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Obama Fundraising In Switzerland, Sweden, Paris And Communist China

Busy Month For Obama Campaign With Fundraisers In Switzerland, Sweden, Paris And Communist China – Gateway Pundit

It’s going to be a very busy month for the Obama Campaign.

Fundraisers are scheduled in Switzerland:



And Communist China:

I’m 41 has more on the Obama fundraiser in Shanghai.

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Sweden! Where men are women, and men are men, people are hens, and, wait, WHAT??

Good Freaking Grief!

Stamping out differences and individuality in the name of diversity (via Robert Wargas):

“In an effort to support gender neutrality, Sweden recently added a gender-neutral pronoun, ‘hen,’ to the country’s National Encyclopedia. Slate reports that several preschools in Sweden have stopped making references to the gender of their students. Instead of calling children ‘boys and girls,’ teachers are referring to students as ‘buddies.’ One school even stopped allowing free playtime during the day because stereotypical gender patterns are born and cemented. In free play there is hierarchy, exclusion, and the seed to bullying.’ And the country just published its first gender-neutral children’s book, ‘Kivi och Monsterhund.’“

Conservatives talk a lot about how socialists want to stamp out individualism, but who knew the socialists would take it so far? To the point where they’re trying to obfuscate actual gender differences.

The idea that children can’t even be allowed to play freely lest they undermine the government’s notions about appropriate social behavior is downright chilling. But this is where we at. Individualism must be destroyed because if individuals are allowed to behave freely they might not adhere to certain notions about proper society the powers-that-be wish to implement.

In other words, you can’t just be your own person.

This is,so far, anyway, perhaps the most far-reaching effort by the Left to re-educate children. The goal? In my view,it an effort to stamp out every last vestige of individuality, which is the mortal enemy of Collectivism AKA Marxism. Marxism is full of lies,and here we see one of the greatest of those lies laid bare. The Left claims they love diversity, almost more than anything. Yet, they are constantly making war upon the one thing that we must have to have true diversity.That one thing? Individuality.

Sweden to Socialism: Hit the road loser!


It’s not just hard-core Marxist toilets like Cuba belatedly realizing a bloated state sector does not deliver results now: the voters of Sweden -the European liberal ideal touted by the international left as how Socialism can work- are rejecting the libs that have run their country for the better part of 80 years.  

The Left are surely used to being in charge in Sweden, and thought a world economic crisis might buoy their fortunes after getting curb-chucked last time. However -in the event- the Socialists lost their second election in a row. And it gets worse: their center-right opponents -who just successfully defended spending cuts of the last four years-  will now have to deal with the far-right SD:   

The Swedish Social Democrats (Left) polled their worst result this week than at any time since 1914. Perhaps next time they’ll think twice before proposing to reverse some of the educational reforms introduced by their conservative rivals. 
The manifesto pledge by the Social Democrats to make it illegal for commercial companies to set up and operate free schools was symptomatic of the party’s antedeluvian, head-in-the-sand approach to the Europe-wide fiscal crisis. 
The centre-left party that’s dominated Swedish politics since the 1930s, being in power for 65 of the last 78 years, proposed to raise taxes and increase public expenditure on health, education and care for the elderly. This tax-and-spend manifesto didn’t go down well with the Swedish electorate.
As in Britain, the global financial meltdown of 2008 has not restored the electorate’s faith in the state, as left wing critics of free market capitalism hoped it would. On the contrary, the electorate has endorsed the centre-right’s view that this has made the need for a permanent reduction in public expenditure all the more necessary. Frederik Reinfeldt is the first centre-right Swedish Prime Minister to win re-election in modern times, having promised further tax cuts and a leaner welfare state. 
There is now virtually a Europe-wide consensus that public expenditure needs to be slashed and the size of the state reduced. The latest government to reach this conclusion is Portugal’s which decided on Friday that it could no longer depend on economic growth to trim the deficit and would have to embark on a programme of swingeing cuts.

Well now, isn’t that special. Another nail is driven into the coffin of Marxist ideology.