Men Working signs cause outbreak of Offendeditis

Here they go again, the perpetually offended, are always finding something inane to get their dander up. Via Lee Stranahan at Big Government

At Ohio’s Sinclair Community College, Elizabeth Verzi, the school’s Manager of Construction and Planning, ordered the crew to remove a Men Working sign that she called “sexist.”

The incident occurred the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, as an all-male construction crew from the company JCrane was working in an area of Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. The crew was told to immediately cease all work until the “sexist sign” was removed. Crew foreman Matt Peters initially thought the request was a joke, and the work continued. Sinclair employee Jim Fauzy appeared on site to say that the men needed to stop immediately until the Men Working sign was gone.

Breitbart News spoke to foreman Matt Peters, who confirmed that Liz Verzi told him in a meeting that the sign was sexist and should be replaced with a “Crew Working” sign. Peters quoted Ms. Verzi as saying, “That sign is sexist and it’s not up for discussion.”

The incident caused serious fallout. Jcrane, Inc. owner Jack Stull said in a letter that he would continue the work but would not replace the sign. “I’m through with appeasing, I’m tired of political correctness, and I’m no longer fearful of their media or their lawsuits,” he insisted. “I will stand for truth.”

The response from Mr. Stull is EXACTLY what is needed when these miscreants start whining that they are offended. Anyone with a clue would never see the sign as sexist. In other words, the problem here was not the sign. The problem, as it always is with PC, are the malcontents and their victim mentality. The more we, the normal people, stand up to them, the sooner they will shut the Hell up and let us alone. But, the more we appease their fanaticism, the more they will bully us.


Latest source of outrage to Feminist with more time on her hands than brains in her head is…..

M & M’s! Yes  those great little candies apparently come in regular, peanut, almond, pretzel, peanut butter, and  now coconut now SEXIST!

You just thought they were innocuous chocolate candies in a candy shell that melt in your mouth, not in your hand, didn’t you? HA! Shows how brainwashed you are. Thankfully, Ms. Magowan is here, leading us to the light:

It’s been a while since I blogged about the intensely sexist marketing of M & Ms candy. 

I Wake Up Screaming (1941) ...  “Should I Do I...

Feminut reacts to M&Ms

So sorry we’ve missed that.

But then, someone posted about the new Coconut M & Ms on my Facebook page, and I was so disgusted by what I saw.

Um… a bag of candy? Lighten up on the puritanical diet, dearie.

By now, we’re all familiar with Ms. Green, her high heeled white go-go boots and spidery eyelashes.

And how she’s always depicted as too cool for school and smarter than all the boy M&M’s put together. Well, we’re familiar with that. Ms. Magowan, alas, not so much.

Now she’s got a pink flower pasted on her head.

Good thing for Ms. Magowan it’s not a pink triangle, or her head might explode.

And there is Yellow (Mr. Yellow?) above her, falling out of a tree while trying to catch his binoculars.

Go read it all. Suffice it to say, you will not know whether to laugh at the sheer, uadalterated asininity of this moron’s rambling, incoherent victim-pimping screed, or shake your head in disbelief that an adult would waste one second being so petty and foolish. By the way, it goes without saying that Magowan has earned herself a Marxist Moron award for hr tireless digging in The Pit of Leftist Stupidity! And Goldfish and Clowns has earned a coveted spot on our blogroll!