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Here is some background from RS McCain before you listen to my views on Allison Benedikt and her column If You Send Your Kids to Private School, You Are a Bad Person

That’s an interesting headline, which Allison Benedikt endeavors to justify without success, because she’s an idiot.

I went K–12 to a terrible public school. My high school didn’t offer AP classes, and in four years, I only had to read one book. . . . I left home woefully unprepared for college, and without that preparation, I left college without having learned much there either. You know all those important novels that everyone’s read? I haven’t. I know nothing about poetry, very little about art, and please don’t quiz me on the dates of the Civil War. I’m not proud of my ignorance. But guess what the horrible result is? I’m doing fine. I’m not saying it’s a good thing that I got a lame education. I’m saying that I survived it, and so will your child, who must endure having no AP calculus so that in 25 years there will be AP calculus for all.

Allison is “doing fine,” because she’s an editor at Slate, where any ill-educated cretin can get hired, as long as they’re a liberal white girl whose wedding was reported by the New York Times.

Oh, and apparently being an anti-Israel Jew helps, too.

Free of knowledge, unencumbered by facts or logic — yes, send your kids to public school so they can be a liberal like Allison Benedikt.

Good thoughts no doubt. Allison wants your kid to suffer because other kids suffer  because “EQUALITY” or something.

Now here is my take, listen and enjoy. Click the Pic to Listen




The Left’s obsession with equality strikes again

Moonbattery has the scoop

From Los Angeles:

One of the largest public charter high schools in the nation allows a boy who identifies as female to use the girls locker room and bathrooms — despite protests from a female student who says she feels uncomfortable and vulnerable by his presence.

What’s more, the female student — who just finished her sophomore year at the Los Angeles-based Granada Hills Charter High School — claims the boy in question harassed her, touched her hair, stared strangely at her, and also peeked at girls over the stalls while they used the toilet.

“It’s amazing to me that a public school who is responsible to protect the rights of all students will blatantly ignore the Constitutional right to privacy of young female students within the locker rooms and restrooms of the school,” Robert Tyler, the girl’s attorney, told The College Fix.

That’s what they get for being normal. Political correctness dictates that normal people don’t deserve rights, because they are oppressors of the sacred castes, prominent among which are perverts.

It will get worse before it gets better in the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

The California Assembly (same as House of Representatives in most states) passed Assembly Bill 1266 by a 46-25 vote. …

AB 1266 states that public schools cannot discriminate in any way concerning the sex of the student.

Sounds nice, since we all know that to “discriminate” is the ultimate sin. But if you swallow that, you have to swallow this:

Section 221.5 of the Education Code is amended to read: …

A pupil shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.

The Left always seems to insist that the one that is different be accommodated, no matter how it inconveniences the vast majority. 


I think we need stupidity control

Good grief! HERE THEY GO AGAIN!!

ABC 2 – Two 6-year-old elementary school students were suspended from White Marsh Elementary School in Talbot County on Monday for using their fingers as imaginary guns while at recess. They were playing a game of cops and robbers on the playground.

One of the boy’s father, Army Staff Sergeant. Stephen Grafton, says the schools decision to suspend the boys crossed the line. Some parents on the Eastern Shore agree with him.

The Talbot County Board of Education released a statement on the suspension saying, “It is frustrating for school systems because a complete explanation of events cannot be provided due to confidentiality requirements under the federal educational rights and privacy act.”

Some believe gun play of any kind is not appropriate for school. They say in today’s world it’s hard to tell how far is too far.

Educators say parents can use this as a teaching point and talk about the importance of not shooting at one another.

Actually, parents could use this as a teaching point to get their kids out of public schools and away from morons like these “educators” who have no business being near kids!


The difference between education and indoctrination

Anyone who listens to the Left knows how they value “education”. they love public schools, and mandatory kindergarten, and how they would love to make K-4, K-3, etc. mandatory as well. Why? well, there is more than one answer you would get if you asked a Leftist why they think children benefit by more “education”. They will tell you it is critical for socialization, and development, and yes, “education” of course.

Now, you will note that I have placed the word education, in parenthesis. Why? Well, because the Left defines education, or at least what the goal of education quite differently than most folks do. To most of us math, writing, vocabulary, history, science, and civics are among the things schools should teach children. Most of us would also include teaching some type of sex education, as long as the curriculum is age appropriate, and as long as it does not teach values, that ought to be taught by parents, and not by schools.

The Left, however, prefers using education to indoctrinate, rather than educate. And face it, think of all the indoctrination that can be done if our children are in public education from age 2, until, say 22, if you include college. And think about this. It is the Left that is pushing to make a college education, “free” isn’t it? Twenty years are a long time isn’t it? Think of how much education indoctrination can take place in those two decades. Think of a person, age 22. Think of that person, if they have been “educated by the State, through public education. It is likely that their attitudes towards politics, religion, sex, relationships, Western culture, American history, etc. will closely resemble the Left’s ideology. After all, it is the Left that has a vested interest in  forcing every child to go through those two decades of “education”.

Now I am sure that many reading the preceding thoughts will scoff, and say these assertions are inane, and misguided. For those, I offer an example via Donald Douglas

This was in the news when the legislature authorized teaching homosexual studies some time back.

And now at LAT, California schools scrambling to add lessons on LGBT Americans.”

If this were being introduced when kids are in, say, 5th or 6th grade, I personally wouldn’t have an issue with it for my own kids. But as it is, kindergarten or 1st grade, and so on? God, that’s almost obscene in its assumptions. It’s understandable why parents would object. I recently asked my 10-year-old if he knew what homosexuality was. He didn’t have a clue, so I explained it to him. He didn’t seem to care that much about it, but the point is I’d prefer it was my wife and I talking about these things with him, especially in the moral context. I would not teach my child that all family structures are equal, for example. My position is that the traditional household with one father and one mother is the most healthy and prosperous for children. Schools will teach kids that all alternative family arrangements are equally valid, and that’s a radical curriculum.

In any case, from the article:

At Wonderland Avenue Elementary School in Laurel Canyon, there are lesson plans on diverse families — including those with two mommies or daddies — books on homosexual authors in the library and a principal who is openly gay.

But even at this school, teachers and administrators are flummoxed about how to carry out a new law requiring California public schools to teach all students — from kindergartners to 12th graders — about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans in history classes.

“At this point, I wouldn’t even know where to begin,” Principal Don Wilson said.

Educators across the state don’t have much time to figure it out. In January, they’re expected to begin teaching about LGBT Americans under California’s landmark law, the first of its kind in the nation.

The law has sparked confusion about what, exactly, is supposed to be taught. Will fourth-graders learn that some of the Gold Rush miners were gay and helped build San Francisco? Will students be taught about the “two-spirited people” tradition among some Native Americans, as one gay historian mused?

“I’m not sure how we plug it into the curriculum at the grade school level, if at all,” said Paul Boneberg, executive director at the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco.

School districts will have little help in navigating this sensitive and controversial change, which has already prompted some parents to pull their children out of public schools.

Really? Teaching kids that young about Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans-gender people in history? What legitimate purpose is served by this? Certainly, any significant historical figure ought to be included in history, but any teaching about GLBT ought not to be pushed on to small children. Two words age appropriate.

Think of it like this. I have studied the War Between the States for decades now, I started studying it at the age of nine, so, 37 years. I give historical talks, and presentations on battles, leaders, etc. But, I would certainly not delve into the orientation of, say Jefferson Davis, or U.S. Grant unless that were of some particular importance. And I would not talk about that to very small children. Again AGE APPROPRIATE!

The valid purpose of education, is enlightenment, not indoctrination. This is why I give historical talks in a different manner than when I engage in debates on the war. My goal is to educate, to give facts, and let the listener develop their own opinion. The Left, on the other hand wishes to shape opinions, they wish to indoctrinate. They wish to “educate” to further their agenda, and thinkers are the last thing they wish to turn out of school. And make no mistake, history, is their favorite target.

For all their talk of open-mindedness, and education, and tolerance, the Left believes in none of those ideals. The Left realizes that educated, open-minded people will never embrace Marxism, in any form. Indoctrinated, closed-minded people though, well…………..

Choice? Liberals only care about one choice

Jill looks at how vehemently the “pro-choice” crowd opposes any choice that does not include killing your unborn child

They love the word, but boy, do liberals hate the concept of choice, as in real choices freely made by individuals and families:

The House passed a measure Wednesday to revive a school-voucher program for the District of Columbia despite opposition from the mayor, the District’s congressional delegate, teachers and the White House.

Of course they’re all in thrall to the teachers unions. But regardless, why would they want to loosen their death-grip on their near-monopoly? What would be in it for them?

Mayor Vincent Gray (who has wasted no time in making his administration a joke of corruption and nepotism) believes parents should sacrifice their children to this sacred institution because “the city’s public school system is improving.” Good one. Even if it is, and that’s highly debatable, real children are attending these schools now. How bad are they?

For decades, D.C. public schools have been the worst in the nation.  The system ranks 51st in the nation, and is plagued by school violence.  Only 14% of eighth-graders are proficient in reading. Just 55% of the students in D.C. public schools graduate.  During the 2007-08 school year, 3,500 calls were placed from D.C. public schools to the Metropolitan Police Department.  More than 900 of those calls were to report school violence such as assault.

It’s downright criminal. But the ruling class is unanimously lined up against school choice of any kind, all the while pretending they care about the kids of DC.

Read then rest including the goons at Planned Parent Abortionhood lying about “protecting” women’s health. Bastards! It is all about money, and power and nothing else with these miscreants.

Ah, the aftershock of Liberal government!

One of the most destructive forces known to man is unchecked liberalism, just check out what it did for to Detroit! Check out what Mike Brownfield found.

What happens when a city buys the liberal dream hook, line and sinker? Just take a look at the City of Detroit. The once-great city lost 237,493 residents over the last decade according to the 2010 Census, bringing it to 713,777 – a population plunge of 25%. That’s its lowest population since 1910, and it marks the city’s fall from a 1950s peak of two million, over 60%. And that’s just the people who can afford to leave.

Detroit, once known as “the great arsenal of democracy,” has made headlines of late for its notorious fall from grace. The “Big Three” automakers are no longer the biggest, falling behind their overseas rivals, and the Michigan economy lost 450,000 manufacturing jobs over the past 10 years all while Detroit lost population. And while the Motor City suffers unemployment from a decimated automotive industry, it suffers crime, high taxes, poor city services, plummeting home values, and a public education system in shambles with a $327 million budget deficit and a 19 percent dropout rate. Is it any wonder people are leaving in droves?

But to understand why folks are really leaving Detroit, it’s worth looking where they’re headed. As Detroit suffered a population loss, its neighboring suburban counties with lower crime, better schools and an improving economic outlook saw their population increase. One former Detroiter told The Detroit News, “Detroit just got too messy for me … I was not getting the benefits of those tax dollars. The city services are poor and I could not use the school system. And you look at the cost of living and the corruption, we had to leave.” In other words, bad government drove her out, and she’s seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

For the record, Detroit has been under liberal leadership for decades. And the city’s big problem today is that its road forward is blocked by the very same political machine that helped deliver it to its state of ruin. Case in point: the state’s powerful teachers unions. In 2003, a philanthropist pledged $200 million for the creation of 15 charter schools in the city. Despite the city’s tragic public school system, the plan failed and the offer was withdrawn following protests by the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Little has changed, eight years later. A state-appointed emergency financial manager has proposed sweeping changes to the city’s public school system, including a plan to convert 41 of the city’s schools to charter schools. Guess who’s opposed to the reforms? That very same union.

Yes, and for further evidence of just how devastating Liberalism can be, when allowed to take root, look at what Milton Wolfe found, pictures really ARE worth a thousand words, at least!