The promises of Communism are sweet, the realities are bitter and deadly

There has never been, and will never be a greater evil than Marxism and its bastard offspring, Leninism, Maoism, and Stalinism among others. For those who doubt, a study of history is on order. Mao killed over 60 million Chinese, Stalin’s death toll in the USSR is in the tens of millions, the killing fields of Cambodia, I could go on, but you could also consider much more recent events in the Stalinist Hell that is North Korea.

The atrocities in North Korea reached another peak on November 3, as roughly 80 people were publicly executed in seven different cities for crimes such as watching films made in South Korea, dealing in pornography or possessing a Bible.

The executions were the first mass executions of the Kim Jong-un regime, according to JoongAng Ilbo. Approximately 10 people were murdered in the cities of Pyongsong in South Pyongan, Wonsan in Kangwon Province, Chongjin in North Hamgyong Province, and Sariwon in North Hwanghae Province.

Wonsan’s executions were carried out by binding a group of people to stakes, putting white sacks over their heads and blasting them to pieces with a machine gun in front of thousands of witnesses at a stadium, among whom were many children. Families of the executed victims were sent to prison camps along with the victim’s accomplices.

Many of the victims were condemned for some connection to South Korea, such as watching their films. Others were condemned for sexual corruption. There were reports from South Korea that Kim Jong-un ‘s wife Ri Sol-ju, who used to sing in the state-run Unhasu Orchestra, may have participated with orchestra members in being filmed having sex and selling the films as pornography, a crime which resulted in the execution of 9 orchestra members in September. Unhasu members reportedly told North Korean officials, “Ri Sol-ju also loved to play like us.”

As I said, Communism, in all its forms is or eventually leads to brutality, torture, and murder by the State. Yet, there are many who are still seduced by the promises of Communism. They have either never learned or forgotten history. Whatever the case, they ignore a basic truth of life. Communism requires that we surrender our individualism, including our individual liberties, for the “common good”. But once liberty is surrendered, the State becomes an all-powerful and fearful master, and we become nothing more than a number. A number that can easily be erased by the State. Never forget this my friends.


Again, the United States negotiates from a weak position

Good Grief!

Secretary of State John Kerry flew to China on Saturday and sought to elicit China’s help in dealing with an increasingly recalcitrant nuclear armed North Korea by saying that American missile defenses could be cut back if the North abandoned its nuclear program.

Mr. Kerry’s trip to China, his first since taking office, is part of an intensive three-day push to try to calm tensions on the Korean Peninsula that have threatened to spiral out of control and rattled world leaders.

In a news conference, Mr. Kerry suggested that the United States could remove some newly enhanced missile defenses in the region, though he did not specify which ones. Any eventual cutback would address Chinese concerns about the buildup of American weapons systems in the region.

China has zero to fear from US missiles, unless they try something they should not, and China knows it. Here is how I handle this. I tell the Norks that ANY attack on us, or South Korea or Japan, will be met with an overwhelmingly violent response. Further, I let them know that continued threats will be taken seriously, and that we WILL strike them the very next time they issue a direct threat, PERIOD! I tell China that they know, and we know that our missiles will ONLY be used in defense, so we have absolutely no plans to cut anything back.

Call it the Hagin Doctrine. We walk softly, we will carry a big stick, and if we are ever forced to use that stick, we will use it with such devastating force that no one will ever even want to think about screwing with us or our allies again. Of course if I were president John Kerry would not only not be in any position of authority, he would not even be allowed to shovel Rino dung, but that is another post altogether.

What to do about North Korea?

As I have said before, right here, on this very blog, I would say it on Fox News but they do not have the good sense to call, I would have a simple response to the North Korean threats. As president, any direct and credible threat against us or our allies, would be met with a severe response. How serious? Well, let’s just say that we know where North Korea has bases, and those would serve as worthy target practice for our military. In other words, my doctrine would be, you threaten to attack us, we annihilate your ability to carry out that threat. If you do not like that, then do not threaten us or our allies. 

Now, such a foreign policy would draw condemnation, and several strongly worded letters from the Useless Nations, and the “global community” would be outrageously outraged. can you think of two better reasons to adopt such a policy? The Other McCain has a similar plan


As a Neutral Objective Journalist, I was able to write a brief news summary of this story without sharing my personal opinion of the Commie dictatorship in Pyongyang, but speaking as a God-Fearing Red-Blooded American, there can be no doubt. If it were up to me, North Korea would be reduced to radioactive vapor and smoldering cinders, and if you disagree with that policy, I question your patriotism.

Of course, nuking Pyongyang to Kingdom Come would be just the start of The McCain Doctrine — if those Reds in Havana don’t take the hint, I say we send a couple of carrier task forces and a divison or two of Marines to finish the job that should have been finished in April 1961.

See, slightly different takes, but I think we can work with either one

If I were president……..

I have stated before that I would have, as president, a very distinct stance on using our military. I would add to Teddy Roosevelt’s “walk softly and carry a big stick” line. My addition would be, and when we use that stick, it will be in such devastating fashion that no one will ever think of attacking, or threatening us, or our allies again. I thought of this this morning after reading this at Weasel Zippers

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea threatened the United States on Thursday with a preemptive nuclear strike, raising the level of rhetoric while the U.N. Security Council considers new sanctions against the reclusive country.

North Korea has accused the United States of using military drills inSouth Korea as a launch pad for a nuclear war and has scrapped the armistice with Washington that ended hostilities in the 1950-53 Korean War.

North Korea, which has one major ally, neighboring China, threatens the United States and its “puppet”, South Korea, on an almost daily basis.

“Since the United States is about to ignite a nuclear war, we will be exercising our right to preemptive nuclear attack against the headquarters of the aggressor in order to protect our supreme interest,” the North’s foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

Now, I doubt the North Koreans could hit a bull in the ass with a handful of rice, but, this is a direct threat to both our nation and South Korea. So, what would I do in response? Well, North Korea has air bases, naval bases, and other military posts. I would, how should I put this, eliminate the biggest one they had. This would send them a message. That message would be, we erased your largest military post for simply threatening us, think what actually attacking us would cost you?

Is that over the top? Maybe, but, face it, having the biggest stick only matters if everyone else knows you will USE THAT STICK, and North Korea and other enemies do not believe we will use the stick we hold.



Just another reason I could never be president

There may be numerous reasons I just would not last as president, but the biggest one is this. I would likely lose my temper and beat the living you know what out of at least a few people. People like Psy, who Donald Douglas talks about this morning.

Utterly amazing, at Twitchy, “Killer photo op: Obama and daughters meet U.S. troop-slay rapper PSY.”

Some of the dude’s lyrics, via Weasel Zippers:

Kill those f-king Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives.
Kill those f-king Yankees who ordered them to torture.
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers.
Kill them all slowly and painfully.

See, I would just not be able to do that. If I laid eyes on a rapper that sang those lyrics about American troops, I would snap. My temper would get the best of me. Of course, the media would have a field day. “President opens a can on South Korean rapper” would be just one of the headlines. The international community? They would lose their minds. The Useless Nations? Well they already lost their minds. Bob Costas would make some stupid comments about a culture of intolerance at halftime of Sunday Night Football. And I am sure I would be impeached, or worse, forced to undergo sensitivity training, anger management classes, and maybe even be forced to make one of those fake apologies that people who are not really sorry make. Of course, as president, no one could make me do those things. And Harry Reid and other weasel-like Democrats would be very careful NOT to get on my bad side. The president of Mexico? He would watch his manners too. No, I would not be reelected, but, think of the book deals, offers to have my own talk radio show, I might even get to meet my blogging role model Michelle Malkin! All for beating the snot out of some bottom feeding piece of filth?

When I look at it that way, I am in. Doug Hagin 2016! Ed Daley could be my VP. How about a campaign slogan? Hmmmm. Let’s see, how about Hagin/Daley 2016, because we need to open a Can of Whoop Ass sometimes! And my first act as president, after bitch slapping Psy? A little private meeting with dirt bag Anthnoy Cumia

Boy it, it must really suck to be Obama today!


Nice Deb has, possibly, the very best post about all the problems plaguing Team Obama

The real news today is the pummeling Obama is taking in the polls — see Ace’s thunderdome for all the latest in  poll carnage that has ensued since last week’s debate, (which we now hear, Obama initially thought he won?!)..

Oh, and the election finance scandal now being picked up by the MSM, is another thing the Obama camp doesn’t want to talk about, as well as the Benzhagi attack cover-up, not to mention  the pathetic news that the plant in Holland, MI that got $150M in taxpayer money to make Volt batteries has furloughed workers after failing to produce a single battery. The plant employed 200 workers who are now being placed on furlough. Two years after the ribbon cutting ceremony that Obama himself attended, (proclaiming how he was “putting GM back to work, and “saving Michigan”) the battery manufacturing is being shipped offshore to an LG plant in South Korea.

Of course, Team Obama IS firing back, over Romney’s War on Big Bird! Good freaking grief! But even that might be backfiring, because Sesame Street ain’t into Obama

Via Michelle Fields, Sesame Street has asked that the video be taken down:

Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down.

Hope and Change has now devolved into Choke and Gag!


Thousands Of Pills Filled With Powdered Human Baby Flesh Discovered By Customs Officials In South Korea

Thousands Of Pills Filled With Powdered Human Baby Flesh Discovered By Customs Officials In South Korea – Daily Mail

Thousands of pills filled with powdered human flesh have been discovered by customs officials in South Korea, it was revealed today.

The capsules are in demand because they are viewed as being a medicinal ‘cure-all’.

The grim trade is being run from China where corrupt medical staff are said to be tipping off medical companies when babies are aborted or delivered still-born.

Dead baby pills: This is ground baby powder which tests discovered is 99.7 per cent human last year. South Korean officials have stopped 17,000 dead baby pills being imported since last August

The tiny corpses are then bought, stored in household refrigerators in homes of those involved in the trade before they are removed and taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves.

Once the skin is tinder dry, it is pummelled into powder and then processed into capsules along with herbs to disguise the true ingredients from health investigators and customs officers.

The discoveries since last August has shocked even hardened customs agents who have pledged to strengthen inspections.

Chinese officials are understood to have been aware of the trade and have tried to stop the capsules being exported but thousands of packets of them have been smuggled through to South Korea.

Danger: The Chinese Ministry of Health has launched an investigation into the alleged production of pills made from dead babies

There is a huge demand for alternative Chinese remedies – which include ground up rhino horns.

The Chinese have historically consumed human placentas to improve blood supply and circulation.

Health authorities in Asia are concerned that if the powdered foetus trade is allowed to continue the capsules will find their way onto the internet and be sold to gullible or sick desperate people in other parts of the world.

The South Korean Customs Service said today that it had heightened its searches of suspicious packages being brought into the country by travellers from China in an attempt to stamp out the sickening trade.

According to customs agents, 35 smuggling attempts have been made since August last year involving more than 17,000 capsules disguised as ‘stamina boosters’.

Hospitals and abortion clinics in China reportedly pass the remains onto drugs companies when a baby is stillborn or aborted, the South Korean SBS documentary team reported last year.

The San Francisco Times reported that tests carried out on the pills confirmed they were made up of 99.7 per cent human remains.

The tests were successfully able to establish the genders of the babies used.

There is a huge demand for the pills which are thought to enhance stamina. Microwave-dried placenta is also sought after for its alleged ‘medicinal’ benefits.

However, in reality the human flesh capsules contain super-bacteria and other harmful ingredients.

A number of smugglers who have been detained by the South Korean authorities have claimed they did not know what the ingredients were or the manufacturing process behind them.

Crackdown: Chinese officials, pictured confiscating thousands of illegal tablets, say they will clampdown on the massive herbal medicine industry which has seen dangerous bacteria an human remains added to seized pills

‘Ethnic Koreans from north-east China who now live in South Korea are those who were mostly intending to use the capsules or share them with other Korean-Chinese’ said a customs official.

‘They are normally brought into South Korea in luggage or posted by international mail.’

The capsules were all confiscated but no one has been punished because the amount was deemed small and they were not intended for sale, a customs official added.

Chinese newspapers have identified the north eastern provinces as the source of the human flesh capsules, in particular the Jilin region which is close to North Korea.

Smuggling: More than 17,000 capsules disguised as ‘stamina boosters’ have been intercepted as they were smuggled into South Korea last year (file photo of Seoul airport)

There have been disturbing reports that some babies were those who had perished in China’s notorious ‘dying rooms’ where youngsters are deliberately left to die because they were born into families that already had the limit of one child in country areas.

In order to keep its population down, China performs 13 million abortions a year – mainly because mothers sacrifice their newborns to avoid punishment such as severe fines or even a beating by the authorities.

The Chinese authorities have confirmed that 38 per cent of women of child-bearing age have been sterilised – but the babies that are aborted do not go to waste because of the sickening trade in using their corpses for purported medicinal purposes.

Despite their disgust at discovering packets of the so-called rejuvenation pills being brought in from China, South Korean officials have refused to confirm where the babies came from or who made the capsules.

Sources said this was because they were not prepared to create diplomatic friction with Beijing, preferring to leave it to Chinese officials to do something about the horrific trade in powdered babies.

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Israel is our friend, we must never forget it!

A great piece from Big Peace by Spyridon Mitsotakis. It is a must read that explains why our mutual friendship with Israel is invaluable. I include a small part but please, do yourself a favor and go read the whole thing

From Bibi Netanyahu’s 5/23/2011 AIPAC speech:

“I know these are tough economic times. So I want to thank the president and Congress for providing Israel with vital assistance so that Israel can defend itself by itself. I want to thank you all for supporting the Iron Dome missile defense system. A few weeks ago, Hamas terrorists in Gaza fired eight rockets at our cities, at Ashkelon and Beer Sheva. Now, these rockets never reached their targets. Iron Dome intercepted them in midair. For the first time, a missile defense system worked in combat. That’s a precedent in military history. And I want to say thank you, America.”

This is a game changer, especially for our forces serving South Korea – who’s capital has been in range and in the cross-heirs of TONS of North Korean artillery for decades.

One of the most disturbing actions the Obama administration has taken is in our attitude towards Israel. Whether this attitude is derived from gross ignorance, or from a deep-seated hatred of Israel I cannot say. But, it has illustrated another reason we need a new leader in America. We must have a leader that will stand beside Israel come Hell or high water!

Jimmy Carter, a Marxist Moron for the ages!

Jimmy Carter, former President of the United S...
Image via Wikipedia

My goodness Jimmy Carter is really is the ultimate in moral retardation isn’t he? Only he would travel to a Stalinist regime, where gulags still exist, a country so bad that it’s people try to escape to Communist China, and bash America!

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Thursday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il wants direct talks with South Korea’s leader — an offer unlikely to be accepted until Pyongyang takes responsibility for violence that killed 50 South Koreans last year.

Carter didn’t address the case of Jun Young Su, a Korean-American being held in North Korea, reportedly on charges of carrying out missionary activity. He had said earlier he would not raise the case, though the former president flew to North Korea last year to free another American jailed in Pyongyang.Carter started Thursday‘s news conference by offering condolences for those killed in last year’s attacks, an apparent nod to criticism that he had glossed over the deaths in past dealings with the North.

But he also likely angered many in Seoul and Washington by criticizing their food aid policies.

Carter said that for the United States and South Korea “to deliberately withhold food aid to the North Korean people because of political or military issues not related is really indeed a human rights violation.”

This useless bastard will believe absolutely anything a brutal dictator tells him. Talk about a useful idiot!

What Jimmy Carter thinks we should “respect”!

Jimmy Carter defends North Korea and their murderous regime? What a pathetic loser Carter is! And yes, he wins yet another Marxist Moron Award! H/T Verum Serum

Vodpod videos no longer available.



Daily Benefactor News – Amid Tension, U.S. And South Korea Begin Military Drills



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Amid Tension, U.S. And South Korea Begin Military Drills – CNN

South Korea and the United States started joint military exercises Sunday, U.S. Forces Korea spokesman David Oten told CNN, prompting a furious response from North Korea.

The naval operations are “no more than an attempt to find a pretext for aggression and ignite a war at any cost,” North Korea’s official KCNA news agency said, warning that the drills “are putting the Korean Peninsula at a state of ultra-emergency.”

North Korea warned of unpredictable “consequences” if the United States sends an aircraft carrier to the Yellow Sea for the military maneuvers.

The divided peninsula, tense at the best of times, has been near the boiling point since Tuesday, when North Korea shelled a South Korean island, killing four people.

China called Sunday for an emergency meeting of the six major powers involved in talks about the Korean peninsula.

Top diplomats from the six nations need to meet soon to “maintain peace and stability on the peninsula and ease the tension” in the region, Beijing’s special representative for the region, Wu Dawei, said Sunday.

A top Chinese envoy met South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak Sunday and a high-ranking North Korean official will visit Beijing this week, China’s Xinhua news agency said.

North Korea said the South provoked the attack on Yeonpyeong Island because shells from a South Korean millitary drill landed in the North’s waters.

A group of 124 people left Yeonpyeong Island by boat Sunday.

The South Korean defense ministry is urging journalists to leave the island voluntarily because of the instability, the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Seoul said Sunday. The ministry expects most journalists to leave Sunday night. South Korea said Sunday another shell had accidentally been fired during a land-based military exercise, separate from the naval drills with the Americans.

The shell, fired by a unit based near Munsan, South Korea, landed on the South Korean side, a defense ministry spokesman told CNN. South Korea notified the North of the “accidental firing,” and there has been no response, the spokesman said.

Earlier Sunday, the United States and South Korea began assembling ships for the exercises off the west coast of the Korean peninsula in the Yellow Sea, a source at the South Korean Joint Chiefs told CNN.

North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency warned Sunday what could happen if the country perceives its waters are infringed upon.

“The DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] will deal a merciless military counter-attack at any provocative act of intruding into its territorial waters in the future,” the state news agency said.

It called reports of civilian casualties part of South Korea’s “propaganda campaign” and accused the “enemy” of creating “a human shield by deploying civilians around artillery positions and inside military facilities before the launch of the provocation.”

“If the U.S. brings its carrier to the West Sea of Korea at last, no one can predict the ensuing consequences,” said KCNA, referring to the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, which is set to join South Korea’s forces near the coasts of China and North Korea for the four-day military drill.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Nicole Thompson called the claims “outrageous.”

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And I say Amen!

Amen to this great, concise post by RS McCain!

Jimmie Bise is right: “Nothing Sends a Message Like an Aircraft Carrier,” and President Obama seems to have realized that godless commie dictators aren’t going to be persuaded by mere words:

The Pentagon has dispatched the aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS George Washington to the Yellow Sea for naval exercises with South Korea following the exchange of artillery fire between the North and South.
The exercises are likely to anger China which in the past pressed Washington not to send its aircraft carriers to the sea.
The U.S. military command in Seoul announced that the carrier will take part in exercises in “waters west of the Korean peninsula” from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1.
“This exercise is defensive in nature,” the statement said. “While planned well before yesterday’s unprovoked artillery attack, it demonstrates the strength of the [South Korea]-U.S. alliance and our commitment to regional stability through deterrence.”

North Korea fires on South Korea

The North is testing our president’s resolve here, what will Obama do? Will. he be strong, or vacillating in his response. I hold no real hope that he is capable of taking a tough stance, none at all.  But, time will tell. Donald Douglas agrees with my take

WSJ, “North Korea Aggression Sets Major Test for President Obama“:

When America wakes up this morning the world will look to Washington and weigh President Obama’s words. For all China’s growing power, and its status as North Korea’s principal supporter, in an international crisis the U.S. president is still in the hot seat. The situation demands a clear-throated response and a robust commitment to support South Korea that the North Korean government and the Chinese hear properly. The alternative, a load of waffling, won’t be taken seriously by the aggressor.

Well, I’m not holding my breath.

Sadly, he is right I fear. Obama just does not have the testicles.

Daily Benefactor News – Indonesian Volcano Unleashes Biggest Blast Yet – More Articles


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Indonesian Volcano Unleashes Biggest Blast Yet – Fox News

Clouds of gray ash rumbled down the slopes of Indonesia’s most volatile volcano Saturday in its most powerful eruption of a deadly week, prompting soldiers to force reluctant villagers to evacuate amid fears of a larger blast.

On the other side of the archipelago, storms again prevented aid deliveries to increasingly desperate survivors of a tsunami – including a teenage girl with an open chest wound – that killed 413 people in the Mentawai islands. Relief workers found some comfort, however, when the number of missing dropped by half to 163 as searchers discovered more survivors and villagers who had fled to the hills returned home.

The simultaneous catastrophes have severely tested the emergency response network. Indonesia lies in the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a cluster of fault lines prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Mount Merapi, which sprang back to life early this week, unleashed a terrifying 21-minute eruption early Saturday, followed by more than 350 volcanic tremors and 33 ash bursts, said Surono, chief of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation.

The latest spewing of the notoriously unpredictable volcano forced the temporary closure of an airport and claimed another life, bringing the death toll this week to 36.

At least 47,000 people have fled the mountain’s wrath, according to the National Disaster Management Agency. Government camps well away from the base were overflowing with refugees, including most of the 11,000 people who live on the mountain’s fertile slopes. They were told Saturday, with signs the danger level was climbing, that they should expect to stay for three more weeks.

Despite such warnings, many people have returned to their land to check on precious crops and livestock. The new eruption triggered a chaotic pre-dawn exit, killing a 44-year-old woman who was fleeing by motorcycle, said Rusdiyanto, head of disaster management office in the main city of Yogyakarta.

For the first time Saturday, more than 2,000 troops were called in to help keep villagers clear of the mountain. Camouflaged soldiers stood guard in front of ash-covered homes and local television showed one woman who refused evacuation orders being carried away as she screamed in protest.

Still, the villagers may be later allowed to go back for a few hours a day if the volcano appears to be calm, said Djarot Nugroho, head of the Central Java disaster management agency, adding that they must return to the camps immediately if a new alarm is raised.

“Once the sirens go off, no excuse, everyone has to get back to the camps,” he said.

The eruption temporarily forced the closure of the airport in Yogyakarta, 12 miles south of the volcano, because of poor visibility and heavy ash on the south of the runway, said Naelendra, an airport official.

Despite earlier hopes that Merapi’s activity might be waning, scientists warned Saturday the worst may be yet to come.

High-pressure gas appeared to be building up behind a newly formed thick magna dome in the crater, “setting the stage, potentially, for a more explosive eruption,” said Subandrio, who heads the nearby volcanology center. “It’s a bad sign,” he said.

In the tsunami zone, where more than 23,000 people have been displaced, government agencies were forced to pull back boats and helicopters that had been ferrying noodles, sardines and sleeping mats to the most distant corners of the Mentawai islands because of stormy weather and rough seas.

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Judge Rules That 4-Year-Old Girl Can Be Sued Over Bike Accident – Terra

A Manhattan judge has decided that a 4-year-old girl is old enough to know better and can thereby be sued for negligence when she seriously injured an elderly woman in a bicycle accident.

According to reports the little girl was racing her a bicycle with training wheels, on the sidewalk of a building in Manhattan when she accidentally struck an 87-year-old woman.

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Terror Bombs Were Primed To Down Cargo Planes In Mid-Air -The Guardian

Sophisticated bombs contained in packages sent from Yemen were designed to explode in the air and bring down the cargo planes carrying them, the government confirmed.

Intelligence experts believe the use of the devices, contained in printer cartridges on board two Chicago-bound cargo planes, represents a shift in terrorist tactics to commercial targets.

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Wake Forest Scientists Successfully Grow ‘Miniature Livers’ – Local Tech Wire

Scientists at Wake Forest University have engineered a “miniature” liver in a lab that functions like the human organ.

It’s the latest tissue breakthrough at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which in 2006 reported the growth and transplant of bladders into humans. Anthony Atala, MD, the director of the institute, is a leading pioneer in the field of regenerative science.

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Grayson Accused Of Tea Party Plant – News Max

Alan Grayson, a Democratic congressman in Florida, is alleged to be assisting Peg Dunmire, a third candidate, in order to protect his seat from a challenge by Daniel Webster, a Republican.

Grayson, Dunmire, Webster, FloridaOne of the founders of the Florida “Tea Party”, which Ms. Dunmire represents, has business connections with Mr. Grayson, and his son has worked as an intern for the congressman.

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Astronauts, Space Scientists Call For Global Action To Prevent Asteroid Impact – Washington Examiner

Countries around the world must team up to prevent an asteroid from slamming into Earth, scientists and former astronauts said Friday.

NASA has tracked nearly 7,000 near-Earth objects that are bigger than several feet across. Of those, 1,157 are considered “potentially hazardous asteroids.” “We can’t escape the conclusion that one could happen tomorrow,” former NASA astronaut Thomas D. Jones said.

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Jerry Brown On His First Gubernatorial Campaign: ‘It’s All A Lie… I didn’t Have A Plan For California’ – Big Government

During an interview on the program “CNN Late Edition” in 1992 Jerry Brown (D-CA) admitted that nearly everything he said in his first campaign for governor of California was a lie.

Jerry Brown: You run for office and the assumption is “Oh, I know what to do”. You don’t. I didn’t have a plan for California. Clinton doesn’t have a plan. Bush doesn’t have a plan.

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North Korea Opens Fire At South Korea – CTV

Tensions escalated along the North Korea-South Korea border on Friday after the North fired two rounds at its southern neighbour. South Korean troops immediately fired back.

The shots from North Korea were fired towards a South Korean guard post in the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries. No one was injured and it wasn’t clear whether the shots represented a military action.

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Man Shoots Himself While Sleepwalking – Stuff

A man likely shot himself while sleepwalking, Boulder, Colorado police say. The Daily Camera reported that 63-year-old Sanford Rothman told investigators he had no clear recollection of the incident early Tuesday morning.

He told police he woke up to a “bang” and realised he had suffered a gunshot wound to his knee. No one else was in Rothman’s home at the time.

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Deputy Wins Back Job After Torturing Frog With White-Out And A Stun Gun – Weekly Vice

Raul Alvarado, a 34-year-old Arizona man is fighting to get his Sheriff’s Office job back after he allegedly painted a frog with White-Out and then zapped it with a stun gun because “he was bored.”

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Alvarado was terminated from his position after an internal investigation revealed that he tortured a frog back in August of 2009.

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German Anatomist Now Selling Bodies Online – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Still wondering what to get that special someone for the holidays? Why not “earrings with giraffe tail slices” from German anatomist Guenter von Hagens’ new online shop for euro41.53 ($57.55)?

Mr. Von Hagens, famous for his “Body Worlds” traveling exhibition of preserved human bodies and body parts, said Friday his new Internet shop is going online on Nov. 3, 2010.

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Man’s Mouth Declared World’s Biggest By Guinness – Orange News

An Angolan man has been recognised as having the world’s widest mouth by the Guinness Book of World Records. Francisco Domingo Joaquim, 20 – aka the Angolan Jaw of Awe – can fit a 330ml can of pop into his mouth – sideways.

He can stretch his mouth more than six-and-a-half inches wide, and recently put his skills to the test at the the Big Mouth competition in Rome.

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