. From

There have been only two state budgets since World War II that cut general revenue spending in Texas, and Gov. Perry signed them both. Gov. Perry has line-item vetoed more than $3 billion in unnecessary spending from state budgets, more than all other Texas governors combined.

On the social side, Perry has been a huge proponent of pro-life and pro-family values groups. Perry was instrumental in the passage of a one man, one woman marriage amendment to the state’s constitution in 2005. He just recently signed into law a bill requiring women seeking an abortion to have an ultra-sound, which proponents feel will reduce the number of abortions.

Randys Roundtable where Randy throws out a VP,pick too

And pick DeMint as your VP..

I would not mind that ticket at all.

Bluegrass Pundit notes that if 2012 is all about the economy then Perry has a HUGE chip to play

If Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to run for the GOP 2012 nomntion, he has one great statistic. 38% of all new jobs have been created in Texas

(Washington Examiner) — If Texas Gov. Rick Perry is “seriously considering running for president,” as my Examiner colleague Phil Klein reported, he has a ready-made campaign issue that could be his ace in the hole.

“Since the recovery began, 38 percent of all the jobs created in American have been created in the State of Texas,” Dallas Federal Reserve president Richard Fisher told CNBC’s “The Squawk Reserve” Tuesday.

“My district has more employment now than before the crisis began,” Fisher added.
Imagine a one-theme presidential campaign based on the simple fact that while President Obama was out there destroying American jobs by the millions, Perry was busy creating them in Texas.
Fisher cited the lack of a state income tax, and Texas’ business-friendly regulatory environment for its economic success, which has catapulted the Lone Star State to the top exporter in the U.S., surpassing California.  But “the most important thing that’s happened to us is tort reform,” he said.

Billy Bob is on board

Well, there are some undeniable facts. Rick Perry presides over one of the largest economies in the world. At $1.1 trillion dollars in GDP the Texas economy is larger than all but 13 COUNTRIES. Even the country of mexico has a smaller GDP than Texas.
Rick Perry has been Governor of Texas since December 21st, 2000, giving him 11 years of executive level leadership. Prior to that he was Lt. Governor. He has also been the Commissioner of Agriculture and member of the Texas House of Representatives.
He is a Veteran, having served in the United States Air Force as a C130 pilot.
He is a Conservative. He appears to have strong values and principles.
He currently serves as the Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association.
If you add all of these things together, Rick Perry is far more qualified than any other current Republican candidate. He has proven and measurable experience.
If he runs, I’ll vote for him. For as much as I like Herman Cain, the qualifications of Rick Perry are unquestionable and make him the best candidate from the current crop.

Feminuts dig up dead horse, start beating it again

Jill at Pundette: Can’t these dogs learn some new tricks?

The ad is laughably awful, and nonsensical to boot: What could possibly be scarier than Gosnell and other butchers who operated legally for decades? Back alleys and hangers got nothing on these guys.

What’s got MoveOn worried is this: House Budget Bill May Push Five Pro-Life Policies on Abortion.

This woman has the cleanest closet ever:

The Gosnell horror story just gets worse

This guy and his staff were, apparently, sadistic, evil, and the lowest of the low. Jill has the story

Posted without comment:

FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD Robyn Reid didn’t want an abortion. But when her grandmother forcibly took her to an abortion clinic one wintry day in 1998, Reid figured she’d just tell the doctor her wishes and then sneak away.

Instead, Kermit Gosnell barked: “I don’t have time for this!” He then ripped off her clothes, spanked her, wrestled her onto a dirty surgical stretcher, tied her flailing arms and legs down and pumped sedatives into her until she quit screaming and lost consciousness, she told the Daily News yesterday.

Nicole Gaither got an abortion from Gosnell in 2001. After four days, she said, the pain was so bad she could barely walk. She returned to the clinic, where, she said Gosnell blithely told her he’d left fetal remains in her.

“Stand up! It don’t hurt that bad!” he yelled at her, she said, before suctioning – without any medication – her insides.

In 2001, Davida Johnson changed her mind about aborting her 6-month fetus after seeing Gosnell’s dazed, bloodied patients in his recovery room, she said. But in the treatment room, Gosnell’s staffers ignored her protests, smacked her, tied her arms down and sedated her into unconsciousness, she said. She awoke no longer pregnant.

Weeks later, she said, she was diagnosed with a venereal disease that she believes she contracted from unsterilized equipment Gosnell used. Now, she can’t carry a baby to term and said she has miscarried four times since her abortion.

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At the bottom of the Pit of Moral Retardation and digging

That is the place you will find the most ardent defenders of “pro-choice” Verum Serum takes these miscreants to task for their complete lack of morality.

He was a bad man but not an “abortion doctor” according to Jeanne Sager. Yes, women were coming to Gosnell for illegal abortions and he was providing them with dead babies for a fee, but according to Sager, Gosnell wasn’t really an abortionist”

It’s perfectly justifiable for the court system to prosecute him on the allegations that women died in his office because of piss poor medical care. It’s justifiable too to charge him with murder for allegedly inducing labor, then killing the live babies with scissors. That wasn’t abortion. Abortion does not take the life of a child who has entered this world. There is a very clear line, and Gosnell crossed it.

So that’s the gist of the argument.  You see, by allowing the babies to be born first, he crossed that always fine line between abortionist and serial killer. I find it noteworthy that those two are always so close together. Kill babies moments after birth, you’re a serial killer facing the death penalty. Kill them moments before, you’re a respected professional in a service industry.

The same viable infants–had they been killed inside the womb–would be of no account in Jeanne Sager’s view. In that case, they would be just so much medical waste. But once they take a breath outside the womb they are magically and instantly transformed into real people.

It’s good to have bright lines to fall back on, especially when they mark a distinction without a difference.

There is no more morally depraved group of people on earth than those who delude themselves into not only excusing, but perversely celebrating infanticide. Consider one more quote from Sager.

Fact: Kermit Gosnell was not acting as an “abortion doctor” when he allegedly killed living, breathing babies. He was acting as a murderer.

Is this person so demented that they cannot grasp the obvious? That baby was ALIVE, minutes before it was removed from the womb. How could it not be? Does Sager somehow think that the child ONLY came to life, developed organs, and limbs and eyes when it was pulled out of its mother?

UPDATE!! Sager is not alone in the Pit of Moral Retardation

“I’ve scooped brains out of buckets, I’ve counted dendrites in slices cut from the brains of dead babies. You want to make me back down by trying to inspire revulsion with dead baby pictures? I look at them unflinchingly and see meat. And meat does not frighten me.”
Paul Z. Myers, University of Minnesota biology professor

There are no words

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