Leftist Nightmare Update: California Doctors Refusing Patients Over Terrible Obamacare Reimbursements (Video)

California: Doctors Refusing Patients Over Terrible Obamacare Reimbursements – Right Scoop

It sounds like a bit of a mess in California. Some doctors are showing up on lists provided by insurance companies as part of their coverage even though these doctors never signed up to be part of it. And they have to refuse patients because the reimbursements, in some cases, are far worse than Medicare. The problem is Obamacare only regulates how much doctors can charge patients for procedures, not how much doctors are reimbursed. And when reimbursements are too low, doctors simply can’t afford to accept those patients or they will go out of business. Thus patients are hit with even fewer options than they realized when they signed up:


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*VIDEO* George Will: “If The President Wants A Terrible Secretary Of Defense, He’s Got A Right To Him”

REALLY, George? And what about the American people’s right to a competent federal government?

After all, the Secretary of Defense is charged with protecting OUR nation. He is supposed to be more concerned with defending the collective interests of 320 million Americans than the short-sighted, political agenda of any single individual.

Why should the Legislative branch of government automatically defer to the Executive branch over issues of OUR national security?

Do the terms “separation of powers” and “co-equal branches of government” mean NOTHING to you?

You see, folks, Mr. Will has just engaged in exactly the sort of mindless, rhetorical argument that practically all so-called conservative pundits do after they’ve spent a few too many years hobnobbing with inside-the-beltway leftists.

They begin to lose their common sense and start viewing everything through the prism of Washington D.C. politics.

We’re not talking here about some largely useless bureaucratic office that any braying jackass with a room-temperature IQ can handle. No, what we’re discussing is the most important federal post next to the presidency itself, one in which life-and-death decisions are made every single day with respect to hundreds of thousands – if not millions of American soldiers and civilians alike.

To reduce such an important topic to some political debate about presidential prerogatives is completely irresponsible, especially during a time of war.