Stunning Incompetence: Over 70 Workers Hired By TSA Were On Terrorism Watchlists

70+ Workers Hired By TSA Were On Terrorism Watchlists – Truth Revolt


The much-beleaguered Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is facing yet another crisis – its second in two weeks – after a new report from the inspector general’s office at the Department of Homeland Security discovered that the agency did not adequately screen 73 airport workers who had been placed on terrorism-related watch lists.

Far from inspiring confidence, the inspector general’s report portrays the TSA as being at the mercy of complex regulations, a deficit of information from other agencies, and bureaucratic entanglements that prevented the agency from verifying that the information they received on aviation workers was accurate.

Under the heading “What We Found” the report describes:

TSA’s multi-layered process to vet aviation workers for potential links to terrorism was generally effective… However, our testing showed that TSA did not identify 73 individuals with terrorism-related category codes because TSA is not authorized to receive all terrorism-related information under current interagency watchlisting policy.

In addition to not being aware that 73 airport employees were on terrorism watch lists, the report also found that the TSA is also lacking accurate information about the criminal history and legal status of other employees who work in restricted areas.

The report explains:

TSA had less effective controls in place for ensuring that aviation workers 1) had not committed crimes that would disqualify them from having unescorted access to secure airport areas, and 2) had lawful status and were authorized to work in the United States. In general, TSA relied on airport operators to perform criminal history and work authorization checks, but had limited oversight over these commercial entities. Thus, TSA lacked assurance that it properly vetted all credential applications.

The TSA apparently wasn’t even able to fully verify the identities of their employees because records sometimes omitted a candidate’s full name or social security number.

Further, thousands of records used for vetting workers contained potentially incomplete or inaccurate data, such as an initial for a first name and missing social security numbers. TSA did not have appropriate edit checks in place to reject such records from vetting.

This latest outrage comes on the heels of an internal investigation released last week by the Department of Homeland Security which revealed that the TSA failed to detect banned weapons or imitation explosives 95% at America’s most highly-trafficked airports. This monumental failure rate led to the ouster of the TSA’s acting chief, Melvin Carraway.

In an official response to the report, the TSA promised to screen workers against a more inclusive database by the end of 2015.



When the State makes us defenseless…………

Then evil men, like terrorists, take their opportunity to commit evil acts.

This time, at least a dozen people were murdered:

Twelve people have been shot dead at the headquarters of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, say police.

Two masked gunmen are reported to have stormed the offices of the controversial publication, which has previously been attacked over its portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed.

They are believed to have been armed with Kalashnikov rifles and a rocket-propelled grenade.

According to the AFP news agency, the attackers shouted: “We have avenged the prophet.”

A manhunt is under way for the gunmen, who escaped after a shootout in the street with police.

There is no right to bear arms in the French constitution, and so the left-wing weekly was essentially undefended when the pair of attackers emerged from a small black car and opened fire with what appeared to be fully-automatic AKMs. There are also claims that the attackers may have used an rocket-propelled grenade. Blast damage to an exterior wall lends credibility to that claim.

Charlie Hebdo has been threatened by Muslims since 2011, when they ran a special issue satirizing the prophet Mohammed with cartoons.

The attackers KNEW that they would not be opposed by anyone with a weapon except for possibly police officers, some of whom are UNARMED while on duty!

Charlie Hebdo was under “police protection,” which turned out to be woefully unprepared for the attack. At least two police officers are known to be among the dead, including one wounded and then finished off with a coup de grace on video.

We’ll warn in you advance that this brief video of part of the attack is both graphic and real, and is likely not safe for work [NSFW] viewing.

Why do we post such a gruesome video? We do so to point out the fact that the terrorists were all but carefree in their attack.

They knew that once the uniformed police were killed, that the neutered citizens of Paris would be able to nothing other than cower, or at most film the attack from now ubiquitous cell phone cameras. They knew that they could complete their mission and escape before Paris police had any chance to converge upon them… and they were right.

The gunmen who attacked Charlie Hebdo got away.

Paris reels.

Sadly, if the French citizen who shot the video above had been armed, there is an excellent chance that he could have fired upon these terrorists from above, giving the injured police officer writhing on the ground at least a chance of surviving his previous wounds.

But France is, as a matter of practicality, a “gun free zone.”

I had the same thought while watching the coverage on TV at work. A good rifle with a scope could have been very useful against these Muslim terrorists. And, as I have before, I wondered how long until such an attack happens somewhere in America. I pray it never does, but I also pray that good people will do their best to be prepared if it does. The truth is that if such an attack does happen, anyone caught in it will have no choice but to fight back. There will be no mercy from the Jihadists. No, that is not a pleasant thought, but it is a real one.

Go read it all and focus on this folks

There is no “right to bear arms” in the French constitution. Both semi-automatic rifles and handguns—the same firearms Americans could so easily bring to bear against terrorists in our streets outside of a handful of freedom restricted cities—are prohibited, with very narrow exceptions

The anti-gun insanity has gone so far even police are often not carrying a firearm.

*VIDEO* Jihadi Work Accident: Explosive Belt Detonates During Syrian Terrorism Party

I have to admit, this video made me giggle.

But then I’m an Islamophobe, a xenophoba, and probably a racist too, so…


I know I am wrong for thinking this but….

When I read this I have one thought

Via Ynet:

A sharp increase in the number of al-Qaeda linked fighters joining the fight against President Bashar Assad in Syria is threatening to spill over the borders and prompting the Jewish State to re-evaluate its policy of neutrality in the civil war next door, a senior Israeli intelligence official warned on Friday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because military regulations prevent him from releasing the information, claimed more than 30,000 al-Qaeda linked fighters are active in Syria, a huge increase over previous Western estimates. He did not disclose how Israel reached the figure or specify which groups were included in the count, only defining the fighters as believers in “global jihad,” which he said meant a mix of those linked to al-Qaeda or inspired by the terror network.

And that one thought? If there are 30,000 terrorists in Syria, should we use this chance to drop a few nukes on Syria? World – 30,000 terrorists = a better world. So, am I wrong for having that thought?

The best thing the West can do is to STOP bending over backwards to appease Muslims

Amazing is it not, that every terrorist act committed by a Muslim is followed by some world leader pleading that we not judge all Muslims by that act. It is time we stopped treating Islam as a religion we have to make excuses for. Donald Douglas has more

Daniel Greenfield writes on British Prime Minister David Cameron, “PM Cameron: ‘There is Nothing in Islam that Justifies this Truly Dreadful Act’.”

Usually, after a horrible crime, it’s the lawyer for the killer who steps forward to assure the public and potential jurors that his client had nothing whatsoever to do with the act.

But when it comes to Muslim terror, that is now the role of political leaders.

“This was not just an attack on Britain – and on our British way of life. It was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said. “There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act. We will defeat violent extremism by standing together by backing our police and security services and above all by challenging the poisonous narrative of extremism on which this violence feeds.”

Muslim communities do indeed give so much to the UK, aside from the occasional bombing and beheading, there are the sex grooming gangs, the social welfare fraud and the drug dealing.

It’s astounding really. They give so much and get so little in return. Just free homes and jail sentences.

But while I would hesitate to disagree with a scholar of Islam like Cameron, perhaps we should turn to a more expert source.

Sura (chapter) 47 contains the ayah (verse): 

“When you encounter the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the prisoners tightly.”

As I have written before, this is ultimately a Muslim issue. Muslims, and there are many of them must either take their religion back, or reject it entirely. Either way, the excuse train has to be derailed

*VIDEO* Newt Gingrich Debates Robert Gibbs On National Security, Entitlements, Debt And Gun Control At Penn State University

……………………Click on image above to watch video.