Tehran Will Start Using Fastest Centrifuges On Day Obama Nuke Deal Takes Effect

Tehran Will Start Using Fastest Centrifuges On Day Deal Takes Effect – Times Of Israel


Iran will begin using its latest generation IR-8 centrifuges as soon as its nuclear deal with the world powers goes into effect, Iran’s foreign minister and nuclear chief told members of parliament on Tuesday, according to Iran’s semi-official FARS news agency.

If accurate, the report appears to make a mockery of the world powers’ much-hailed framework agreement with Iran, since such a move clearly breaches the US-published terms of the deal, and would dramatically accelerate Iran’s potential progress to the bomb.

Iran has said that its IR-8 centrifuges enrich uranium 20 times faster than the IR-1 centrifuges it currently uses.

According to the FARS report, “Iran’s foreign minister and nuclear chief both told a closed-door session of the parliament on Tuesday that the country would inject UF6 gas into the latest generation of its centrifuge machines as soon as a final nuclear deal goes into effect by Tehran and the six world powers.”

It said that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) head Ali Akbar Salehi made the promise when they briefed legislators on the framework agreement, and claimed the move was permitted under the terms of the deal.

“The AEOI chief and the foreign minister presented hopeful remarks about nuclear technology R&D which, they said, have been agreed upon during the talks (with the six world powers), and informed that gas will be injected into IR8 (centrifuge machines) with the start of the (implementation of the) agreement,” FARS quoted Javad Karimi Qoddousi, a member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, as saying.

Qoddousi said the Iranian Foreign Ministry plans to release a fact sheet presenting Iran’s version of the framework understandings in the next few days. “Those issues that have stirred serious concern among the Iranians will be revised and released in this fact sheet,” he said.

Earlier Tuesday, Israel Radio reported that Zarif told the lawmakers that Iran was capable of producing an atomic bomb at any given moment, but will refrain from doing so due to religious Islamic injunctions against such a move.

Major differences have emerged between the P5+1 powers and Iran over what was agreed in the framework deal.

“Parameters” detailed by the US leave no doubt whatsoever, however, that the use of anything other than the most basic, first generation IR-1 centrifuges is barred for 10 years, and that even R&D on advanced centrifuges will be severely constrained.

“Iran will only enrich uranium at the Natanz facility, with only 5,060 IR-1 first-generation centrifuges for ten years,” the US parameters state. “Iran has agreed to only enrich uranium using its first generation (IR-1 models) centrifuges at Natanz for ten years, removing its more advanced centrifuges… Iran will not use its IR-2, IR-4, IR-5, IR-6, or IR-8 models to produce enriched uranium for at least ten years,” the US document adds. “For ten years, enrichment and enrichment research and development will be limited to ensure a breakout timeline of at least 1 year. Beyond 10 years, Iran will abide by its enrichment and enrichment R&D plan submitted to the IAEA, and pursuant to the JCPOA, under the Additional Protocol resulting in certain limitations on enrichment capacity.”

A French fact-sheet seen by The Times of Israel takes a similar position. It provides for Iran to gradually introduce the use of IR-2 and IR-4 centrifuges to enrich uranium after 12 years. It does not provide for the use of IR-8 centrifuges. The French fact sheet does specify that Iran will be allowed to continue R&D work on the advanced IR-4, IR-5, IR-6 and IR-8 centrifuges.

A document issued by the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Friday also does not assert an Iranian right to use IR-8 centrifuges. Its only reference to the IR-8 is as follows: “According to the reached solutions, Iran will continue its research and development on advanced machines and will continue the initiation and completion phases of the research and development process of IR-4, IR-5, IR-6, and IR-8 centrifuges during the 10-year period of the Comprehensive Plan for Joint Action.”



If anyone is guilty of “McCarthyism”……..

….it would be Crazy legs Matthews and the rest of the gang of ass hats at MSNBS. They are the ones constantly throwing accusations of racism around, trying to demonize Conservatives. They just can’t help it I guess. People often accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. Read what Matthews says about Sen. Ted Cruz and tell me he is not deflecting.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Lindsey Graham, and so was John McCain, not on this program but this week. It’s about tactics. Let’s take it back. I don’t know the man’s personality. I know he’s got an interesting background, he’s a brilliant gay in many ways, but the tactics. You know, I watched him in those hearings and I saw Joe McCarthy, I saw the way he was prosecuting the case, the way he was putting up evidence, innuendo, guilt by association. If some spokesperson, some flack for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran, says he thinks we can do business with this guy more than some hawkish neo-con, is that indictment against him? But it turned into an indictment. I think it’s really being unfair and I think the Senate is going to circle the wagons and say this guy’s going in.

Maybe we should start calling him Chris “McCarthy” Matthews?

BREAKING! Iran nuclear facility hit? Updated Why the MSM is not covering this story

 The Brenner Brief has the story

Unconfirmed reports are trickling out of the Middle East stating last Monday an explosion rocked theFordo nuclear enrichment facility in Iran. Western news agencies haven’t corroborated the story; however, World News Daily is reporting that Hamidreza Zakeri, formerly a member of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and National Security, has confirmed the facility had been hit.

While accurate information can be difficult to get out of this notoriously secretive regime, there are reportedly over 240 people trapped underground in Iran’s second largest nuclear facility.

Iranian officials out of Tehran believe the explosion was the result of sabotage.

Rumors of this being pulled off by Israel are already circulating. Israel has been an outspoken opponent of Iran becoming nuclear capable, and in 1981 Israel was able to dismantle Iraq’s nuclear program through a bombing raid — known as Operation Opera – on largely centralized, above ground facilities.

More at The Brenner Brief, and I will post updates here as I am able

UPDATE!! The Brenner Brief has an update

Earlier this morning, we reported on the apparent bombing of a nuclear facility inIranWe reported on this before many of the major news outlets, including having it up over 12 hours before Breitbart.com posted a link to another site.

Our contributor, Jason Blair, and The Brenner Brief have been questioned via social media today regarding the validity of this story. We stand behind the story, as other news outlets had then and have now reported on it. Of course, we do not have any direct assets in Iran, as only the government would in that closed society. However, several outlets, including reputable direct sources listed in those other stories, have proclaimed that this explosion did indeed take place and that a bombing, or sabotage, of some sort did occur.

So the question is, why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on the Iran bombing story? We have been asked this question in a manner to suggest that because the “MSM” isn’t reporting on it, it cannot be true. Perhaps this is the first story where we have truly done as our slogan suggests: “The Brenner Brief — rendering the mainstream media useless.”

We asked Blair his opinion on the MSM’s failure to report on this. We are not supporting a conspiracy theory and neither is Blair; however, we are thinking through the various reasons why this complete avoidance of the topic by mainstream media could be possible. Blair’s thoughts on the issue are as follows:

If the report is accurate, the explosion would have happened on Inauguration day. The media was focused on that and this topic really didn’t jive with what Obama was looking to push in his inaugural address.

Chuck Hagel, who is being floated for Secretary of Defense, is perceived as being weak on Iran. With this news coming so close to his confirmation there may be a push to try to hold it back from the public. At the same time, I would think those seeking to block his nomination would be leaking this out.

If Israel had anything to do with it, they have a track record of being pretty quiet about this kind of stuff, as seen in their 2007
bombing of a Syrian nuclear reactor.  Also important to note – President Bush refused to comment on it when he was confronted on this Operation in a press conference.

Drudge put out a story from yesterday that shows Israel is stepping back from plans on unilaterally attacking Iran. Could this be a reason?

I’m pretty sure Iran wants to keep this quiet. They have been stalling on nuclear talks, and this week suggested the talks be pushed out to February. Perhaps they’re a little pre-occupied?

I will post any updates I get


God bless Israel, and God bless Mossad

Via Weasel Zippers

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new book claims Israel’s spy agency dispatched assassins into Iran, as part of a campaign to sabotage the country’s disputed nuclear program.

Israeli operatives have killed at least four Iranian nuclear scientists, including targeting them with operatives on motorcycles, an assassination technique used by the Israeli spy service, the Mossad, according to authors Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman in their book to be published July 9, “Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel’s Secret Wars”.

The Mossad agents “excel at accurate shooting at any speed and staying steady to shoot and to place exquisitely shaped sticky bombs” and consider it their hallmark, Raviv said Friday during an interview with both authors.

The hits are part of a series of regular missions deep inside Iran, intended to keep Tehran from developing weapons and following through with threats by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to wipe Israel off the map. U.S. officials have said in the past that they were not involved, and they don’t know who did it.

The U.S. and Israel accuse Iran of seeking nuclear weapons, a charge Tehran denies.

Iran has long blamed the scientists’ killings on Israel, which has remained silent on the matter, but media reports speculated Israel had contracted killers to do the job.

“They don’t farm out a mission that is that sensitive,” so sensitive that Israel’s prime minister has to sign off on it personally, Raviv said. “They might use dissidents for assistance or logistics but not the hit itself. The methodology and training and use of motorcycles is all out of the Mossad playbook. They wouldn’t trust anybody else to do it.”

The Mossad operatives enter and exit Iran through a “multitude” of routes, using a series of safe houses once inside the country that predate the 1979 revolution, the authors said.

In Friday’s interview, co-author Melman said Israel believes the campaign successfully disrupted Iran’s nuclear program not only by taking out key scientists but also dissuading other up-and-coming scholars from joining the program.

Raviv is a CBS News correspondent, and Melman is a well-known Israeli reporter and commentator.

You go Israel


Big Peace has this news

(AP) US envoy to Israel: US ready to strike Iran


Washington’s envoy to Israel says the U.S. has plans in place to attack Tehran if necessary to prevent it from becoming an atomic military power.

In remarks before the Israel Bar Association, Dan Shapiro said the U.S. hopes diplomacy and economic sanctions will pressure Iran to abandon its suspect nuclear program.

He says the U.S. prefers not to resort to military force “but that doesn’t mean that option is not fully available. Not just available, but it’s ready. The necessary planning has been done to ensure that it’s ready.”

While I am sure that the plans are made, contingency plans are there for all sorts of military situations, I must pose the first question that popped into my head. Would such an attack be made to help you know who get you know what in November? It seems an unbelievable question, or at least it would if we were talking about just any other US president. But, we have all seen first hand how Obama pimped the Osama killing, so…………..

BREAKING NEWS!! Iran invaded by evil Infidel Barbies!

Islamic assbackwardsness on display!

English: this is a picture of my Barbie doll
Image via Wikipedia

Following are excerpts from an interview with Majid Qadiri, head of the toy department at the Iranian Center for Early Childhood Development, which aired on Al-Alam TV on January 25, 2012:

Majid Qadiri: [Toys] have an evident influence on children. [It is harmful] to dress dolls in the best clothes of the best quality, in keeping with the culture that children see in cartoons and in the cinema. But if these are in keeping with our national and Islamic ideology, [our children] will not be subject to a cultural invasion.

This is what the Islamic world is dealing with today. It has been invaded by foreign dolls and toys, like Barbie dolls and others, which are sold to children. These dolls should not be bought, because they have an impact on the mentality of children, and when these children reach adolescence and can choose for themselves, they will find themselves in a situation where the invading culture is dominant.

Interviewer: You mentioned, for example, Barbie dolls, which are very popular in our society. How have the dolls you manufacture been received by children and parents?

Majid Qadiri: We concentrate on making Iranian dolls. It should be pointed out that it is forbidden to bring Barbie dolls into this country. We don’t want to import other dolls to Iran either. If you find these dolls in Iranian markets, they must have been smuggled in. We want to create an environment that is appropriate for children, in which they can benefit from playing with dolls with value in the cultural sense. This can give a boost to culture among children, who will not be influenced by the imported culture.

Ah, see it is “for the children”

God bless the Mossad

Is the Mossad taking out Iran’s nuke scientists? Apparently so. Good on them!

Israel’s Mossad is responsible for training and paying the assassins of a number of Iranian nuclear scientists over the past two years, TIME magazine reported Saturday citing unnamed Western intelligence sources.

In addition to the assassinations of the scientists, all of which were carried out using nearly identical magnetic bombs attached to the side of their cars, the intelligence sources claimed Israel was responsible for an explosion at an Iranian missile base outside Tehran late last year.

Daily Benefactor News – Tehran Beats Back New Protests



————————————————————- TOP STORY ————————————————————-

Tehran Beats Back New Protests – Wall Street Journal

Iranian police used tear gas and electric prods to crack down on the country’s biggest antigovernment protests in at least a year, as demonstrators buoyed by activism across the Middle East returned to the country’s streets by the tens of thousands Monday.

The day of planned antigovernment rallies began largely peacefully, according to witnesses, with protesters marching silently or sitting and chanting. But as demonstrators’ ranks swelled, police and antiriot forces lined the streets, ordered shops to shut down and responded at times with force, according to witnesses and opposition websites, in a repeat of the official crackdown that helped snuff out months of spirited opposition rallies a year ago.

By day’s end, online videos showed garbage bins on fire, protesters throwing rocks at the police and crowds clashing with motorcycle-mounted members of the pro-regime Basij militia.

Monday’s protests come as calls for regime change have led to the popular ousters of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Tunisia’s Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. They mark a broadening from Iranian rallies that drew hundreds of thousands through 2009 and early 2010.

Those rallies targeted what opposition leaders said was a flawed presidential election that they say unfairly returned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power. Monday’s protests, by comparison, demanded that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the core of power in the Islamic Republic, step down.

“Mubarak! Ben Ali! It’s now the turn for Seyed Ali!” people chanted, according to witnesses and videos, referring to the country’s spiritual head.

In Tehran’s Enghelab Avenue, the main route for the rally, a crowd of young men and women on Monday evening stomped on a giant banner depicting Mr. Khamenei and set it on fire, a sign of deepest disrespect in the Muslim world. Videos of the scene showed crowds cheering in response.

Iran’s government and its opposition alike have sought to identify themselves with the mood of change sweeping the Middle East. Iranian officials sought to paint this year’s Arab revolts as Islamic uprisings like the Iranian revolution that toppled the U.S.-backed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi more than 30 years ago.

Iran’s opposition protesters, meanwhile, have renewed their challenge to the government, emboldened by rallies led by a similar cadre of educated, tech-savvy youth seeking better economic opportunity and more political freedoms.

Those who saw the rallies in Tehran placed the number of protesters in the capital in the tens of thousands. Witnesses in the cities of Mashad, Isfahan and Tabriz saw crowds they estimated at thousands of demonstrators each, with blog reports and other online dispatches placing overall participation in such cities at over 10,000 each.

Iranian officials have all but banned reporting on anti-regime protests, making it difficult to estimate not only the size of crowds, but the number of casualties, fatalities and arrests.

Iran’s protests coincided with a visit Monday by Turkish President Abdullah Gul, who briefly addressed the unrest sweeping the Mideast at a joint press conference with Mr. Ahmadinejad. “We see that sometimes when the leaders and heads of countries do not pay attention to the nations’ demands, the people themselves take action,” Mr. Gul said. He didn’t mention Iran.

Iranian officials didn’t comment on Monday’s protests. The Fars News Agency, affiliated with the country’s Revolutionary Guards, reported that a “group of thugs” commissioned by the U.S. and Israel had taken to the streets to cause riots. Fars News said protestors had shot and killed one person and injured several others.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday charged Tehran’s leadership with hypocrisy following its stated support for Egyptian protesters.

Iran’s government “over the last three weeks has constantly hailed what went on in Egypt, and now, when given the opportunity to afford their people the same rights… once again illustrate their true nature,” Mrs. Clinton told reporters in Washington. “We wish the opposition and the brave people in the streets across cities in Iran the same opportunity that they saw their Egyptian counterparts seize in the last week.”

To support Iranian protestors, the State Department began using social media, particularly Twitter-sending its messages, for the first time, in Farsi-in calling on Iran’s government to allow protestors to freely assemble and communicate.

Separately, an online collective known as “Anonymous” said it had launched so-called denial of service attacks on a number of high-profile Iranian government sites. In a DOS attack, computers flood a server to prevent it from displaying a web page.

The group, which has attacked a number of corporate and other websites in apparent retaliation for moves against the document-leaking organization WikiLeaks, targeted the websites of Iran’s state news broadcaster and the website of President Ahmadinejad, among others. It is unclear how successful the attacks were, but those two sites weren’t accessible late Monday.

This year’s uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt have inspired populations across the Middle East, showing how rulers once thought invulnerable could be toppled in a wave of popular discontent. Iran’s regime has so far provided a counterexample, as it has shown less reluctance to take a violent line against its people. Opposition groups and human rights organizations say more than 100 people were killed and more than 5,000 jailed in Iran’s demonstrations of late 2009 and early 2010.

Opposition leaders in Iran started with relatively modest goals after the 2009 election, including nullifying the election results, which they said were rigged. Iranian officials said the results reflected the will of the people.

Now, analysts say, revolts in Egypt and Tunisia have galvanized Iranian protesters around the goal of regime change. “It’s very clear that we are now way beyond a post-election crisis,” said Hamid Dabashi, professor of Iranian studies at Columbia University. “People are going after the regime.”

Monday’s protests began peacefully in the early afternoon as men and women streamed on foot along pre-designated routes in multiple cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Mashad and Shiraz. Drivers honked in support. Shopkeepers waved the victory sign.

In response, the government deployed heavy security. Cellphone and text-messaging service was down along the protest routes, Iranians reported.

As the afternoon waned, crowd swelled and began chanting against Mr. Khamenei, according to eyewitnesses and reports posted on the Internet. Security forces attacked people with electric prods and tear gas. Protesters ran and hid, and then regrouped defiantly a few feet away.

One witness described a scene in which a flower-decorated car in a bridal convoy became stuck in the protests. With security forces in pursuit of demonstrators, a bride in full regalia stepped out of the car and helped shove protesters inside to protect them, this person said.

Witnesses said the plain-clothes Basij militia were dispatched on motorbikes and vans later in the evening. They took position in side streets and beat protesters with sticks and batons, witnesses said.

Various observers reported several injuries and arrests. Their accounts weren’t possible to verify.

“I saw a young woman thrown to the sidewalk, her head split open and she was bleeding, but the guy kept kicking her,” a young man from Tehran said via Internet chat.

A young female activist said by telephone from the city of Isfahan that plain-clothes Basij militia had attacked a group of young men and women and dragged them into a parking lot on Revolution Avenue. They locked the gate and began beating them with wooden sticks and electric batons as the protesters fell to the ground and screamed, the activist said.

“Everyone was terrified and we felt helpless. All we could do was shout ‘Death to the Dictator,’ but the police chased us,” said the activist.

Opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi had called the protest and vowed to participate. But they were put under house arrest all day, according to opposition web sites. When Mr. Mousavi and his wife attempted to leave the house, security forces stopped them, and blocked their street with multiple police cars, according to the website.

As darkness fell on Tehran, the city was rocked again by the chants from residents on rooftops across the capital: “God is great,” and “Death to the dictator,” according to witnesses. The Facebook page of the protest, 25 Bahman, said it would soon announce further plans for demonstrations in the following days.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story

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Your daily moment of Sharia cruelty

Via Hot Air

We’re a day late to this but it shouldn’t be missed. The scene: A street protest in downtown Khartoum (or is it Tehran, or post-U.S. Kandahar?), organized to fight … violence against women.

The flogging is initially to her back, in keeping with the Sharia code, or Islamic law, governing flogging, but when she turns to ask for mercy, the whipping continues to the front part of her body, including her face, hands and legs…

On late Sunday, Sudan’s Judiciary Authority, which oversees the legal system, announced it had launched an inquiry to see if the punishment had been administered improperly. The authority said nothing about the punishment itself…

Flogging is common in northern Sudan, where Islamic law is often enforced arbitrarily under the Public Order Act. Police and “public order units” have powers to enforce what is inappropriate dress or behavior. Local human rights organizations have long accused police of abusing their authority to mistreat women.

There is, I hope, a special place in Hell for these bastards!