Big shocker of the day EPA head is a Communist

Of course she is, show me one member of Team Obama that isn’t.

Via CNS News:

Ahead of her upcoming trip to China, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy told a liberal advocacy group in Washington on Monday that she has dedicated her life to protecting the environment: “And I really see no greater issue and no more urgent threat to public health than climate change.”

McCarthy said the goal of her trip is to support the Chinese “in meeting their air pollution challenges,” and she said China has much to learn from the United States.

“Climate change is not just a public health and safety issue,” McCarthy told the Center for American Progress. “I consider it to be one of the greatest economic challenges of our time as well, which is why I’m really looking forward to the trip and why I was very excited back this summer when President Obama spoke so eloquently and so comprehensively about the urgency to act on climate change when he spoke at Georgetown University.”

BS! It is all about redistribution folks. Green is the new RED!


EPA admits war on coal will do squat to aid environment

Of course not, because a cleaner earth is not what the EPA is after is it?

Via Daily Caller:

The Obama administration is effectively banning the construction of new coal-fired power plants, a move officials admit will have little to no impact on global warming.

“The EPA does not anticipate that this proposed rule will result in notable CO2 emission change,” the agency writes in its proposal to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

“EPA knows there aren’t benefits,” Dan Simmons, director of regulatory and state affairs at the Institute for Energy Research, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “EPA and environmentalists are being disingenuous when they claim this rule will have an impact on the climate or the environment.”

Meet the new Marxists, same as the old Marxists


Did I ever mention I can speak Liberalese?

Liberalese being the native tongue of Libs, Leftists, Progressives, Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists, etc. Not only can I speak this strange and intellectually vacuous language, but I can also translate Liberalese to actual English. I do this as a public service, because I care about truth. Take this piece that Weasel Zippers found

Via CNS News:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted a video on its website to provide the definition of environmental justice, specifically when it comes to communities.

“The health of a community suffers when people don’t have access to healthy homes, healthy food, transportation, fresh air and safe neighborhoods,” the narrator stated in the video.

She is Dr. LaToria Whitehead, who works in CDC’s Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch.

“I’m also an environmental justice specialist,” Whitehead said.

The video opened with a closed grocery store as a backdrop, with Whitehead informing viewers that the part of Atlanta where the video was filmed has double the rate of poverty as the national average and that 28 percent of residents don’t have their own transportation.

“When the supermarket behind me closed it had a big impact on the community’s ability to get healthy food,” Whitehead said. “This is one example about how environmental justice doesn’t live here.”

“Environmental Justice. What does it mean?” the headline on the video read.

“Environmental justice means that everyone has the right to live in a healthy environment regardless of race, income, gender or nationality,” Whitehead said.

First of all, most of this is pure and simple fertilizer, or BS  if you prefer. Focus on the last paragraphs

“Environmental Justice. What does it mean?” the headline on the video read.

“Environmental justice means that everyone has the right to live in a healthy environment regardless of race, income, gender or nationality,” Whitehead said.

So what are they REALLY saying? Well, they are saying that “environmental Justice” gives Big Brother or Big Government the right to dictate what you drive, how much energy you use, force you to recycle and to redistribute wealth, and trample your liberty in order to gain more control and power over you!

See how easy that is

Strangulation by regulation

Via Conservative Hideout

Full Document Available in PDF

The scope of federal government spending and deficits is sobering. Yet the government’s reach extends well beyond the taxes Washington collects and its deficit spending and borrowing. Federal environmental, safety and health, andeconomic regulations cost hundreds of billions—perhaps trillions—of dollars every year over and above the costs of the official federal outlays that dominate the policy debate.

Highlights of the report:

• Total costs for Americans to comply with federal regulations reached $1.806 trillion in 2012. For the first time, this amounts to more than half of total federal spending. It is more than the GDPs of Canada or Mexico.

• This is the 20th anniversary of Ten Thousand Commandments. In the 20 years of publication, 81,883 final rules have been issued. That’s more than 3,500 per year or about nine per day.

• The Anti-Democracy Index – the ratio of regulations issued to laws passed by Congress and signed by the president – stood at 29 for 2012. That’s 127 new laws and 3,708 new rules – or a new rule every 2 ½ hours.

• Regulatory costs amount to $14,678 per family – 23 percent of the average household income of $63,685 and 30 percent of the expenditure budget of $49,705 and more than receipts from corporate and personal income taxes combined.

• Combined with $3.53 trillion in federal spending,Washington’s share of the economy now reaches 34.4 percent.

Please take a moment and think about the figures that I put in bold. Every time a new law or regulation is written, the federal government has a little bit more control over our lives. As the power of the federal government grows, the opportunities to abuse that power also increase. And, think about the costs. Think of all these laws and regulations as a huge anchor that the private sector economy has to drag along while it tries to grow.

There is a small favor for which we should be grateful. There are so many laws and regulations that the government can not possibly enforce them all uniformly. Imagine if the government agencies like the IRS, the EPA and, OSHA had enough enforcement agents to make every citizen and business to comply with the letter of every regulation. The economy would come to a screeching halt. And so, the laws and regulations are selectively enforced. And, that in itself is a form of tyranny.

Go read the rest, it is truly sickening


The EPA’s war on your car

Democrats like to accuse the Right of waging war on many things including women, Blacks, unions, working families, immigrants, the environment, and Homosexuals among others. But, it is really the Left, not the Right that is waging war on all of those groups listed above, and now, Chris Wysocki tells us that they are hating on your car!

Obama’s Green Goons are determined to put Karo Syrup into every gas tank in America, and they don’t really care how many car engines they destroy while doing it. Their latest ethanol concoction — E15 — is toxic to your engine. Which matters not one whit to the EPA; their regulations say we have to use it, and so use it we will.

We already know that E10, the current ethanol blend, gums up the works in small engines like snowblowers and lawn mowers. Now a new study proves that E15 is like Kryptonite to your car.

The fuel industry’s American Petroleum Institute tested the 15 percent ethanol gas approved in 2010 and found it gums up fuel systems, prompts “check engine” lights to come on, and messes with fuel gauge readings.

“Failure of these components could result in breakdowns that leave consumers stranded on busy roads and highways,” said the industry report. Worse: API said the fuel problems–not found in E5 or E10 blends–aren’t always covered by auto warranties.

The industry prefers pure fuel to an ethanol mix, but the report isn’t likely to slow the administration’s green push, according to a Washington auto lobbyist.

It is difficult to precisely calculate how many vehicles E15 could harm. That depends on how widely it is used and other factors. But, given the kinds of vehicles tested, it is safe to say that millions could be impacted.

Remember too that every ear of corn which ends up in your gas tank is one less box of cereal for a hungry child. The EPA hates children! And cars.

I would say that this is another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences, but, if the EPA knows what this stuff can do ahead of time, maybe this is more about abuse of power, another thing the Left loves to partake in. If the Founders were around today, their heads would likely explode.


Lisa “Job Killer” Jackson resigns as EPA head, New Jersey blogger hardest hit

Word from Chris at Wyblog is that Lisa Jackson might be seeking Chris Christie’s job soon

Her work at the EPA is done. Jeff Dunetz chronicles Lisa Jackson’s “achievements”.

In her almost 4-year tenure we can thank Jackson’s work for the prevention of the Keystone Pipeline, the loss of thousands of Jobs in the coal industry, Punishing Oil Refineries for not using an ingredient that doesn’t exist, preventing the use of our own energy resources and don’t forget her biggest “victory,” declaring human exhalation a pollutant (farting also).

Word is she’s heading home to run for governor of New Jersey. Because we need a real job-killer back in Trenton, and if anyone knows about killing jobs it’s Richard Windsor Lisa Jackson!

I guess Chris is concerned that Jackson might do for Jersey what Governor Granholm did for Michigan, or what Governor Moonbeam is doing for California Taxifornia, and he ought to be concerned. This crew of Leftists is apparently set on destroying American jobs, and any hope for energy independence. Of course, they would tell us they have a better idea, more “green energy”, higher taxes, more regulations, and of course more dependence on government. What could possibly go wrong?

The looming EPA power grab

Even if Romney wins Tuesday, Obama’s EPA is rushing to cripple the coal industry before the new year

Barack Obama’s EPA is rushing to push more job-killing regulations into place before the new year.

The Examiner reported:

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has devoted an unprecedented number of bureaucrats to finalizing new anti-coal regulations that are set to be released at the end of November, according to a source inside the EPA.

More than 50 EPA staff are now crashing to finish greenhouse gas emission standards that would essentially ban all construction of new coal-fired power plants. Never before have so many EPA resources been devoted to a single regulation. The independent and non-partisan Manhattan Institute estimates that the EPA’s greenhouse gas coal regulation will cost the U.S. economy $700 billion.

The rush is a major sign of panic by environmentalists inside the Obama administration. If Obama wins, the EPA would have another four full years to implement their anti-fossil fuel agenda. But if Romney wins, regulators will have a very narrow window to enact a select few costly regulations that would then be very hard for a President Romney to undo.

Environmentalists at the EPA pulled this trick before in 2000 when the Clinton administration rushed out a finding that Mercury emissions from power plants were a growing public health threat pursuant to the Clean Air Act. That finding did not regulate power plants itself, but it did force the Bush administration to begin a lengthy regulatory process. The Obama EPA has estimated that this regulation alone will cost the U.S. economy $10.9 billion a year.

Obama’s new EPA regulations will cost the coal industry $180 billion and force electricity rates to skyrocket.

The most anti-American president in our history


So, what happens if Obama is put back in office?

Obama care will be fully implemented or one, and oh yes, the EPA will maintain its war on American energy and jobs

Environmental Protection Agency regulations will contribute to projected shutdowns of up to 69,000 megawatts of coal-fueled electric generation and job losses of up to 887,000 jobs per year, according to a report.

Total compliance costs for the electric sector could be up to $220 billion, with annual costs as high as $16.7 billion per year.

The report by National Economic Research Associates (NERA) examined the impact of seven major EPA regulations on coal-fueled electric generation. NERA did not use any “worst case” assumptions in its analysis.

Go read the rest, it is ugly, very ugly. Vote Romney!


AGAIN, Obama’s EPA kills 1,200 more jobs

Anyone who still supports Obama is a walking brain donor. Sorry to be blunt but I do not know how else to put it, Gateway Pundit has the latest case of Obama’s war on the middle class

Alpha Natural Resources announced today that it plans on closing eight mines in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The company will lay off 1,200 employees.
The New York Times reported:

Alpha Natural Resources, one of the nation’s largest coal producers, announced on Tuesday that it planned to idle eight mines in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, reducing its annual production by 16 million tons. The move will include laying off 1,200 of 13,000 employees. The company said that it was trying to meet the “evolving demands of a changing global coal market” and that it would continue selling coal in the United States while focusing new efforts on overseas markets.

The company blamed Obama’s EPA for the layoffs.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

The coal industry has been hit by competition from cheap natural gas, but Alpha made clear in its announcement that an equal problem is a Washington “regulatory environment that’s aggressively aimed at constraining the use of coal.” That’s a direct reference to the deluge of Obama Environmental Protection Agency regulations designed to force the closure of coal-fired power plants.

And yet Obama has the nerve to say he represents the middle class.

Unbelievable, simply unbelievable his actions belie his hollow words

If you think this is just incompetence consider what Obama said in 2008, in an interview the media covered up

Is there a connection between having MASSIVELY MASSIVE nostrils and stupidity?

On its face such a question might seem asinine, but consider Henry Waxman, AKA Nostrilsaurus Rex 

Henry Waxman, member of the United States Cong...
QUICK, hide the Cocaine!

(The Hill) Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) seized on the portion of the decision that upheld EPA’s “endangerment finding” that greenhouse gases are a threat to human health and welfare.

Waxman, the top Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee, called the decision a “resounding victory for science.” The court found that EPA “relied on a substantial record of empirical data and scientific evidence.”

The California Democrat used the ruling to criticize the GOP’s efforts to nullify EPA’s climate rules.

“Today’s ruling is a message to Congress that it’s time to stop denying science. Extreme events like the wildfires in Colorado and the floods in Florida are going to get worse unless the Republican-controlled Congress changes course soon,” Waxman said in a statement.

Look as if we have our newest Marxist Moron

Your Nanny State Intrusion of the Day!

Today, it is the story of a school encroaching upon parental rights, via Hot Air

Remember last year when a Chicago school flatly forbade kids from bringing in homepacked lunches? A school in North Carolina has a different approach: You can bring the lunch mom packed for you, but if it doesn’t meet the USDA guidelines, you’ll be marched to the cafeteria to eat a “healthy” lunch instead — and mom will be billed for the extra expense.

The punchline? Mom’s lunch actually did meet the guidelines in this case.

The girl’s mother — who said she wishes to remain anonymous to protect her daughter from retaliation — said she received a note from the school stating that students who did not bring a “healthy lunch” would be offered the missing portions, which could result in a fee from the cafeteria, in her case $1.25…

“What got me so mad is, number one, don’t tell my kid I’m not packing her lunch box properly,” the girl’s mother told CJ. “I pack her lunchbox according to what she eats. It always consists of a fruit. It never consists of a vegetable. She eats vegetables at home because I have to watch her because she doesn’t really care for vegetables.”

When the girl came home with her lunch untouched, her mother wanted to know what she ate instead. Three chicken nuggets, the girl answered. Everything else on her cafeteria tray went to waste.

“She came home with her whole sandwich I had packed, because she chose to eat the nuggets on the lunch tray, because they put it in front of her,” her mother said. “You’re telling a 4-year-old. ‘oh. you’re lunch isn’t right,’ and she’s thinking there’s something wrong with her food.”

It turns out that the lunch did, in fact, meet the standards. But that is not the meat, pardon the pin of the story. The parents ought to decide what the kids take to lunch, not the morons in our school systems. And please, spare me the “but some parents might not pack a healthy lunch” BS. First of all, define “healthy”. Go to a bookstore sometime and look at the diet section. So many different books, written by so many different “experts” with so many different definitions of “healthy”. And you actually think we can trust bureaucrats to decide what is healthy? Good luck with that!

Besides, the government has more important things to do. Like warning us of the inherent dangers of sand castles

A new EPA study says that building sandcastles is hazardous to your health.
The White House Dossier reported, via FOX Nation:

A new study performed by the EPA has determined that playing in the sand at the beach can make you sick.

In an article titled “Digging in Beach Sand Linked to Increased Risk of Gastrointestinal Illness,” the EPA cites a intensive study performed by EPA researchers and other scientists which found that your risk of getting sick might increase after playing in the sand.

How did any one of us ever survive to adulthood without these Nanny Staters to protect us?

So, Obama wants us to use ALL our available energy sources?

Yeah, right!

Akron, Ohio, January 26, 2012 — FirstEnergy Corp. generation subsidiaries will retire six older coal-fired power plants located in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland by September 1, 2012.

The decision to close the power plants is based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, which were recently finalized, and other environmental regulations.

Remember this nugget?

Why is America broke?

Why do Democrats keep pushing for more “revenues”? Well, like a crack addict, they have to have a fix. Except Democrats, and yes, to be fair some Republicans are addicted to pork, earmarks, and wasting the tax payers money. Their addiction stems from the fact that they basically buy re-election and political power through all that pork, and spending. In some cases our money is pissed away to radical groups that loathe everything about America. As a result, we get screwed, in this case by the E.P.A.

Via Daily Caller:

In 2011 the Environmental Protection Agency provided $1 million in grants to 46 different non-profit and tribal organizations to promote what it called “environmental justice.” Since 1994, a little-noticed EPA program has handed out a total of $23 million in such grants to 1,253 organizations, for stated purposes that observers are questioning.

President Bill Clinton and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) were responsible for implementing “environmental justice” as part of the EPA’s mission. In early 1990, following a lobbying push by the CBC, the EPA established the Environmental Equity Workgroup. In 1994 it was renamed the Office of Environmental Justice. […]

West Harlem Environmental Action received taxpayer dollars to educate New Yorkers about the “local challenges posed by climate change (i.e., sea-level rise and extreme weather events).”

Federal dollars also paid a Utah dance company to teach children in 10 elementary schools how to dance for environmental justice. “Kinesthetic learning,” the EPA reports, “will be used to examine air quality issues and encourage youth and their families to adopt healthy living practices.”

The EPA funds “green jobs” projects in Hawaii, summer initiatives to teach middle-schoolers about global warming, and at least one push to create an “urban wetland” on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, a community organizing non-profit, received federal money to push for “anti-idling” policies affecting diesel truck drivers.

Like several other grant recipients identified on the EPA’s website, Greenaction subscribes to a 1991 “Principles of Environmental Justice” manifesto that affirms “the sacredness of our Mother Earth” and the “political, economic and cultural liberation that has been denied for over 500 years of colonization and oppression, resulting in the poisoning of our communities and land and the genocide of our peoples.”

See, OUR money, that WE earn, pissed away on Leftist claptrap like environmental justice! E.J., is just another bastard child of Marxism, and is not just at all. Like Social Justice, or Economic Justice, it is about redistributing wealth, and eventually crushing individual liberties.

So, basically, we are having money taken from our labors to fund those that seek America’s destruction. I think my head is about to explode!

The newest government power grab?

The evil, collecting of rainwater! Bunkerville has more

As most of us know, we own less and less, and the government owns and controls more and more of what we think of is rightfully ours. Here is a bizarro story. Now the government is claiming ownership over rainwater. You can bet Obama and the EPA must be grinning from ear to ear when they heard this story.

Control of water in the West has been a big issue with the drought. But now, we no longer control the rainwater that falls on our roofs.

Whoever the next president is, they have to reign in the EPA! Consider what the new regs from Obama’s EPA will do to the coal industry

The econuts are giddy Barry’s EPA has finally released their new draconian air pollution regulations, effectively banning most coal-fired power plants in the United States.

The rules require coal- and oil-fired power plants to lower emissions of 84 different toxic chemicals to levels no higher than those emitted by the cleanest 12% of plants.

We have three years in which to comply. Then, the power plants go dark and the lights go out.

Power plants are responsible for half of the mercury emissions in the United States, the EPA says.

So where will all that mercury go? Into Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs! The very same light bulbs Congress mandated, and then “temporarily” put on hold until October of next year. Break one of those puppies in your living room and congratulations, your house is now a Superfund site.

This is what you get when you elect a president that has proven to be the biggest anti-business, anti-Capitalist president in our history. This is what you get when you allow politicians to by-pass Congress, and the will of the people. What they cannot legislate, they enact through out of control government agencies like the EPA!

This is why 2012 matters! This is why retaking the Senate matters so, and why retaking the White House matters! Folks our country is in peril, and this president, and his party, the Democrats, seem intent on driving the greatest nation on earth off the cliff of Failed Leftist Ideas.

This must not be allowed to happen!

It is the regulations stupid!

The EPA, ans well as other federal agencies are control freaks that are, oddly enough, completely out of control. David Forsmark at Front page Magazine has the break down on strangulation by regulation

In his lively new book, Regulators Gone Wild: How the EPA is Ruining American Industry, environmental consultant Rich Trzupek tells us exactly what the harm is by ripping off the cover of the nice-sounding rhetoric and exposing the bureaucrats terrorizing American job creators for the boobs they are.

In essence, Trzupek reveals that federal environmental regulations no longer focus on preventing harm to people. He explains the regulatory process has become more important than the results, eco-bureaucrats look on industry as the enemy of human health, fear has replaced science in the policy-making arena and — perhaps most importantly — the punishments handed out by regulators are almost always wildly out of proportion to the seriousness of the “crimes.”

Go read it all, and this might be a book you want to pick up. Rick Perry has been harping on the need to reign in the EPA, as well, as many other federal agencies, some of which he would eliminate entirely. Other GOP hopefuls have struck a similar chord, although Perry has been the strongest, and most detailed on his reform plans. Perry is correct, the economy IS the biggest issue facing us today, and over regulation is likely the biggest obstacle that must be eliminated if the economy is to grow.

We talk about the governments spending addiction, and cutting out, or at least slimming down and reforming federal agencies is a great way to cut into that spending.

Rick Perry slams Ron Paul on enhanced interrogations | The Right Scoop

The video is on auto play when I embed it so, here is the link

I have to say Perry was on his game last night, as he was Wednesday night, prior to ad following the gaffe. I see an opportunity for him to rebound, and think he is handling this gaffe very well, but it will be required that people LISTEN to the SUBSTANCE Perry offers. Let’s hope they do.

Here is another clip where Perry makes PERFECT SENSE on foreign aid.

Now, back to this argument that Obama is such a GREAT DEBATER, and so sharp, well, you might consider his gaffes as compared to Perry’s

So, there is much ranting & raving on the net, today about Perrys brainfreeze.. Americans now, have the attention span of a gnat.  Lets take a good look at the brainfarts and blunders of the HNIC:

Called Europe a country.

Thinks Great Britain and England are the same.
Thinks there is an Austrian language.
Thinks Canada has a president.
The day before Cinco de Mayo is apparently “Cinco de Cuatro”.
Filling out NCAA basketball bracket, he spells Syracuse “Sycacuse.”
A self-proclaimed Chicago White Sox fan, Obama called Comiskey Park “Cominskey Field” .
In a letter to a fan, misspells “advice” as “advise” .
Coal creates asthma in kids? Breathalyzer’s for kids with asthma?.
Lots more at the link, and do not forget that if Perry and Obama square off the number one issue will be THE ECONOMY!

Why would Republicans want their babies to look like Rep. Waxman?

Henry Waxman, member of the United States Cong...
Image via Wikipedia

I am just asking, because it seems that Waxman, AKA Nostrilsaurus Rex is saying they do

(The Hill) — House Democrats on Thursday evening warned that Republican attempts to rein in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations would lead directly to adverse health effects across America.

Members were debating H.R. 2401, which would create a commission to weight the impact of recent EPA rules and delay pending rules on mercury and air pollution. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said delaying these two pending rules in particular would lead to immediate adverse health consequences.

“Each year these rules will prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths, tens of thousands of heart attacks, and hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks,” he said on the House floor. “It will also prevent almost two million lost work days.

“If this legislation is enacted, these public health benefits will be lost, and more babies will be born with birth defects and learning disabilities,” he added.

Why, I am stunned, scare tactics from a Leftist Democrat? NO!

You might need to get the hip waders out for this one

Another fantastical claim from the Obamassiah

Barack Obama: “The Historic Steps We’ve Taken Will Save Tens of Thousands of Lives Each Year & Produce Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of Benefits to the American People”

Oh boy! Is he serious? Of course not, this is another of those claims that Obama throws out. Kind of like his “millions of jobs saved” baloney. This claim, of course, cannot be proved or disproved, can it? No, and Obama hopes it will fool enough of the same sheep that voted for him last election to get him ere-elected.

From the White House website:

Over the last two and half years, my administration, under the leadership of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, has taken some of the strongest actions since the enactment of the Clean Air Act four decades ago to protect our environment and the health of our families from air pollution. From reducing mercury and other toxic air pollution from outdated power plants to doubling the fuel efficiency of our cars and trucks, the historic steps we’ve taken will save tens of thousands of lives each year, remove over a billion tons of pollution from our air, and produce hundreds of billions of dollars in benefits for the American people.

Empty campaign rhetoric, that is the only thing this president is good at.

Oh goody! More EPA regulations

They tell us that this is for our own good, of course that is what they always say. By golly, the EPA will regulate us into misery, suffering, and a lower standard of living, even if it kills us! Maggie’s Notebook has more

Things are about to get much worse for those already suffering, and some that are not suffering now, will be before the EPA is finished with us. We are told that the EPA will save lives with their new rules – 36,000 lives to be exact. Never mind that most of us are living longer, and the average lifespan increases every year, in spite of fossil fuels.

Ask about anyone, anywhere and you will hear that electricity is terribly expensive, and it is about to be less readily available. EPA regulations (not laws) will close many coal-fired plants that generate our Nation’s electricity. Those not closing will spend billions to upgrade to meet the EPA restrictions. Obama told us in 2008 that under his guidance our electricity will skyrocket, and that pronouncement is about to come true.

In 2009, 44.9% of America’s electricity was generated by coal. The next closest is 23.4% from natural gas. The Washington Post reports that the new EPA regulations will force the “closure of many coal plants” between now and 2017. No one seems to know how many, but American Electric Power has announced the shutdown of 5 of their plants. Improvements to those plants would cost $8 Billion – better to shut them down. The remainder will undergo (or are undergoing) upgrades which you and I will pay for, thanks to the Obama administration bypassing Congress.

This Washington Post article explains what all this means: “higher electric bills, more blackouts and fewer jobs.”

Go read it all, and remember the scariest words known to man. “We are from the government, and we are here to help”

Understanding Obamanomics: It is all about regs!

Regs, as in regulations, Leftists LOVE them some regulations, Regulations keep those mean nasty greedy Capitalists in line, because we would not want that whole free market thing to get out of hand, oh no!

Many House and Senate conservatives are reviving their battle against federal regulations, claiming that the president hasn’t stopped issuing job-killing rules during the debt ceiling fight. “While Washington and Americans have been focused on the debt ceiling, the Obama administration has continued to roll out more crushing red tape,” said a spokesperson for Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso, who’s been championing the regulation fight.

At Tuesday’s GOP Senate caucus lunch, the lawmakers said that they will renew their efforts, supported by business groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In a memo Barasso handed out to the lawmakers, he claimed that the administration in July only has put in $9.5 billion in new regulatory costs by proposing 229 new rules and finalizing 379 rules. Among those he cited were EPA, healthcare reform, and financial regulatory reform rules.

BRILLIANT! In a bad economy, Obama sinks almost $10 billion  into regulations that further hinder our economy? Simply unbelievable! H/T Lonely Conservative

UPDATE! Obama has some significant ties to radical anti=-Capitalist groups, like the National People’s Action. Have a peek at where Obama’s Labor Secretary was speaking just the other day, hey what do you know, she was speaking to the NPA!

Secretary of Labor Solis spoke at the anti-capitalist, corporate-hating NPA event in March. Notice in the picture that the democracy arrow is pointing in one direction and the corporation arrow is pointing the other direction.

The NPA is a radical anti-capitalist community organizing group linked to the SEIU. The group holds radical rallies against US businesses and business owners. The group also terrorizes children. And, of course, the group is also directly linked to Barack Obama.

Here is more on the NPA! They are no more than thugs, intent on intimidating those they disagree with. All part of the Chicago way!