26 Days Of Rock And Roll – Day 14

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*VIDEO* Ted Nugent: Calling Leftists ‘Subhuman Mongrels’ Isn’t Insulting Enough



*VIDEO* Newt Gingrich Blasts Wolf Blitzer For Remarkably Selective Outrage Over Ted Nugent Remarks


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Chris Matthews ” I am NOT paranoid!”

Maybe not Crazy Legs, maybe not. But, you are a shameless, clueless political hack who has to pry your lips off Obama’s rear to speak.

Via Mediaite:

“But they first of all referred to him, not as the ‘President of the United States’ but as a ‘liberal leader.’ They refer to the health care act of 2010 as ‘a bill.’ They refer to him as ‘Obama.’ They don’t say the ‘the president.’ They don’t say the ‘a law.’ They don’t even speak the language we normally speak in civilized political debate. They’ve changed it so much that he’s actually not really supposed to be there, and I’m not paranoid.”

THIS is why I call MSNBS, I watch so you do not have to, the Tree of Low Hanging Blogging Fruit. Matthews says the most inane things, and his guests, who are just as big a morons as Matthews go along with him. The video at the link is a classic example of how far out in left field Matthews and his followers are. First, they play a clip of Donald Trump and use HIS words to bash Conservatives. Let us set this straight folks once and for all. Trump is NOT a Conservative. He is a carnival barker, a publicity whore, a Televangelist with worse hair, and a used car salesman in a better suit. Trump is a loathsome SOB, who apparently knows what to say to get on TV. Fox seems to love them some Donald for some reason. The first time I saw Trump, my BS Detector pegged! If you are getting the impression I would not piss on Trump if he was on fire, you are getting the right impression.

Sorry for the rant, really, but I have never been able to stomach Trump. If you want to hear a REAL, GENUINE, no BS Conservative, come down to Texas, and listen to our governor. Listen to Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, or many of the bloggers like Ed and I, and those on our blogroll. Most of us are not after money, or fame, we do what we do on our time. On days off, after work, before work, and we do it because we CARE about America. But does Fox call us up? Do any big time radio talkers, who by the way talk about many things bloggers talked about a week before call us up? Hell, some of them do not even give credit for the blog they get the story from! Bet your ass Trump would do or say just about anything if there were $$$ attached, but for free? Yeah right! Maybe that is what riles me most. Folks who do it for publicity, fame, wealth, get the spotlight, usually saying the same damn things over and again while the bloggers like us, who are likely more insightful, and who bust our asses because we love America get squat!

Again, sorry for the rant. Hell I forgot what this post was supposed to be about now


The Greatest Phony America’s Ever Known (By Ted Nugent)

The Greatest Phony America’s Ever Known – Ted Nugent

It is very difficult to ignore accusations of phoniness from the master of all things phony who has dedicated his entire life to one phony scam after another. But when this unprecedented level of criminal abuse of power is so flagrantly dictated from the most powerful man in the world, good Americans should be quivering in our boots.


No, Mr. President, those are not phony tears from Brian Terry’s mother. Those are real tears, unlike your constant phony blather about caring about the middle class as you continue your well-orchestrated kamikaze economic swan dive for the average American family.

And, be assured, you old Chicago ACORN scammaster you, that those were not phony body bags that arrived home from Benghazi. As the greatest phony America has ever known, like your phoniest phony “job” as community organizer, your phony claims to get to the bottom of that horrific dereliction of duty by your phony secretary of state was just another scam of phony smoke and mirrors to placate your phony sheep-like constituency.

Phony is as phony does, Mr. President, but none of the tea party or conservative Republicans’ claims of illegal targeting by your phony IRS jackboots is phony by any stretch of the imagination.

We believe your earlier claims that such accusations were serious was just more of your phony baloney.

You want phony, Mr. President? I give you your top cop of the United States, your own phony attorney general who refuses to charge your Black Panther buddies with any crimes even though you both saw the same footage of your phony buddies committing numerous federal and state felonies when they threatened and intimidated voters in Philadelphia.

Nothing phony about those criminal gangsters.

And with all due respect, your holy phoniness, who can’t see the terminal phoniness of wasting more tax dollars with more phony charges against George Zimmerman in defiance of your own FBI investigation and the same exhaustive evidence that proved his obvious innocence to the jury of his peers and everyone paying attention who was not blinded by your phony racism?

And we mustn’t forget your phony Nobel Peace Prize, or your phony real estate scammaster ripoff artist Tony Rezko, or your phony claims that your phony “Affordable Healthcare” scam will make our healthcare system cheaper and better when just the opposite is guaranteed.

And let’s all be honest here; more of us believe in the American hero Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s thorough investigation into your phony birth certificate and phony history than the phony media’s smoke and mirrors.

We all know that Van Jones is a phony and all your green scams are as phony as phony can be.

We know that your Mao-loving communications czar Anita Dunn is as phony as they come.

Everyone knows your phony claims to “all of the above” for America’s energy independence is dangerously phony.

We know your so-called Department of Justice is as phony as the insane phony claim that your Allah Ahkbar buddy Maj. Hasan is about as guilty of “workplace” violence as I am the tooth fairy.

I could go on and on and on, but in order to avoid the inevitable violent vomiting impetus from more of your nasty phony baloney than America can possibly handle, I would just like to say: “How dare you, Mr. President, claim the nonstop ugly scandals during your Saul Alinsky inspired attack on America are phony, when everyone with a brain, a heart and a soul knows damn well what you are up to and how you are intentionally implementing the ‘Rules for Radicals’ agenda so appropriately dedicated to Satan.”

We know your hope-and-change lie is as phony as it comes. We know the rotten America-hating preacher that married you and baptized your children is a phony man of the cloth, a soiled cloth as it were.

It brings me no pleasure at all to have to admit all this ugliness. But as a participating “We the People” American in this sacred experiment in self-government, it is clearly my duty, a moral obligation that I owe to the hero warriors of the U.S. military and their families for sacrificing so dearly for our God-given individual rights, as guaranteed by the sacred U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They, and I as a law enforcement officer, took a sacred oath of honor, to defend, protect and enforce the U.S. Constitution. But unlike the president of the United States, we weren’t being phony when we raised our hand and placed our hands on the Holy Bible, and gave our solemn pledge as Americans.

We meant it.

No, these are not phony scandals, but we are heartbroken that we have a phony president.

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