The newest evidence of RAAAAACISM?

The GOP holding a debate on MLK Day! Only on Al “Pimp My Hair” Sharpton’s show could such an inanity be uttered! The Pit of Eternal Race Pimping gets deeper and deeper.

Seriously, I could not contain my laughter watching this. Are these three idiots REALLY this stupid? This demented? Of course not! They are, however, this desperate! This is all they have. They cannot talk about economics, or any other issue of any substance. All they can do is race bait, and throw the term Jim Crow around, and OF COURSE, accuse the GOP of trying to stop Black folks from voting! Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic!

Seriously, if you are still a Democrat, let me ask you this. WHY? Why do you still support this type of assbackwardsness?

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If You Did a Shot Whenever Obama Said ‘Pass This Jobs Bill’… : The Powers That Be

Beer pong is a common physical drinking game.
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Doug Powers takes a humorous look at Obama’s “pass this bill”drinking game

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Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Congressional Black Caucus Chief Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Reveals “Satan Sandwich” Recipe . . . Then Complains About “Lack Of Civility” In Congress…

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SIMPLY unbelievable! Do Democrats actually listen to themselves? Likely not I suppose. They just keep on ramping up their nastiness in hopes of winning elections through fear and smear. Of course, they are being heard by fewer and fewer people, which is good, because frankly, the Democrats have nothing to offer.