Why yes, of course Rick Perry scares the heck out of Obama

What is the biggest issue in the 2012 race likely to be? Jobs, and  the economy. What is Obama’s weakest point? Jobs. What Republican has the best proven record of creating jobs? Even in these tough times? Rick Perry. Who can face down Mr. Teleprompter in a debate? Rick Perry. Who has a broad appeal across the various wings (Tea Party, Libertarian, Social Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives, Establishment Republicans, Christians, gun rights supporters, pro-life Conservatives) of the GOP? Rick Perry.

Sure, the media will double, triple down on the, “America is not ready for another Texas Governor as president” BS. Yes, they will pound Perry as a “radical” a “gun nut” and a “Christian” but in the end, if Perry runs, and if he gets nominated, which I believe he would, it would all come back to four letters, JOBS! Now, finally, some one other than myself is saying this, but remember who said all this first, yep, ME!

Obama’s Record

Energy:  Gasoline was $1.67 a gallon then.  It’s now $3.79.

Food:  Average cost of a gallon of milk was about $2.65.  It’s about $3.50 today.

Housing:  The median cost of a home was $229,600.  Today it’s $217,900.

Budget deficit:  We fell $438 billion short of balancing the federal budget in 2008.  We missed it by $1.4 trillion this year—nearly four times higher.

U.S. debt:  Total federal debt was $10.7 trillion then. It’s $14.5 trillion now—nearly 50% higher.

Unemployment:  Then, 7.3% of Americans were unemployed and 9.1% are unemployed today.

Perry’s Record

A recent state-by-state comparison study by the Texas Public Policy Foundation found that Texas had a state tax burden of 8.4%, compared to a U.S. average of 9.7%.  And the Texas gross state product grew 94.5% over 10 years, vs. 66.3% for the rest of the country.

Texas far outpaces other states in job creation.  Michael Cox and Richard Alm, director and writer-in-residence, respectively, at Southern Methodist University’s William J. O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom write:  “From January 2000 to June 2010 [Perry’s tenure], Texas had a net increase of nearly 1.1 million jobs—more than any other state by far.  In fact, Texas’ outsized gains eclipsed the total of the next five job-creating states: Florida, Arizona, Virginia, Utah and Washington.”

More importantly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Texas created 129,000 new jobs in 2009—a recession year.  That was more than half of all the jobs created in the country.

See why Obama is concerned about a Perry bid?  Would you want to stand before the public in a presidential debate and defend Obama’s record compared with Perry’s?

Read the whole thing, it is very good. In my view, and in the view of author of this column,  Merrill Matthews, Perry holds advantages over Obama across the board.