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Oh Goody, it is the Nanny Statists again!

Reason TV has just named their Nanny of the Month for March. And it is none other than Mayor Nanny Bloomberg

This month Alabama lawmakers were itching to make it a criminal offense to annoy people online (isn’t that what the interweb is all about?), and a national pollexposed the split personality of Americans who pretend to support individual responsibility, all the while cheering bans on smoking, transfats and the like.

But this month top dishonors go to the man who is perhaps the busiest busybody of them all, the big-city mayor who decided to halt private donations to his city’s homeless shelters (after all, who can be sure that such donations wouldn’t fill homeless people with fatty or salty food?!).
Presenting Reason.tv’s Nanny of the Month for March 2012: New York City Mayor Meddlin’ Mike Bloomberg!
What an incredible bag of arrogance this clown is

No, not ALL Spendocrats have a D by their name!

As Sister Toldjah tells us, even Republicans can be PORKERS!

The latest winner of Reason.TV‘s “Porker of the Month” Award is Congressman Hal Rogers (R-KY). Wonder why?

Conservation or nepotism? Since 2007 Rogers has been promoting a bill which would provide federal grants to overseas wildlife protection for lions and cheetahs. Surprise! Rogers’ daughter is the grants administrator for the Namibia-based Cheetah Conservation Fund, and has been since—you guessed it—2007.