Paging Ted Nugent, you got some ‘splaining to do

Ted, Ted, Ted you might want to explain yourself on linking the nation of Israel to Marxist gun control Statists. Folks who fight like Hell, like me, and Bob Owens, for gun rights are a tad confused Ted

Aging rock star and NRA Board member Ted Nugent made a controversial Facebook post yesterday which has drawn bipartisan condemnation from both left and right-leaning Jewish groups, and what appears to be a broad-based coalition of gun owners as well.

Here’s Nugent’s post.


The rhetoric was vintage Nugent, which was more than enough to get the anti-gun left in a furor, but Nugent created real anger among many gun rights supporters as well for his choice of images.

Nugent used a photo of a number of Jewish gun control supporters, where each individual photo was overlaid with an Israeli flag, with anti-Israeli or anti-Jewish conspiracy claims posted with some of the photos.

The photo of Michael Bloomberg refers to him as the Mayor of “Jew York City” and claimed he was an “Israeli agent.”

The photo of Frank Lautenberg says that he “Gave Russian Jew immigrants your tax money.”

Barabara Boxer is described as a “globalist political agent.”

The image even blasted Rahm Emmanuel for serving in the Israeli Army during the Gulf War—one of the few honorable things we’ve seen from the man who coined the phrase “never let a crisis go to waste”—as if to hint that he, too, was part of some global Jewish conspiracy.

The image was not created by Nugent, but it pop-ups most regularly on anti-Semitic and white nationalist conspiracy sites, and is meant to dishonestly convey the idea that gun control is a Jewish or Israeli plot against the U. S. Constitution.

Anyone vaguely knowledgeable about gun control knows that the biggest gun control supporters in the United States are elderly white liberal nominal Protestants (Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, your average Moms Demand,  Everytown, Brady Campaign, CSGV supporter, etc ) and inner city minorities and their elected representatives  who are on the receiving end of the criminal use of violence.

Anyone familiar with gun rights should also know that some of our most vocal and successful gun rights advocates, such as Alan Gottlieb at the Second Amendment Foundation, are Jewish, as are a significant number of gun writers, editors, and photographers. This anti-Semitic meme selectively ignores that reality entirely to push a repulsive and false idea.

Nugent could have had the good sense to recognize that he “stepped in it” when many even-tempered pro-gun folks took issue with his image selection. Rational adults admit when they’ve screwed up, they apologize, and life goes on.

But Nugent didn’t apologize. He instead doubled-down and compared some of his Jewish critics to Nazis, while ignoring the valid criticism of a clearly bigoted photo.

Come on Ted, tell me you are better than this blatant stupidity! Tell me you are not Ted because frankly, I am getting a tad tired of idiocy from folks who ought to know better, and you are not an idiot right Ted? See Ted, I am as pro gun, pro Second Amendment as they come. I am also as pro-Israel as they come Ted, and your post, makes me think you are kind of dumping on Israel Ted. And frankly some of the filth siding with you, like David Duke, who has palled around with Iranian leaders, has applauded your post Ted. So again Ted, PLEASE tell me this is not who you are!

Your Daley Gator Anti-0bama Tweet O’ The Day

Ted Nugent

obama is a Christian & Im a gay vegetarian pirate

8:57 AM – 19 Sep 2015



26 Days Of Rock And Roll – Day 14

For those of you who don’t know what this post is about, see DAY 1

N is for:









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Chris Matthews ” I am NOT paranoid!”

Maybe not Crazy Legs, maybe not. But, you are a shameless, clueless political hack who has to pry your lips off Obama’s rear to speak.

Via Mediaite:

“But they first of all referred to him, not as the ‘President of the United States’ but as a ‘liberal leader.’ They refer to the health care act of 2010 as ‘a bill.’ They refer to him as ‘Obama.’ They don’t say the ‘the president.’ They don’t say the ‘a law.’ They don’t even speak the language we normally speak in civilized political debate. They’ve changed it so much that he’s actually not really supposed to be there, and I’m not paranoid.”

THIS is why I call MSNBS, I watch so you do not have to, the Tree of Low Hanging Blogging Fruit. Matthews says the most inane things, and his guests, who are just as big a morons as Matthews go along with him. The video at the link is a classic example of how far out in left field Matthews and his followers are. First, they play a clip of Donald Trump and use HIS words to bash Conservatives. Let us set this straight folks once and for all. Trump is NOT a Conservative. He is a carnival barker, a publicity whore, a Televangelist with worse hair, and a used car salesman in a better suit. Trump is a loathsome SOB, who apparently knows what to say to get on TV. Fox seems to love them some Donald for some reason. The first time I saw Trump, my BS Detector pegged! If you are getting the impression I would not piss on Trump if he was on fire, you are getting the right impression.

Sorry for the rant, really, but I have never been able to stomach Trump. If you want to hear a REAL, GENUINE, no BS Conservative, come down to Texas, and listen to our governor. Listen to Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, or many of the bloggers like Ed and I, and those on our blogroll. Most of us are not after money, or fame, we do what we do on our time. On days off, after work, before work, and we do it because we CARE about America. But does Fox call us up? Do any big time radio talkers, who by the way talk about many things bloggers talked about a week before call us up? Hell, some of them do not even give credit for the blog they get the story from! Bet your ass Trump would do or say just about anything if there were $$$ attached, but for free? Yeah right! Maybe that is what riles me most. Folks who do it for publicity, fame, wealth, get the spotlight, usually saying the same damn things over and again while the bloggers like us, who are likely more insightful, and who bust our asses because we love America get squat!

Again, sorry for the rant. Hell I forgot what this post was supposed to be about now


The Greatest Phony America’s Ever Known (By Ted Nugent)

The Greatest Phony America’s Ever Known – Ted Nugent

It is very difficult to ignore accusations of phoniness from the master of all things phony who has dedicated his entire life to one phony scam after another. But when this unprecedented level of criminal abuse of power is so flagrantly dictated from the most powerful man in the world, good Americans should be quivering in our boots.


No, Mr. President, those are not phony tears from Brian Terry’s mother. Those are real tears, unlike your constant phony blather about caring about the middle class as you continue your well-orchestrated kamikaze economic swan dive for the average American family.

And, be assured, you old Chicago ACORN scammaster you, that those were not phony body bags that arrived home from Benghazi. As the greatest phony America has ever known, like your phoniest phony “job” as community organizer, your phony claims to get to the bottom of that horrific dereliction of duty by your phony secretary of state was just another scam of phony smoke and mirrors to placate your phony sheep-like constituency.

Phony is as phony does, Mr. President, but none of the tea party or conservative Republicans’ claims of illegal targeting by your phony IRS jackboots is phony by any stretch of the imagination.

We believe your earlier claims that such accusations were serious was just more of your phony baloney.

You want phony, Mr. President? I give you your top cop of the United States, your own phony attorney general who refuses to charge your Black Panther buddies with any crimes even though you both saw the same footage of your phony buddies committing numerous federal and state felonies when they threatened and intimidated voters in Philadelphia.

Nothing phony about those criminal gangsters.

And with all due respect, your holy phoniness, who can’t see the terminal phoniness of wasting more tax dollars with more phony charges against George Zimmerman in defiance of your own FBI investigation and the same exhaustive evidence that proved his obvious innocence to the jury of his peers and everyone paying attention who was not blinded by your phony racism?

And we mustn’t forget your phony Nobel Peace Prize, or your phony real estate scammaster ripoff artist Tony Rezko, or your phony claims that your phony “Affordable Healthcare” scam will make our healthcare system cheaper and better when just the opposite is guaranteed.

And let’s all be honest here; more of us believe in the American hero Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s thorough investigation into your phony birth certificate and phony history than the phony media’s smoke and mirrors.

We all know that Van Jones is a phony and all your green scams are as phony as phony can be.

We know that your Mao-loving communications czar Anita Dunn is as phony as they come.

Everyone knows your phony claims to “all of the above” for America’s energy independence is dangerously phony.

We know your so-called Department of Justice is as phony as the insane phony claim that your Allah Ahkbar buddy Maj. Hasan is about as guilty of “workplace” violence as I am the tooth fairy.

I could go on and on and on, but in order to avoid the inevitable violent vomiting impetus from more of your nasty phony baloney than America can possibly handle, I would just like to say: “How dare you, Mr. President, claim the nonstop ugly scandals during your Saul Alinsky inspired attack on America are phony, when everyone with a brain, a heart and a soul knows damn well what you are up to and how you are intentionally implementing the ‘Rules for Radicals’ agenda so appropriately dedicated to Satan.”

We know your hope-and-change lie is as phony as it comes. We know the rotten America-hating preacher that married you and baptized your children is a phony man of the cloth, a soiled cloth as it were.

It brings me no pleasure at all to have to admit all this ugliness. But as a participating “We the People” American in this sacred experiment in self-government, it is clearly my duty, a moral obligation that I owe to the hero warriors of the U.S. military and their families for sacrificing so dearly for our God-given individual rights, as guaranteed by the sacred U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They, and I as a law enforcement officer, took a sacred oath of honor, to defend, protect and enforce the U.S. Constitution. But unlike the president of the United States, we weren’t being phony when we raised our hand and placed our hands on the Holy Bible, and gave our solemn pledge as Americans.

We meant it.

No, these are not phony scandals, but we are heartbroken that we have a phony president.

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Ted Nugent: U.S. Sailed Off The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Long Ago

U.S. Sailed Off The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Long Ago – Ted Nugent


Only a Fedzillacrat could possibly think raising taxes on the wealthy could accomplish anything toward restoring sanity in the financial insane asylum known as our federal government.

Let’s be honest; we are not close to going over the “fiscal cliff.” We drove off that cliff a long time ago. We can only hope the crash doesn’t demolish the republic.

Raising taxes on the wealthy, closing loopholes and eliminating deductions is analogous to seeing Michelangelo’s very first short paint stroke on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and claiming it’s a masterpiece.

We are more than $16 trillion in debt today, and estimates are that America will be $22 trillion in debt at the end of this president’s second term. If that’s not a certifiable, titanic financial disaster, someone please tell the American public what is.

You won’t get an argument from me that America has a spending problem. A much larger problem we face, however, is a federal government problem. We’ve got malfunctioning departments stacked on top of bloated agencies that are stacked on top of a bungled mess of various supporting offices that are overstocked with duplicitous bureaucrats. We’ve created the very beast (hence the name Fedzilla) that our forefathers warned us about, and it’s killing us.

We can’t keep throwing good money after bad and expect different results. What we need is a wholesale, top-to-bottom assessment of the federal government, and then we need to slash and burn all Fedzilla departments, agencies and offices that are not constitutionally required or deemed vital. This should be fundamental before any deals are cut regarding new taxes.

The three sacred entitlement cows in the room that no politician wants to poke are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. A blinding statement of the obvious is that we are never going to get our financial house in order until these sacred entitlement cows are not only poked, but slaughtered. Until the slaughter is over, everything else is just taxation window dressing.

In addition to slaughtering the three sacred entitlement cows that consume a vast majority of the federal budget (and I use the term budget generously), let’s truly spread the pain around and raise taxes on everyone, including the nearly 50 percent of Americans who pay zero federal income taxes. Those Americans need to have some skin in the game, too. I recommend at least a 5 percent federal income tax bracket for them. The insane free ride needs to end.

Every federal agency and department should be required to take an immediate, real 15 percent cut in its budget – no funny accounting tricks, but a real 15 percent cut. Agency budgets then should be rolled back to their 2005 level before the end of 2013.

No tax-raising deal should be signed without including a balanced-budget amendment.

Let’s also stop the insanity by suspending the right to vote of any American who is on welfare. Once they get off welfare and are self-sustaining, they get their right to vote restored. No American on welfare should have the right to vote for tax increases on those Americans who are working and paying taxes to support them. That’s insane.

In addition to suspending a welfare recipient’s right to vote, we also need to get our voting system straightened out and eliminate voter fraud. We need to ensure that only Americans vote by requiring polling places to validate the identification of each voter.

It shouldn’t take a Motown guitar slayer to come up with these common-sense bargaining chips before taxes are raised on the producers, which will further choke the economy. How about it, GOP?

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If dissent is the highest form of patriotism………..

I seem to recall hearing, over and again, the Left cry that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. But maybe that only applied to the Bush years. Or maybe Obama is not a big fan of dissent

So much for Freedom of Speech.

Ted Nugent has been removed from his scheduled concert performance to entertain our Army soldiers in Fort Knox.  Even though the Secret Service determined that recent remarks the musician made regarding the president did not violate any laws, our Obama-led government still decided to mete out its own Obama-style punishment.  Never mind the ones being punished are our soldiers.

According to CNN,

It’s lights out on Ted Nugent’s scheduled performance at an Army base in Kentucky.

Commanders at Fort Knox have decided against allowing the “Motor City Madman” to take the stage at the base in June, the latest fallout over Nugent’s comments that he would be “dead or in jail” if President Barack Obama were re-elected.

“After learning of opening act Ted Nugent’s recent public comments about the president of the United States, Fort Knox leadership decided to cancel his performance on the installation,” according to an announcement posted Saturday on the base’s Facebook page.

The concert at the base is part of the “Midwest Rock n’ Roll Express” tour featuring co-headliners Nugent, REO Speedwagon and Styx

Anyone want to take a bet on how many Liberals rise up and support dissent now?

When you talk about double standards…………..

You have to talk about the standards the Left applies to its behavior. Eugene Robinson is a classic example of the sheer hypocrisy and delusion of the Left.

Not all overheated political rhetoric is alike. Delusional right-wing crazy talk — the kind of ranting we’ve heard recently from washed-up rock star Ted Nugent and Tea Party-backed Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) — is a special kind of poison that cannot be safely ignored.

Let me be clear: I’m saying that the extreme language we hear from the far right is qualitatively different from the extreme language we hear from the far left — and far more damaging to the ties that bind us as a nation. Tut-tutting that both sides should tone it down is meaningless. For all intents and purposes, one side is the problem.

Well, one thing about Robinson, a regular contributor on MSNBS, is that he is, at least, honest about how biased he and other Leftists are! Open minded? Not Leftists, not at all.

H’T to William Teach, who adds this

Have you ever noticed that when Progressives talk about some subject, there is always some sort of exclusionary point? The want higher taxes, but, not for themselves. They want globull warming laws, but, not for themselves. They want national health care, but not for unions and other left wing groups and companies. 

Oh, of course not! Leftists consider themselves as above the masses. 

*VIDEO* Ted Nugent Rocks The NRA… Figuratively Speaking

Texas needs Ted Nugent!

Robert sends out the call!

Right NOW. I need everyone, regardless of where you live to send a message to the Texas Governor Rick Perry. Let him know you would like Ted Nugent appointed to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Directors post.

I can’t think of a better person in the world for that job and since Texas is in AMERICA we need Good conservative leadership in all posts, but this one in particular. If you are a hunter, a trapper, a fisherman, or an outdoors lover this post should be very important to you.

Contact Rick Perry


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