Shocking News! White House Chief of Staff outrageously outraged over Ted Cruz remarks

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Via Politico:

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough says he’s outraged by comments from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) that members of the U.S. military would be essentially helping Al Qaeda in Syria.

“I am outraged for somebody to suggest that our people would be serving as allies to Al Qaeda,” McDonough said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“Targeted, consequential, limited attack against Assad forces and Assad capabilities so that he is deterred from carrying out these actions again. Here is what it is not. It is not boots on the ground. It is not an extended air campaign. It is not Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. This is a very concerned, concentrated, limited effort that we can carry out and that can underscore and secure our interests,” McDonough said.

Cruz said last week that the United States had no national security interest in intervening in the Syrian civil war – where elements of Al Qaeda and other Islamist groups are fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

From WZ:

As a side note, when did Obama hire Lurch anyway?

Lurch Lurch 2



Just call Obama Mr. Unilateral

Obama will unite the world, and make us loved and respected! Remember that claptrap? Man that sounded good when read off a teleprompter. But is it working in real life? Yeah, ah, NO!


Recently WSJ reported on John Kerry’s claim that the number of countries supporting a U.S. attack on Syria reached “double digits” but Kerry failed to name any.

JihadWatch noted the following:

Liechtenstein? Luxembourg? Andorra? San Marino? Monaco? Seychelles? Tuvalu? Tannu Tuva? No, not even them. Kerry didn’t name them because he doesn’t have them. He is bluffing.

Apparently, McDonough has a similar problem. In a CNN interview with White House Chief of Staff, Dennis McDonough was repeatedly pressed by Candy Crowley to provide examples of countries that will endorse or provide personnel or equipment for a military intervention in Syria. McDonough emphasized other nations condemnations of Syria but no specifics on support for intervention. The key WH strategy seems to be the repeated memo phrase:  ”Holding him [Syria] to account,” and vague references of “support.”

At the end of interview, Crowley clarifies the word “support” is referring to “moral support” more than anything else.

Remember when Bush united dozens of nations before going into Afghanistan and Iraq? The Left mocked that, falsely calling those unilateral. Pathetic!


Bob Woodward: Obama lied about the sequester

He seems to be able to lie with impunity and get a pass. He is slicker than Slick Willie

President Barack Obama and former White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew repeatedly lied by last year by claiming congressional Republicans were responsible for the looming $85 billion cut in the federal budget through sequestration, according to The Washington Post editor Bob Woodward.

Based on interviews with two senior White House aides who were directly involved in budget planning, Obama personally approved Lew’s plan to propose the mandatory trigger to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in July 2011.

A majority of Republicans ultimately voted for the Budget Control Act, which included the sequester.

Obama wanted this so he could play politics and further blame Republicans


Your Daley Douchebag #2 is…………

Bob Beckel, who, apparently has never had an original thought. All he can do is parrot whatever the DNC spoon feeds him

Beckel, who characterized Obama as “the greatest economic president since Roosevelt,” criticized the GOP for not having the “guts” to put increasing revenue through taxes on the negotiation table in ongoing deficit talks.

Good Freaking Grief! Maybe Obama is the most obviously Communist president since FDR, but seriously! How high does unemployment have to get before the sad truth dawns in Beckel? Obama is an absolute economic disaster!