Thousands Protest Outside 300+ Planned Parenthood Clinics Across America On Saturday

Massive Planned Parenthood Protests Across U.S. – Washington Examiner


Thousands of protestors showed up outside over 300 Planned Parenthood clinics Saturday morning.

Protestors tweeted photos of the crowds and their mostly hand-made signs, causing their hashtag, #ProtestPP, to trend on Twitter. At several protests, people carried a large pink sign that read “Planned Parenthood sells baby parts,” referring to a series of undercover videos that revealed the abortion giant sells aborted fetal organs and tissue to biomedical companies.


James A. Smith Sr.

Really strong showing in Louisville to #ProtestPP

9:54 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Live Action

Standing for the preborn at @PPact in Los Angeles. #ProtestPP #PPSellsBabyParts

1:10 PM – 22 Aug 2015


Brian Hobbs

Approx. 200 are gathered for peaceful prayer and taking stand for life in OKC today. #ProtestPP

10:21 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Mrs. Kopp

Amazing! Over 1K come out to #ProtestPP in Aurora, IL! #PlannedParenthhood

11:02 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Morality Is Freedom

Probably 600 or so protesting in Lincoln, Nebraska. Stretch of about 1/4 mile. @Channel8ABC #ProtestPP

11:43 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Cathy Buckman

#protestpp trending Morristown NJ

11:59 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Phillip Bethancourt

The boys joined me and 300+ others at the Nashville #ProtestPP gathering. Thankful for those who stand for life.

11:59 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Live Action

Standing for the preborn at @PPact in Los Angeles. #ProtestPP #PPSellsBabyParts

1:10 PM – 22 Aug 2015

Despite the massive turnout, several people said there was little to no media presence at the events.

Several activist groups across the country came together with pastors and prominent faith leaders to organize the protests, including the Family Research Council, the Susan B. Anthony List, and Americans United for Life.

Eric Scheidler, director of the Pro-Life Action League, told the Washington Examiner Friday that he was “fully confident” at least 10,000 people would show up to protest but thinks it’s possible as many as 100,000 will participate.

One organizer told the Examiner that this is the largest protest he has seen in his 20 years working in the pro-fe movement.

What’s fueling the interest, organizers say, is how the footage shows Planned Parenthood workers discussing fetal tissue. In one video, an official appears to be haggling over the compensation for a fetus with undercover actors posing as human tissue buyers. In another, a medical director talks about “crushing” some parts of the fetus while keeping desirable organs intact.

“People are absolutely horrified by what they’re seeing,” said Scheidler, who organized the protest with Created Equal President Mark Harrington and Monica Miller, president of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. “These videos show Planned Parenthood in such a cold blooded, negative, callous light.”


Jeremy Tunney

#ProtestPP 300 strong in boston praying for the unborn and the hearts of our nation to protect life

1:25 PM – 22 Aug 2015


Stacey Lennox

@AlvedaCKing joins #ProtestPP in Marietta Ga #DeFunddPP

9:15 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Paul Boyer

Nearly a thousand showed up at the Glendale #protestpp in the Phx heat to protect and defend life! #ProtestPPaz

1:19 PM – 22 Aug 2015


Jill Stanek

Final count 1600 #prolife ppl at #protestpp in Aurora IL #plannedparenthood #defundpp @ProLifeAction @EricScheidler

11:33 AM – 22 Aug 2015

Planned Parenthood has gone as far as to cut up and sell “the body parts of babies they abort, even going as far as cutting out the brains of children with hearts still beating,” said Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America, at a rally today in St. Paul. “This is the turning point in the history of abortion in our nation and our time to speak out, to have our pro-life message of hope and love for both woman and child heard by the media.”

“Women have been betrayed and Planned Parenthood has sold them and their preborn babies out, all for profit,” said Hawkins. “What’s worse, we the taxpayers are footing the bill, giving over half a billion dollars a year to the abortion giant. It’s time to defund Planned Parenthood.”



HUGE crowd protesting at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois! #protestPP #defundPP

11:20 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Sen. Michelle Benson

@KSTP photo from #ProtestPP in St. Paul. Do you have an estimate of the crowd?

11:04 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Dr. Ben Carson

Thousands rally on the streets of Falls Church, VA today to defend life & #DefundPP. We must #StoPP the funding now!

10:50 AM – 22 Aug 2015


Mario Diaz

200+ strong in Annapolis standing against Planned Parenthood @CWforA representing!

10:39 AM – 22 Aug 2015

Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens told The Hill that she is confident the group will continue to receive Federal funding. Previous efforts to remove the abortion giant’s half a billion dollar Federal subsidy failed in Congress in July.

“I certainly believe that [we’ll be funded], because I believe the American people are speaking – and our patients, the one-in-five women who rely on Planned Parenthood over their lifetime – are [speaking to lawmakers],” she said.



Why I A. avoid businesses that are proudly “gun free zones” and B. believe a firearm is the best defense for me

Story A happens in a “gun free zone” where unicorns run and puppies play and , people get shot with no hope of self-protection

But this is impossible. Whole Foods bans firearms from company property!

Dallas police are investigating gunfire in a supermarket parking lot late Saturday night.

Investigators say Francisco Alcarez was shot several times outside the Whole Foods Market in the 2100 block of Abrams Road around 10 p.m.

Alcarez, 25, survived the attack and the case is being investigated as an aggravated assault.

Example B? Well her you go, see if you can spot the difference

The wind whistling through the holes in Steven Christopher Followell gives a whole new meaning to the shooting term “Kentucky windage.”

 A homeowner in Taylor County fought back after police say a man threatened him and then forced his way into his home.

It happened just before midnight Saturday night. Deputies say Steven Christopher Followell went to a home and threatened the homeowner, forcing his way into the home.

Deputies say the homeowner shot Followell sometime during the altercation.

Followell was airlifted to a nearby hospital, suggesting that his injuries are serious, though his condition is unknown. The homeowner did not apparently know the homeowner Followell, suggesting that the attack was apparently random.

See the subtle differences?


Slutwalks, the latest in moral retardation from Feminuts

Stacy McCain is all over these sluts!. Hmmm, maybe I should rephrase that. Here try this one. Stacy McCain is on top of Slutty Feminists. No, that will not work either. Here just allow Mr. McCain to explain Feminuts for Better Boner Control


OK, my “SlutWalkDC” photos got zapped — blame Joan of Arc — but a guy named Ted Eytan got this photo of me taking a photo, so you can see that I was actually working Saturday.

As for the girl’s poster, it should be the title of a TV series, or maybe a textbook, but it’s at least a  T-shirt slogan. However, thinking back to when I was that age, I would tell the young ladies that the boners control the boys more often than the other way around. Knowing this, the best advice for young ladies is BOYS HAVE COOTIES.

Just don’t have anything to do with boys. Keep as far away from them as possible. If it were up to me, we would abolish co-education, and the only time young ladies would be able to meet boys would be at heavily chaperoned dances and such.

But a lot of things would be different it it were up to me, and meanwhile we’re living in an imperfect world where journalists don’t get paid as much as NBA stars, where cameras occasionally malfunction, and young people don’t heed good advice.

Young guys may want to control their boners, but the boner is inherently totalitarian. It’s like Hitler — he says he only wants the Sudetenland, but if you give him Sudetenland, next thing you know, he’ll take the rest of Czechoslovakia, too, and Poland after that.

How did women, especially young ones get so screwed up? Maybe it was that whole “sexual liberation” thing. Maybe it is our acceptance of lowering the moral standards we expect of young women? Yep, very little doubt about that being part of it.

McCain has more background, maybe it is Joan of Arc’s fault? Or maybe it is just dumbed-down Feminism

Today at 11 a.m., angry women — perhaps dozens of them — will gather in Washington for “SlutWalk DC,” a fundamentally pointless exercise in public stupidity that will accomplish nothing except to give the participants a chance to say they’ve done something.

Like many other such left-wing protests, SlutWalk DC is basically about political tribalism, signifying membership, parading around one’s inchoate grievances, venting one’s anger about personal or collective victimhood. Notice how the women above are demonstrating against a non-existent opposition, i.e., The Pro-Rape Movement.

Is anyone in favor of rape? Can we get a show of hands of those who think rape should be legalized? Anyone? No, of course not.

Personally, I think rape should be punishable by death in some cases, but I’m willing to bet that nearly all the SlutWalk DC marchers are liberals who are against the death penalty, even for murder.

Thus, the feminist rhetoric is basically a way for women to ju-jitsu the issue that lost Michael Dukakis the 1988 presidential election, promoting the (entirely false) idea that rape is somehow the fault of those sexist Republican right-wingers, rather than actually doing anything about arresting rapists and putting them in prison.

Ah, the consistent inconsistencies of Liberalism. But, as Stacy notes, these sluts, ah protesters have a list of DEMANDS!

All victims of sexual assault deserve dignified treatment and access to medical care regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, mental illness, immigration status, incarceration status, physical appearance or involvement in sex work. We demand that all DC-area hospitals provide access to rape kits and train staff to administer rape kits to all victims of assault.

  1. All people have a right to control their own bodies and personal space. To have autonomy of our own bodies and sexual liberation, DC residents must have access to affordable reproductive health care services including abortions. Reproductive health care should be prioritized in the budget and we therefore oppose any and all budget cuts that restrict these services, such as the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act that bans the District from using its own money to fund abortions for low-income women.
  2. We oppose sexual assault in all work places.
  3. We oppose all efforts of public figures (including politicians, law enforcement and military officers) to belittle and joke about incidents of rape and sexual assault in order to generate and maintain a culture in which sexism is accepted rather than taken seriously.
  4. We call for an end to the deportation of undocumented people who report sexual assault, rape and domestic violence. All people must have the ability to report sexual violence and rape and to receive a medical care without fear of deportation.
  5. The police must be held accountable to the communities they serve to the fullest extent. We call for the immediate removal and arrest of any police officer that misuses their power and authority position to abuse and assault people. We demand that the victims of police assault receive justice. We demand full equality and inclusion for transgender people, including complete access to healthcare, education and employment.
  6. We demand an end to transphobia.  We demand an end to violence committed against members of the transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming community.  We demand justice for Tyli’a Mack, LeShai McClean, and other victims of gender-motivated hate crimes.
  7. We also demand an end to the stereotyping of trans women as sex workers, especially low income trans women and trans women of color.  We call for an end to the constant police intimidation and harassment of trans women that follows this stereotype.

So, abortion and illegal immigration are worked into the agenda? Oh those Liberals, connecting dots that do  not exist



Your Daley Gator Lying Leftist Liars IRS Cover-up News Roundup For Saturday (Videos)

Obama Administration Knew About IRS Scrutinizing Conservative Groups In June: Inspector General – New York Daily News

An Internal Revenue Service watchdog testified Friday that he told Obama administration officials in June that he was looking into allegations the IRS targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status.

The revelation by Inspector General Russell George came at the first congressional hearing on the IRS misconduct, which has generated a political firestorm since it was disclosed a week ago.


George’s testimony represented the first evidence that officials in the Obama administration knew of the allegations as long as a year ago, during the presidential campaign.

Appearing Friday before the House Ways and Means Committee, George said he told the Treasury Department’s general counsel of his investigation on June 4, in a routine briefing of what his office was working on.

George said he did not disclose that he had concluded the targeting was improper.

But his testimony that knowledge of the allegations was not limited to the IRS is likely to fuel efforts by Republicans to link the scandal to the White House and congressional Democrats.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Friday that he was briefed in March that an investigation was underway of IRS screening of conservative groups – though he didn’t learn the substance of the findings until last week.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Lew said he had “a getting-to-know-you conversation” with George in mid-March, a couple of weeks after he was sworn in as treasury secretary, and the investigation “was one of the things he briefed me was ongoing.”

“I didn’t know any of the details of it until last Friday,” Lew said.

Lew also disclosed that he has ordered Danny Werfel, whom President Obama named Thursday to take over as acting IRS commissioner, to come up with an action plan within 30 days to address the handling of applications for tax-exempt status.

Obama also has said he first learned of the matter last Friday – when a Treasury Department official, Lois Lerner, revealed during an American Bar Association conference that IRS workers in a Cincinnati office had subjected groups with “Tea Party” or “patriots” in their names for extra scrutiny to determine if they should be tax exempt.

During yesterday’s testimony, Steven Miller, who was forced to resign this week week as the IRS acting commissioner, revealed that Lerner made her disclosure in response to a planted question at the bar association conference.

“We talked about what would be said and how we might do it,” he said.

The revelation irked lawmakers already angry the IRS never told them it had been improperly targeting conservative groups, despite numerous inquiries by members of Congress.

Reps. Joe Crowley (D-Queens) and Sandy Levin (D-Mich.) demanded Lerner resign or be fired.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Related article:

Congressman: IRS Asked Pro-Life Group About ‘The Content Of Their Prayers’ – Washington Examiner


During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing today, Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., grilled outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller about the IRS targeting a pro-life group in Iowa.

“Their question, specifically asked from the IRS to the Coalition for Life of Iowa: ‘Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers,’” Schock declared.

“Would that be an inappropriate question to a 501 c3 applicant?” asked Schock. “The content of one’s prayers?”

“It pains me to say I can’t speak to that one either,” Miller replied.

After Schock pressed him further, Miller explained that although he couldn’t comment on the specific case, it would “surprise him” if that question was asked.

The report comes from the Thomas More Society, a national public interest law firm for religious liberty.

From their report:

Coalition for Life of Iowa found itself in the IRS’s crosshairs when the group applied for tax exempt status in October 2008. Nearly ten months of interrogation about the group’s opposition to Planned Parenthood included a demand by a Ms. Richards from the IRS’ Cincinnati office unlawfully insisted that all board members sign a sworn declaration promising not to picket/protest Planned Parenthood. Further questioning by the IRS requested detailed information about the content of the group’s prayer meetings, educational seminars, and signs their members hold outside Planned Parenthood.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Shocker: IRS Chief Apparently Lied During Testimony Yesterday, There Was No Greater “Flood Of Tax Exempt Applications” In 2010 When Targeting Began – Weasel Zippers


No kidding, you mean it wasn’t done for “efficiency”?

Via Breitbart:

In House testimony Friday, former Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller explained that the IRS mistakes in handling applications for non-profit status from tea party groups were due, in large part, to a flood of applications following the Citizens United decision. Miller said the targeting was a botched attempt to centralize the process to account for the increased workload. There were fewer applications in 2010, when the IRS began targeting conservative groups, than the year before, however.

In 2009, before IRS began targeting tea party organizations, 1,751 groups applied for 501 (c)4 status. That number dropped in 2010 to 1,735. In fact, applications were down across all areas in the Tax Exempt division’s jurisdiction. So, they had more staff available for processing. While the number of applications did increase in 2011 and 2012, there was no increase in applications when the IRS began isolating tea party groups.

Moreover, the IRS reportedly abandoned the targeting in early 2012. It presumably had little trouble handling the increased number of applicants in advance of the 2012 election.

For whatever reason the IRS chose to target tea party organizations for special scrutiny, it wasn’t due to a flood of new applications.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Wow! Huge Story!!… Obama IRS Asked Tea Party Groups For Back-End Access To Their Websites (Video) – Gateway Pundit


The Obama IRS demanded that several Tea Party groups provide back-end access to their websites.

And, from reliable sources: This happened to several Tea Party groups!

The source has this in writing. It states they wanted access to everything the members had access to, which would be chats, email, contact information, etc. The group raised less than $600. She was targeted as early as October 2010.

Central Texas 912 President, Maria Acosta joined Kristina Ribali from FreedomWorks to discuss being singled out by the Feds.

The IRS asked for back-end access to the group’s website.
And this is a tax question?

Here is the latest creepy story of IRS harassment and abuse.

UPDATE: The IRS also demanded the Richmond Tea Party in Virginia to provide access to the back-end of their website.

Question 5A:


Click HERE For Rest Of Story


IRS Says Release Of Groups’ Materials To ProPublica Was ‘Inadvertent And Unintentional’ – TPM

The Internal Revenue Service on Friday issued a statement to ProPublica saying that the agency’s release of pending confidential tax-exempt applications from conservative groups last year had been found to be “inadvertent and unintentional disclosures by the employees involved.”

In the statement, the IRS said the cases had been referred to and reviewed by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

“When these two issues were previously raised concerning the potential unauthorized disclosures of 501(c)(4) application information, we immediately referred these cases to TIGTA [Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration] for a comprehensive review,” the statement said. “In both instances, TIGTA found these instances to be inadvertent and unintentional disclosures by the employees involved.”

Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Must Watch: Mega Romney Donor Says He Was Targeted By Obama Campaign, Then Audited By IRS And Labor Dept – Right Scoop

This is not my country. The Chicago thugocracy we have in the White House is every bit what Michelle Malkin has always said it was, using government to target and oppress political ‘enemies’.

In this segment, Frank Vandersloot tells BillO that after he gave Romney one million to help his campaign, he was then targeted by the Obama campaign on their official website along with seven others. Shortly after that he received a letter from the IRS saying he would be audited. And then on top of that, he also had the Labor Dept. come calling because they wanted to look at his books.

He tells BillO his story:


Click HERE For Rest Of Story


Rule 5 Sunday

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*VIDEOS* CPAC 2013 Highlights: Day 3 – Saturday (03/16/13)
















…………Note: more videos to be posted as they become available.

…………………..Click HERE to watch highlights from Day 1.

…………………..Click HERE to watch highlights from Day 2.


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The end of another college football season

I love college football, to me it is far and away the greatest sport. I live and breathe Gator Orange and Blue from September through January every year, and I love Saturdays in the Fall. My Gators took some important steps forward this season, and with another top five recruiting class headed to Gainesville, next year should be even better. Tonight, another season ends, with Notre Dame playing Alabama for the National Championship. And, as always, I will root like Hell for the SEC team, and yes, root against Notre Dame. The second best thing about college football is rooting against someone, the first is rooting  your team of course. So, I watch tonight, with a bit of dread. The next eight months will see me longing for next September. Now, Roll Tide!

Gators 14 Tigers 6. How sweet it is!

My beloved Gators took it to LSU yesterday, earning a 14-6 win to say undefeated. The win boosted Florida to rankings of 4th and sixth in AP, and USA Today Polls and sets them up for a huge showdown with 3rd ranked South Carolina, which buried Georgia 35-7 Saturday night, in Gainseville in two weeks.

Other scores of note

Wolfpack upsets 3rd-ranked FSU 17-16

 Third-ranked Florida State spent the first half looking every bit like the team picked to win the Atlantic Coast Conference, from a dominating defense to a running game that kept moving the chains to silence a hostile crowd.

Then North Carolina State figured out a way to shake up the race for both the conference and national championship.

 Mike Glennon found Bryan Underwood for a 2-yard touchdown pass on fourth down with 16 seconds left, helping the Wolfpack rally to beat the Seminoles 17-16 on Saturday night

Ohio State outscores Huskers 63-38

The scary part for Ohio State’s opponents is that Braxton Miller is still learning the offense.

Miller broke his own school record for a quarterback by rushing for 186 yards, zig-zagging 72 yards for one score and passing for another, to lead the 12th-ranked Buckeyes past No. 21 Nebraska 63-38 on Saturday night before the largest crowd ever at Ohio Stadium.

“I’m learning every week,” Miller said. “They’re throwing new stuff at us every week. I’m just trying to get it all down pat.”

Mountaineers out slug Horns 48-45

Geno Smith and No. 8 West Virginia turned their first trip to Texas into a rollicking Wild West drama.

And now, two games into playing in a new conference, the Mountaineers look every bit like one of the teams to beat in the Big 12.

Smith passed for four touchdowns, Andrew Buie ran for 207 yards and two touchdowns and West Virginia came away with another wild victory, this time taking down the 11th-ranked Longhorns 48-45 on Saturday night.

Ducks crush Huskies 52-21

Marcus Mariota says part of his progression as a young quarterback is learning how not to do too much.

Oregon’s redshirt freshman put his faith more in his teammates on Saturday night, throwing for 198 yards and four touchdowns in the No. 2 Ducks’ 52-21 victory over No. 23 Washington.

“I just really have to trust them, and trust my ability to get them the ball,” he said.

Mariota rebounded from an interception on the Ducks’ opening series to complete 15 of 24 passes and Oregon (6-0, 3-0 Pac-12) won its ninth straight overall dating back to last season, as well as its ninth straight in the series against the rival Huskies (3-2, 1-1).

K-State routs KU 56-16

Bill Snyder didn’t have a whole lot to say to No. 7 Kansas State at halftime on Saturday.

It wasn’t because he was at a loss for material.

The Wildcats had stumbled their way through a first half in which everything went right for Kansas — a faked field goal, a faked punt, a massive advantage in time of possession — and yet the boys in purple were downright angry about leading the game by only a touchdown.

Snyder assumed, and rightly so, that his team could figure things out on its own.

The Wildcats came out of the locker room and scored four touchdowns in the third quarter,Collin Klein and John Hubert leading the way, and the big surge carried unbeaten Kansas State to a 56-16 victory and its fourth straight win against its biggest rival.

Irish whip canes 41-3

No brawls, no chippiness. Not much of a game, either.

So much for nasty ol’ Notre Dame-Miami.

Cierre Wood and George Atkinson III gave Notre Dame its first 100-yard rushing duo in a decade, and Everett Golson came off the bench to lead the No. 9 Irish to a 41-3 victory over Miami on Saturday night in what was a very tame sequel to the heated “Catholics vs. Convicts” rivalry.

All the scores here

Pretty wiped out tonight, I left for Colorado last Saturday morning at 8, flew on South West out of Love Field at 11 AM, funny how SWA has never gone bankrupt isn’t it? They provide better fares, better service, and run a better airline, yet, the other “bigger” names never seem to think to themselves that maybe SWA is worth emulating. I guess their CEO’s are just too smart for their own good. But I will save my rant on how dumbed down so many corporations seem to be for another time. My sister, niece, who will be three in November, and I landed in Denver just after noon Mountain time, and picked up our rental from Enterprise, another company who I use if at all possible. Again, better rates, far better service, and no hassles. I have to ask why anyone would pay MORE, for less at other rental giants that shall remain nameless.

From Denver, I took the E-470 toll road, North to I-25 North, finally exiting on to Highway 66 heading West. It is a route I have driven almost every year since 2003. A route that takes me to beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, nestled right next to the most beautiful place I have ever seen, Rocky Mountain National Park. Like all of our national Parks, Rocky is a treasure, there are opportunities for everyone to fall in love with it. Fishing, hiking, my personal favorite activity, camping, wildlife watching, photography, picnicking, or just relaxing. Right now, the elk are in the rut, which means you must give those 750-1100 pound bulls with their massive 40 plus pound antlers plenty of respect. Elk are everywhere, including in town, on the golf course, and right outside your cabin sometimes. In 2008, I walked out of the Safeway, my cart full of groceries, including some great Colorado craft beers, and right there, in the parking lot, 30-40 elk milled around, taking their time moving towards the golf course. Funny that I, nor anyone else really seemed to mind the delay. The golfers might have minded, I imagine, but, who cares about anyone who dresses like some golfers.

Over the years I have seen black bears, one up close and personal in 2010, We had a small dispute over who could use the trail up to Fern Falls, and after close consideration, I let the bear have the right of way. This past Wednesday night, a big male, which the locals say has a real affinity for pizza, turned over the large dumpster near my cabin. There are not many bears in Rocky, and they do not grow as large as black bears in other areas, but, they are incredibly powerful.

I have seen two sets of mountain lion tracks, which filled me with awe, and a lot of caution, I would love to see a mountain lion, but the idea of having to take a hungry one on does not appeal to me in the least. I have also seen  moose, the most dangerous animal not only in Rocky, but in the West, they kill more people than bears do. They are massive, and not nearly as common as their elk cousins, but to see a big bull, is incredible. Coyotes are common, and big horn sheep are sometimes seen on the East side of the park too.

I took my sister and niece on a wild 4-wheel-drive ride thru the Roosevelt National Forest, and by took, I mean I paid someone with a kick ass Hummer to take us on said wild ride. My niece, who turns three in November loved the bumps, and dips, and insisted the we “do that again” repeatedly, before falling asleep for the last twenty minutes or so. My sister also did a ghost hunt at the legendary, and allegedly haunted Stanley Hotel. I am not much for hunting ghosts myself, but the Stanley has a ton of great history, and is worth checking out.

As I said, I love hiking in Rocky, but, this trip, thanks to a sore knee, I did very little of that, but still had an absolute blast. And, next year, at this time, I will likely be in Rocky once more, hopefully hiking up to the many waterfalls, or mountain lakes, stopping every so often to be amazed at the splendor and magnificence of this place. The first time I ever came here, I stopped and took a short hike on the Deer Mountain trail. As I looked around I remember thinking that no one could possibly be here and NOT believe in God. That was in 2001, I decided I wanted to see the Rockies, and took my vacation, staying in Denver, and driving to different areas. I ended up staying most of my time in Rocky. After that short hike on Deer Mountain, I went into town, but a back pack, hat, sunglasses, first aid kit, some quality hiking boots, and other hiking essentials. It was there that my love of hiking was born, and it is a love that still excites me.

So, now, as I prepare to get back to work, and back to blogging, I am already counting the days till I can get back to this place I love so.

Some college football notes


Week 2 of the 2012 season is past and it was quite a week. Everyone should offer up prayers for Tulane safety Devon Walker, who broke his neck Saturday


Doctors say they will need to operate soon on Tulane safety Devon Walker, who is in stable condition after fracturing his spine in a head-to-head collision with a teammate during a weekend game in Tulsa.

Tulane University’s athletics program said specialists treating Walker at a Tulsa hospital placed him in traction after Saturday’s injury and are treating him for a lot of swelling to the neck.

“The current plan is for him to have surgery in the next one to two days,” said the statement released late Saturday, hours after the New Orleans team opened the Conference USA portion of its schedule against Tulsa.

Tulane’s team doctor, Greg Stewart, told The New Orleans Times-Picayune in a report published online Sunday that the player had some feeling in his arms and legs and that the possibility of paralysis was still unknown.


Awful, I hope he recovers fully. 


My Gators looked shaky in the first half vs the Aggies, but, the defense clamped down in the second half, and first-year starter Jeff Driskel seemed to mature as the game went on and Florida topped A&M 20-17 


Primary logo for all UF athletics since the ea...
Primary logo for all UF athletics since the early 1990s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




It was over when: Clinging to a 20-17 lead with 1:30 remaining, Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel raced for 21 yards on a bootleg to ensure the Gators would not have to give the ball back to the Aggies. Florida took over at its own 14 with 3:12 remaining and managed to grind down the clock on a seven-play drive consisting of all run plays.

Game ball goes to: Driskel. He was far from spectacular, but the quarterback was mistake-free in his first start for the Gators. Driskel was absolutely drilled to the tune of eight — repeat, eight — sacks. But he hung in to complete 13 of 16 passes for 162 yards, and while the Florida offense was far from fun to watch, Driskel took care of the ball and made clutch plays when he had to. In addition to the game-sealing run, Driskel connected with tight end Omarius Hines on a beautiful 39-yard throw to set up the go-ahead touchdown. 


The other newcomer to the SEC, Mizzou, led Georgia 17-9, and then the roof fell in


Aaron Murray hit Marlon Brown for two of his three touchdown passes, the second for the go-ahead score as the Bulldogs recovered from a shaky start with 32 second-half points that spoiled Missouri’s SEC debut in a 41-20 victory Saturday night.

The Bulldogs (2-0, 1-0) trailed 17-9 early in the third quarter before turning Missouri’s SEC debut into an unsatisfying initiation for the Tigers (1-1, 0-1) and a sellout crowd of 71,004 clad in yellow and waving yellow pom-pons.


In other news there were upsets, as Wisconsin fell to Oregon State, Oklahoma State was blown out by Arizona 59-38, and most shocking #8 Arkansas was upended by Louisiana Monroe


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Kolton Browning reminded the nation that Louisiana-Monroe is no stranger taking down the Southeastern Conference.

Browning accounted for 481 yards of total offense and four touchdowns Saturday night, including the game-winning scramble in overtime, to help the Warhawks (1-0) rally from a 21-point deficit for a 34-31 win over No. 8 Arkansas.

The win is Louisiana-Monroe’s first over a ranked team since joining the FBS in 1994, and it is the school’s first over an SEC team since defeating Alabama in 2007. The Warhawks are 4-34 against the SEC, with their only other win coming against Mississippi State in 1995.


For all the scores, including Michigan barely surviving Air Force, K-State thumping the Canes 52-13, Penn State losing another tough one, and Arizona State crushing Illinois go here


Man killed by Grizzly bear in Denali National Park

Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear (Photo credit: Scott_Calleja)

As a hiker who loves to hit the trails, I am going to Colorado in three weeks, I am always aware of the risks involved. So, I am saddened to hear this news. 

A hiker in Denali National Park has been killed by a grizzly bear, the first known fatal bear attack in the Alaska park’s history, officials said Saturday.

The victim, whose identity was not released because his family has not been notified, was backpacking alone along the Toklat River when he spotted the bear, officials believe.

Photos recovered from the victim’s camera show that he stopped to take pictures of the animal for at least eight minutes before he was attacked, they said in a telephone conference with reporters Saturday.

Park Superintendent Paul Anderson said he believes the victim came within 50 yards of the grizzly before it went on the attack. He said the photos show the bear grazing in the willows and not acting aggressively.

It sounds like this guy simply pushed his luck too far. The hiker might have ignored warning behaviors Grizzlies will display when they feel threatened. Here are some of the signs to watch for

Sometimes a bear that feels threatened will ‘act’ aggressively to defend against a perceived threat. This is often the case with a mother bear with cubs, a bear defending a food source, or a surprise encounter. The closer you are to the bear when it becomes aware of you, the more likely it is to react defensively: it may pop its jaws or swat the ground with its front paw while blowing and snorting, and/or it may lunge or “bluff charge” toward you in an attempt to get you to leave.

In this situation, the bear doesn’t want to fight any more that you do. It is simply trying to communicate that you are too close. Try to appear non-threatening by remaining still and calm. Ready your bear spray by removing the safety lock. Speak in an appeasing voice and back away, increasing your distance from the bear. Leave the area immediately

Lots more tips at the link, if you hike where bears are be prepared.

Your assbackwards Islamists of the day


Tell me again that Islam means peace, go ahead!

JAKARTA: Indonesian university students walk pass the locked De Most bar yesterday following a raid by Islamic group Prophet’s Defenders Council on the evening of July 28, 2012. – AFP

150 youths using swords and sickles smashed up a bar in south Jakarta for serving booze during Ramadan.
MSN reported, via ROP:

Indonesian police said Monday they have arrested 62 people, most of them minors, involved in attacking a bar in south Jakarta for serving alcohol during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

A group of 150 youths — some as young as 13 and carrying swords and golf clubs — raided the De Most bar late Saturday, smashing bottles of alcoholic drinks and damaging the property, said Hermawan, chief detective for South Jakarta police.

“Of the 62 arrested most are minors, and some… were armed with Samurai swords, sickles and golf clubs,” said Hermawan, who like many Indonesians goes by one name.

“They shattered the windows and door and smashed bottles, saying they wanted all bars shut to ensure the month of Ramadan is not tainted,” he added.

Twenty-three people face charges of damaging property while four are additionally charged with carrying sharp weapons.

The group called itself the Prophet’s Defenders Council, Hermawan said.

I must ask this, what should be done about things like this?


Stacy McCain: I think we know who will win the Gold Medal for the making a complete ass out of yourself competition

Ah, the stench of the unwashed miscreants comes to London

The scum of the earth — wretched asinine left-wingers — have descended on Ye Merry Olde to make an Olympic-class nuisance of themselves:

Hours after the opening ceremony fireworks echoed around east London, up to 400 demonstrators marched through a neighborhood near the Olympic Park to protest what they called the “Corporate Olympics.”
The event, organized by Counter-Olympic Network and supported by 35 groups ranging from Occupy London to ecological and local anti-austerity campaigners, targeted issues including free tickets for sponsors, missile sites on residential blocks and the ethics of Olympic corporations such as BP and Dow Chemicals.
“A significant number of people in this country — about 20 percent, according to a poll — are not happy with the Olympics because of the involvement of large corporations about which are significant concerns,” said Julian Cheyne of the Counter-Olympic Network. “We are representing their views and making sure that opinion is expressed.
“It is shameful that BP is a sustainability partner of the Olympics after the damage it did to the Gulf coast with their spill, and Dow Chemicals are not meeting their moral and ethical obligations to help the victims of the Bhopal disaster.”

Julian Cheyne, just so you know, is a former resident of an East London housing co-op that was demolished five years ago to make way for the Olympics. He has managed to hustle his “victimhood” into a sort of career as the Official London Olympics Denouncer. The bottom line of all this agitated whining? They hate capitalism:

About 500 people critical of the economic impact and corporate flavor of the London Olympics marched Saturday near the Olympic Park, determined to send a message that Britain is not united in backing the games.
The protest march came hours after police arrested more than 130 bicyclists who had defied an order to avoid cycling in groups around the stadium during Friday night’s opening ceremony. . . .
Occupy London, part of a global movement that has waged demonstrations against financial institutions and capitalist policies, said some cyclists were members of the movement. They said police cordoned off more than 100 cyclists at one road junction near the stadium as Friday’s ceremony was beginning and held them there several hours.
Saturday’s protest, the largest so far against the games, drew a mix of left-wing and green activists who decry the Olympics as a corporate juggernaut rolling over residents and their civil rights.

Whiners. malcontents, and wannabe Communists who think everyone else should accommodate them. Odd that idiots like this live in freedom, and spit on it every day. Give them one month of living in the type of Leftist Utopia they call for and they would be transformed into believers in Western culture and Capitalism rather quickly I suspect.

Obama is now that middle-aged guy sitting at a bar near a college campus hoping to score a hot coed!

He is finding out that, SIGH, the hot young gals, they just are not into him anymore. Neither are the guys for that matter.

(Daily Beast) It’s no surprise President Obama officially kicked off his reelection campaign on two college campuses Saturday. You’re supposed to apply pressure at the site of bleeding. And the president’s support among young voters is bleeding away.

While others in the media are focused on the upward trend in the president’s approval ratings over the last four months in this age group, as shown in the latest survey of young Americans’ attitudes toward politics and public service from Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, there are troubling signs for the campaigns and the country embedded more deeply in the numbers.

A snapshot comparison of the college-age subset of millennials from this point in the 2012 election year versus the same point in the 2008 campaign (when only 18- to 24-year-olds were surveyed) should worry Team Obama.

The Big O? More like the Big NO Way Old Man!

Bulls whip 76ers Rose injures knee UPDATE! Rose done for season

Bulls rout 76ers 103-91 lead series 1-0

Derrick Rose scored 23 points before being helped off the court late in the game with an injured left knee, casting a major cloud over theChicago Bulls‘ 103-91 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers in Saturday’s playoff opener.

Rose crumbled to the ground after he drove the lane.

Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

He was going for a layup when he came to a jump-stop and seemed to change his mind, passing off to a teammate before an awkward landing.

The Bulls played well in the regular season without Rose, but if he is out for any  length of time, they can kiss their title hopes goodbre.

UPDATE!! Rose tore his ACL, and will miss the rest of the post-season

 Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and will miss the rest of the season, the team announced Saturday.

Rose suffered the injury while trying to leap off his left foot in the lane with 1:22 left in Saturday’s playoff game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Rose was helped off the court before the Bulls sealed their 103-91 Game 1 win. Rose had 23 points, nine rebounds and nine assists when he was injured.

So, the Bulls best player was on the court, with just over a minute left, and the bulls up double digits? Good grief~!

*LIVE STREAMING* 2012 NFL Draft – Rounds 4-7: Saturday, April 28 (Noon ET)

Round 1: Thursday, April 26 (8pm ET) — Click HERE to view results of round 1.

Rounds 2-3: Friday, April 27 (7pm ET) — Click HERE to view results of rounds 2 & 3

Rounds 4-7: Saturday, April 28 (Noon ET) — Click HERE to view results of rounds 4 through 7.

NFL Network Stream 1

NFL Network Stream 2

March Madness Regional Quarter Final scores

Only 32 teams are still standing, and 16 more will fall by Sunday night scores updated through the weekend

Syracuse drops K-State 75-59

It had been a while since Syracuse played like the team that spent all season ranked in the top five.During the second half Saturday, the top-seeded Orange looked like that group and maybe even better, pulling away to a 75-59 victory over eighth-seeded Kansas State in the third round of the East Regional.

Buckeyes top Gonzaga 73-66

Jared Sullinger doesn’t get mad anymore. Those days are over. The Ohio State sophomore forward knows he can’t afford to lose his temper if the Buckeyes want to reach the Final Four.So rather than sulk after foul trouble and some solid Gonzaga defense frustrated him for 36 minutes Saturday, the quickly maturing big man relaxed, took a deep breath and hoisted the Buckeyes on his broad shoulders.Sullinger scored 18 points, including two big baskets on soft hook shots in the final 3 minutes to lead Ohio State to a 73-66 victory and a spot in the regional semifinals for the third straight year.

Marquette derails Murray State

Jae Crowder scored 12 of his 17 points in the second half, and Marquette used a late run to overcome Murray State 62-53 Saturday, sending the Golden Eagles to the West Regional semifinals.Trailing 46-41 with 7:43 to play, Marquette went on a 14-2 run. While Crowder and Davante Gardner took care of the offense, scoring all but two points during the spurt, the Golden Eagles used their size and strength to wear down the pesky Racers.

Badgers outlast Vandy 60-57

The Wisconsin Badgers are riding the nation’s stingiest defense — and admittedly a bit of luck — back to the round of 16.The Badgers held the Southeastern Conference’s two leading scorers in check Saturday night and Ryan Evans grabbed a crucial rebound with 2.1 seconds left to help Wisconsin fend off Vanderbilt 60-57 in the NCAA tournament.

Hoosiers stage late rally, stun VCU

Four years after hitting rock bottom, Indiana is making noise again in the NCAA tournament.Will Sheehey made a 15-footer from the baseline with 12.7 seconds left after a shot was blocked right to him, and the fourth-seeded Hoosiers rallied to beat 12th-seeded VCU 63-61 in the third round of the NCAA tournament on Saturday.

Kentucky rolls over Cyclones

Freshman Marquis Teague scored a career-high 24 points and top seed Kentucky put together another complete performance with a dominating second-half run in an 87-71 victory over Iowa State in the third round of the NCAA tournament on Saturday night.Freshman Anthony Davis had 15 points and 12 rebounds, senior Darius Miller added 19 points and Doron Lamb finished with 16. The Wildcats (34-2) move on to South Regional semifinals in Atlanta and will face fourth-seeded Indiana on Friday.

Baylor pulls away late buries Buffs

The basket was as wide as the ocean for Brady Heslip, and because of that, the future looks as bright as those uniforms for the Baylor Bears.Heslip made 9 of 12 from behind the 3-point line Saturday to lift third-seeded Baylor and their highlighter-yellow uniforms to a pullaway 80-63 victory over No. 11 Colorado. The Bears (29-7) advance to the South Regional semifinals, their second trip to the final 16 in three seasons. They’ll play the winner between Xavier and Lehigh next Friday in Atlanta.

Louisville wins thriller over Lobos 59-56

Were Rick Perry‘s Remarks on China Changing ’Their Virtues‘ Really ’Rambling?’ | Video |

Via The Blaze

Decide for yourselves, but I do not hear any rambling here, sounds like a good answer to me. Maybe The National Journal was distracted by Huntsman’s Gay tie?


National Journal considered Perry’s “rambling” comments on China during the Saturday night GOP debate to be “long” and “convoluted.” They have the transcript here. Watch and see what you think:    

Vodpod videos no longer available.

‘I Stand With Walker’ Rally Planned For Saturday 02/19/11

Please visit the I Stand With Walker Facebook Page and leave a message of support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

From the page:

Time – Saturday, February 19 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Location – Wisconsin State Capitol, East Side of the Building

NOW Featuring Andrew Breitbart of, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, Ned Ryun – President of American Majority, Vicki McKenna, and Herman Cain. More Speakers TBA.


As the week has progressed, Wisconsin and the Nation have watched schools across Wisconsin close due to teachers participating in a “sick out”, the unions busing people in from other states to inflate their rally numbers in Madison and legislators fleeing the …state to avoid the vote on the budget repair bill.

It’s time the voices of the Wisconsin people are heard.

We’ve had thousands of people show up for tea party events to rally to take our state back – but our work isn’t done. Let’s have our voices heard once again and show our state legislators that we support this bill. We need concerned Wisconsin citizens to show up at noon on Saturday, February 19th to voice our support for Gov. Walker and our conservative legislators! Tell your friends–let’s set a turn out record! Remember to be peaceful and bring those signs!

Also visit the official ‘Stand With Walker’ Website to add your name to the petition in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s union stance.

Walker’s policy:

Union dues should be voluntary, and the state should not be in the business of collecting them. Union certification should require a secret ballot. Collective bargaining should not be used to force extravagant pension and health benefits that cripple state budgets.

These common-sense reforms have made the union bosses desperate to disrupt Wisconsin government and overturn an election. They must not be allowed to succeed. In fact, every state should adopt Governor Scott Walker’s common sense reforms.

Clarus Research Poll: 64% of Americans agree with Governor Walker that government employees should not be represented by labor unions.